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Double Mattresses

Ecosa mattresses offer superior comfort & support, cradling your body in hypoallergenic foam that reduces pressure & motion transfer for a peaceful sleep, even for restless partners. Plus, sustainable materials & B Corp certification let you sleep soundly for the planet. Invest in your well-being by trying Ecosa risk-free for 100 nights.


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100 Night Trial
Ergonomic Spine Alignment
15-Year Limited Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ecosa Double Size Mattresses
Our double mattresses have been crafted with premium memory foam, for comfort and support, offering a sanctuary for rejuvenating sleep. Engineered to contour to the body's natural curves, they relieve pressure points and promote healthy spinal alignment, reducing discomfort and fostering deeper, more restorative rest.

The memory foam construction also minimizes motion transfer, ensuring uninterrupted sleep for couples. With its blend of comfort and health benefits, the Ecosa Double Mattresses provide the perfect foundation for a revitalising night's sleep.
Sleeping With Your Fur Baby on Your Double Size Mattress
If you're a fur parent who wants your cat or dog to lie beside you, then the Ecosa Double Mattress is the key. You can sleep beside your furry buddy comfortably on this mattress. You can also add a mattress protector, just in case, to protect your beds from accidents.
Your Double Mattress and Your Guest Room
A small guest room isn’t a problem if you have the Ecosa Double Mattress since it can fit in cosy spaces yet still give your houseguests the comfort they need. Invite your friends or family over and have a nice sleepover.