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How to Make The Most of a Small Bedroom

January 20, 2023   By Clarisa Mcdonald

The rise of apartment living and population density in bigger cities means many of us are settling for smaller spaces in our homes. In many cases, bedrooms have also become offices and living rooms. So, how can we maximise small bedrooms without compromising comfort and style? Is it always a sacrifice for poor interior design or are there ways for space-saving furniture to be more stylish and practical? We give you our favourite small room ideas that balance style and the convenience of having enough space or even extra storage.

Beyond being your sleeping quarters, bedrooms have also become a popular workspace for work-from-home purposes, while we discourage bringing work to your sleeping abode, we understand that having a small office in the bedroom has become a necessity for some. We’re going to give you a few home office ideas, tips, and tricks on how to maximise an office desk space as well for your small bedroom.

Think beyond a Single

When styling a small space – particularly a small bedroom – it’s easy to immediately be drawn to the smallest options when it comes to furniture. But, consider optimising the small space, rather than minimising functionality. Rather than a single bed, consider a roomier king single mattress size. You’ll enjoy an extra 14cm of width and 203cm of length – which is actually the same length as a super king bed! The limited space of a traditional single versus a king single gives you plenty of room to enjoy without occupying your room’s real estate,

Whether your small room is for your child, teen or visiting guests, a comfy, spacious bed may be worth the extra space in terms of comfort return. 

Go for Smart Storage

When it comes to storage in a small bedroom, your obvious storage space is probably limited. You need to get smart with your options. Opt for a bed with either under-bed storage or built-in storage, to maximise hidden spaces and save on floor space. The Ecosa Bed Base has plenty of space for under-bed storage, particularly if you opt for slim storage boxes.

In small bedrooms, nightstands or bedside tables can take up unnecessary floor space, so skip it to save some precious square footage. Instead, opt for shelves or bookcases above the headboard, or find nifty bed frames with hidden storage ideas. The Ecosa Bed Base has a hidden storage shelf behind the headboard. This means you can store your tech, jewellery, drinks and medicines without the need for a space-hogging bedside table. 

Utilise your wall space, too, and use your bookshelf and hanging racks where possible. If you’re working with built-in wardrobes, organisational tools like hanging storage will help maximise the small space. 

Fold Down is Your Friend

When it comes to surfaces in a small bedroom, fold-down options are real space savers. Instead of a desk or vanity that takes up floor space, a fold-down option that mounts to the wall can provide all the functionality without compromising on roominess. With a fold-down desk and chair, you can create a cosy little nook that doesn’t take up space. You can also get fold-down ironing boards if you plan to do chores in your spare bedroom. Wall-mounted desks can also be made foldable, so that you have a work area during the day, and free up space again whenever you need it. 

Think Multi-Purpose

When maximising the potential of your small bedroom, think multi-purpose when it comes to styling and storage. Will you have guests to stay? Might you like to make it into a home office? Will you have it as a chores room? Will it one day become a child’s room? Thinking of these eventualities can help you choose furniture with purpose, and create a well-appointed small space that keeps on giving. 

Minimalist Office Space

In the inevitable case that you’d need to have a home office desk in your small bedroom, go for a small desk, just enough to fit a laptop or to make it a writing desk for your journaling (your dressing table can be considered your office furniture during the day time). No need to have drawers filled with office supplies, it is a bedroom office at the end of the day, and all you’d need are the essentials.

Floating desks are a great way to preserve the space underneath, you can place cubbies for books and other personal belongings, or storage drawers for other essential bedroom items. You can also DIY a corner desk which gives you more surface space for a computer desk but without taking so much of the room’s real estate,

Style Minimally

A tiny bedroom doesn’t lend itself to too much clutter, so bear this in mind when you’re styling your small space. Avoid too many knick-knacks and unnecessary accessories. Choose pieces wisely, and opt for a neutral colour palette to make the room feel lighter and bigger. And one last element of bedroom design that makes so much difference without spending – give your room plenty of natural light.

Ready to glow up your small bedroom? Shop the Ecosa king single mattress size here.

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