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The Ecosa ages beautifully. The 15-Year limited warranty allows you to be with your mattress for a longer time.

What type of mattress is perfect for Toowoomba?


Toowoomba is a regional city in Queensland and home to 113,000 people. It’s also known to be the Garden City – it boasts of 150 public parks and gardens in the area. The city enjoys a humid subtropical climate – making it perfect for walks around the perfect whether it’s summer or winter.

Toowoomba needs a cool and breathable mattress.

Sleepers in Toowoomba are prone to sleeping hot with the consistent humidity. Luckily, the ecosa mattress has an air circulation system engineered to survive the warmest of nights! Now you get three breathable layers working together to keep the air flowing as you sleep.

Mattress Layers





ECO-Tex Foam

A breathable open-cell comfort layer with the bounce of latex.


G-7 Gel Memory Foam

Infused with gel particles to keep our temperature stabilised.


Ergonomic Support Foam

High-density foam with ergonomic grooves engineered for back support and breathability.

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Four Seasons. One Mattress.

We factored in four different seasons in the Ecosa mattress production. See how our features work across all seasons.

Summer ?
Autumn ?
Winter ?
Spring ?
Dec Jan Feb Nar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov
Maximum Temp Maximum Temp
Max. Temp
27.5 27.6 26.6 25.5 22.9 19.6 16.9 16.3 17.9 20.9 23.7 26.0
Minimum Temp Minimum Temp
Min. Temp
15.7 16.7 16.6 15.4 12.3 9.1 6.3 5.3 6.0 8.5 11.5 13.8

Bonus Features



Combat the sunny and humid weather with the best proofing against moisture.


Adjustable Firmness

Memory foam gets softer in warm weather. Need a firmer mattress? Just flip it over!


Extra Cool

Say goodbye to sleeping hot with our extra cool layers and air circulation system.

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Unlike pricey retail stores, all ecosa mattresses are delivered fast and free. Big retailers can charge you anywhere between $70-$200 for shipping but we'll just pass on the savings to you!

100 Night Trial

You have 100 nights to fall in love with the Ecosa mattress. Our rules are simple: if you don't like it, we'll refund it!


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Did you know?

According to our 2018 Australian Mattress Survey , more and more sleepers in New South Wales have been buying memory foam mattresses in the past 5 years.

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