“Sleep the pain away!”
How Ecosa's mattress range helps improve our customer's back pain.
Do you wake up with back pain?

Do you know what's the best firmness level for a mattress?

58% of our customers said they suffered from back pain. If you're starting your mornings in pain, your old mattress might be the cause.
Too soft or too firm?
Why it’s not good for your back
A very soft mattress is usually lacking in support and comfort.
Especially if it sags, it could lead to more serious health problems. When your bed is too soft, it will allow your body to sink, causing bad posture as you sleep and subsequent back problems (The Joint Chiropractic).
A very firm mattress can definitely cause misalignment to the spine.
“A poor quality mattress that’s very firm can definitely cause misalignment to the spine because it will be pushing the shoulders up, pushing the hips up, and not allowing the spine to be in a neutral resting position,” Dr Lisa Smycz of Errol Street Chiropractic Centre in Melbourne explained.
Back support & spine alignment
Offering superior back support and equal weight distribution, firmer mattresses mould to the shape of your natural spinal alignment for premium comfort.

With three different Ecosa mattresses all within the medium to firm range that support your natural spine position, you can relieve back pain and prevent future musculoskeletal injuries.
lady with mattress layer
Our mattress range has
the right firmness for you
firmness level desktop v3
Vital Mattress
layer vital mattress
Firmness Level
7 Zone Pocket Springs
Supporting your spine and cushions pressure points
Tranquil Foam
Pressure relieving comfort foam to support you through the night
vital mobile
Ecosa Mattress
layer foam mattress v2
Firmness Level
Medium Medium-firm Firm
Ergonomic Support Foam
Supporting your spine and cushions pressure points
ECO-Tex Memory Foam
Open cell foam layer bouncy like latex - only more durable and breathable
foam mobile
Pure Mattress
layer pure mattress
Firmness Level
Medium Medium-firm
Thousands of micro coils
Provide pressure relief and allow airflow
7 Zone Pocket Springs
Ensure spinal alignment and create no partner disturbance with edge support
pure mobile
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Before our Ecosa mattress I was waking in the night with burning hip pain... now gone! Stiff morning back... now gone!
— James E.
Reviewed on 01 August 2019
Love the feature of switching amongst different firmness levels enabling us to find the most suitable. Will never go back to the old styles of mattresses. Big thanks to Ecosa!
— Xingjian Y.
Reviewed on 25 December 2021

Adjustable Firmness

Your comfort preferences change over time, so why shouldn’t your mattress change? With the Ecosa and Pure Mattresses, you can switch firmness levels for customisable support.

The Ecosa Mattress seemed quite hard in the first instance but after about three weeks, it felt more comfortable and we are are used to it and loving it now.
— Fiona C.
Reviewed on 08 August 2017
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With three premium mattresses to choose from, there’s option to suit everybody. Find the perfect fit for you today.
vital mattress
Vital Mattress
Supportive mattress with all the comfort you need.
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ecosa mattress
Ecosa Mattress
Our famous adjustable mattress that you can customise to your needs.
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pure mattress
Pure Mattress
Natural, organic latex gives you cloud-like comfort and an eco-friendly sleep.
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