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Single Mattresses

Designed for small spaces or children, our Single Mattress provides unparalleled comfort. And even though it’s a single, it can accommodate most adults. It’s the best mattress for those looking for a minimalist bed with maximum comfort.


Ecosa Mattress

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Essence Mattress

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15-Year Limited Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions

Experience the Ideal Comfort with the Ecosa Single Mattresses
Ecosa Single Mattresses are perfect for those who need a sleeping solution in limited spaces or have growing children. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, have a compact room, or are creating a cosy haven for your little ones, the Ecosa Single Mattresses work wonders for your home.
Adjustable Comfort Level for Your Single Mattress
Sleeping solo does not mean sleeping uncomfortably. Our Single Mattresses come with an adjustable firmness feature to suit your sleeping needs. Make your bed firm for a better sleep with a Firmer setting or go light with Medium firmness.
A Breathable Single Size Mattress
Ecosa Single Mattress’s innovative built-in air circulation system has been enhanced with gel-infused high-density memory foam, a groundbreaking enhancement for compact living. This feature maintains a constant flow of air, preventing cramped conditions even in the cosiest of rooms.

Enhance your sleeping experience with the Ecosa Single Mattress. Get comfort, convenience, and an innovative design to create a restful refuge that adjusts to your lifestyle.