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Memory Foam Mattresses

Get your best sleep ever with the Ecosa memory foam mattresses. Made with gel-infused memory foam to cradle your body and relieve pain. Experience the benefits of our adjustable mattresses for a better night's sleep.


Ecosa Mattress

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Ergonomic Spine Alignment
15-Year Limited Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel Comfort and Superior Pressure Relief with A Memory Foam Mattress
The Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress, created to deliver the best pressure relief, is the ultimate of sleep bliss. This mattress, designed with precision and ingenuity, cradles your body, relieving pressure spots for a truly comfortable night's sleep.
Tailor Your Comfort with Adjustable Firmness for Your Memory Foam Mattress
Experience the freedom to transform your sleep with the Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress. Featuring adjustable firmness with three options, customise your mattress as often as you like, ensuring it always aligns with your needs. Choose from Medium, Medium-Firm and Firm to give your back and joints what they truly deserve.
Ergonomic Support and Spinal Alignment
Prioritise your well-being with Ecosa's commitment to ergonomic support and spinal alignment. This mattress contours to your unique shape, striking the perfect balance between comfort and support. Wake up refreshed and energised with great sleep.

Memory foam mattresses truly provide you with the best comfort that you can have. Ecosa understands this and gives you a gel infused high density memory foam mattress that can cradle you comfortably at night.
novative OceanCycled™ Cover - Cleanliness and Allergy Reduction
Introducing the revolutionary OceanCycled™ cover by Ecosa—a removable and washable shield for your mattress. Beyond maintaining pristine cleanliness, this cover significantly reduces allergy risks. Waterproof and infused with microfilaments, it forms a protective barrier against bacteria and dust mites.