Ecosa Recycling Program

Let us take the hassle out of recycling your unwanted or old bed sheets and mattresses.

Did you Know that

1 million mattresses end up in Australian landfills every single year?

The average mattress weighs 40-50 kilograms, and each mattress takes up to 120 years to break down and decompose, so there it sits in landfills, taking up space and adding to the pollution crisis.

Recycle your mattress
The average Australian disposes of

23 kilograms of textiles to landfills every year

Including clothing, shoes and even bed sheets. This doesn’t even include the textiles that are sent to charities and op shops. So, what are you supposed to do with your old and used bed sheets?

Recycle your sheets
bed sheets

Ecosa to the Rescue!

Here at Ecosa, we wanted to give you an easy and accessible way to recycle your old and unwanted mattresses and bed sheets, rather than letting them be sent to landfills. So we created Ecosa’s Recycling Program.


Why Are We Doing This?

Ecosa has seen first-hand just how difficult it is to dispose of old bedroom products like an old mattress or bed sheets. As a result, we have all seen mattresses left on the side of the road or by train tracks, but the ones we don’t see typically go to landfills. The main issue is that most people aren't familiar with mattress recycling facilities, or they don’t have the right vehicle to transport a mattress anywhere.

Old bed sheets also pose a problem that we need to address. Few of us know what to do with our unused bed sheets. Many charities turn down bed sheets donations for hygiene reasons, and textile recycling facilities aren’t well known. As a result, people throw their old sheets in the bin, which ends up in landfills, when they could be given another life.

So we decided to make things simple and do all the hard work, so you can easily recycle your old bed sheets and mattresses and make a positive impact on our Earth.

How We Are Recycling

Mattress Recycling

We have partnered with companies that will collect your old mattress from the front of your house, so you don’t need to hire a vehicle to transport your old and heavy mattress.

After your mattress is collected, it is inspected in a local warehouse. Any mattress in good condition is sent to a charity, whilst the rest are taken apart, and the individual components are recycled.

Recycle your mattress

Bed Sheets/Textiles

The bedding process is even simpler. Simply place your bedding into a box, generate an AusPost label through Ecosa and take your sheets-filled box to your nearest Australia Post office, where it will then be delivered to our textile recycling partner.

Recycle your sheets
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Our Mission

Our mission is to make recycling old products a cultural norm in Australia. We hope to inspire individuals and businesses to always recycle their old products when buying a new one and keep our landfills as empty as can be.

Current Impact


Total mattresses donated to date

We’re just getting started! Watch this space to see the impact of our recycling program.

The Future Is Green

Ecosa is on a journey to become Australia’s most sustainable sleep company.

Recycling mattresses and old bed sheets are just the start of our journey, and we know that this is just scratching the surface. Our next goal is to offer mattresses recycling to every home in Australia, followed by allowing recycling for other products such as pillows and blankets. We’re not quite there yet, but we’ll let you know when we are.

Our biggest goal with the Ecosa Recycling Program is to get every Australian to reduce, reuse and recycle everything in their home. We want to give you the opportunity to recycle every item in your home, whether that is by donating, upcycling or recycling.