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Mattress Too Firm? Here’s How to Make It Softer

May 12, 2022   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Memory foam is well-known for its ability to mould to your body shape and give it proper support. But after just a night of sleeping on it, many people will already conclude that it’s too firm.

We say give it a chance. It’s new and meant to feel firmer at the start.

The rule of thumb is to never expect a memory foam mattress to be soft off the bat as it needs to be broken in before getting that desired plushness and comfort. Memory foam mattresses may require a longer break-in period due to the higher density of material per cubic meter.

Your new mattress needs your time and patience to adjust to you, and you to it. Just like introducing anything new in your life (new people, a new job, new shoes), an adjustment period is essential to break in and make yourself comfortable. Great things take time! If you end up getting a great memory foam mattress, it’ll be worth it in the end.

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How Do You Make Your Mattress Softer?

It can take anytime between 2-4 weeks for your body to adjust to any mattress. So before committing to any brand, make sure you know their terms and conditions!

If you wish to speed up the process, here are 4 ways to make your memory foam mattress softer:

1. Just walk it off.

You can put in the extra effort to walk gently on your mattress a few times daily. Not only is it opportunity for exercise, but it’s also a proven way to soften your mattress. Putting a bit of weight on it is another option – like shoe boxes filled with stuff or hard-bound books stacked up together.

2. Warm it up.

Memory foam mattresses are temperature-sensitive. This makes them able to react to body heat and mould to your body shape accordingly. They become softer in the heat and firmer in the cold. So, if you bought a mattress during winter season and can’t break into it, try turning the heat up. This should get your mattress softer in no time.

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3. Sometimes only time will tell.

Spend as much time with your new mattress even AND especially if you still find it firm. Sit, read, eat, watch TV on it. Sleep on it every night regularly. They are bound to soften with body weight and temperature anyway, so sometimes you can only be patient and hope for the best.

4. Top it up (with topper!)

If after awhile you still find your mattress uncomfortable, maybe it’s time to consider a topper for extra cushioning. Make sure it’s soft and plush but still supportive. Toppers like the Ecosa gel memory foam topper can transform your mattress to a cloud-like haven without compromising support.

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Great Sleep Takes Time

In due time, we hope you begin to appreciate the wonders of your memory foam mattress. It’s a bit of effort and patience combined but designed to be worth your while.

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