Ecosa Silk Quilt.

Ecosa Silk Quilt.

Naturally luxurious, all night long.

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Quality Silk

Crafted with a soft cotton outer and pure silk filling, the Ecosa quilt is luxury like never before.

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1-year limited warranty. Much like your silk quilt, we’ve got you covered.

Did you say silk?

We know what you’re thinking. a quilt? What?! Let us explain…

Most quilts and duvets are filled with microfibre or hollowfibre synthetic materials that are hypoallergenic and lower in cost than down or feather fillings. Silk quilts enjoy all the luxury of down duvets, with the lightweight feel and hypoallergenic properties of synthetic fillings – just without the nasties. Basically, it’s the Beyoncé of quilts.

300 GSM

Perfect for those stuffy Aussie summers.

550 GSM

When autumn falls, your quilt steps up.

300 + 550 GSM

Ice, ice baby – combine both quilts for the ultimate snuggle.

What's Inside?

How do we get such warmth and snuggle from silk, you ask? One word: floss. Nope, not that dance your 5 year old has been trying to teach you, but premium silk floss in strands up to 20cm. By layering these fibres, the Ecosa silk quilt delivers all the warmth, without the weight.

Light, but snuggly

Forget everything you know about quilts – the Ecosa silk quilt changes the way you sleep. Where traditional synthetic duvets trap air around your body, the silk quilt gently contours to your silhouette to give you just enough snuggle, without feeling bulky.

All natural, all night

Synthetic materials like polyester are made from petroleum, and consume high levels of energy during production. Our silk quilts are made using high quality natural silk, which doesn’t contribute to the production of fossil fuels or release any toxic nasties to you or the environment.


  • 1-year limited warranty

Care Instructions

- Do not dry clean, machine wash or fully submerge in water.

- Your Ecosa silk quilt is recommended for use with a removable quilt cover for protection. A covered silk quilt should not require cleaning, however we do recommend airing your silk quilt regularly for a maximum of 1 hour out of direct sunlight.

- Small spillages can be cleaned immediately using a clean damp cloth. If the spill has penetrated through to the silk fibers, you may carefully hand wash the affected area only with lukewarm water.

- If your quilt is wet it must be allowed to dry naturally, lying flat. Do not wring or tumble dry.

Measurements & Dimensions

  • Single
  • 140cm x 210cm
  • Double
  • 180cm x 210cm
  • Queen
  • 210cm x 210cm
  • King
  • 245cm x 210cm
  • Super King
  • 270cm x 240cm


  • Summer
  • Singe: 1.1kg
  • Double: 1.42kg
  • Queen: 1.64kg
  • King: 1.91kg
  • Super King: 2.39kg
  • Mid-season
  • Singe: 1.86kg
  • Double: 2.38kg
  • Queen: 2.77kg
  • King: 3.22kg
  • Super King: 4.04kg

Note: Quilt weight may vary by up to 3%

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