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Ecosa – The Original Brand

Ecosa is proud to be Australia’s original adjustable mattress-in-a-box brand, bringing you three levels of firmness in one mattress since 2015. With almost 100,000 mattresses sold Australia-wide, we’re the ones Aussies know and love.

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Ecosa’s memory foam mattress-in-a-box is latex free, unlike OneBed. Latex doesn’t have the longevity of other mattress materials, and we chose to omit latex from our mattress to give you and your family longer lasting comfort and alignment. Our latex-free mattress is also allergy-friendly. Phew!

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Trusted Reviews

To date, Ecosa has almost 10,000 5* reviews from real Aussie customers you can trust. OneBed has 382.

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4-Hour Delivery

As the original adjustable mattress-in-a-box brand, we’re able to deliver your new mattress within 4 hours in metro areas. That’s right, when you click through to a good night’s sleep, your experience begins tonight.

Mattress Comparison

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Number of 5* Reviews
Number of 5* Reviews
9,841 1,089
4-Hour Delivery
4-Hour Delivery
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yes icon no icon
Gel Layer for Cooling
Gel Layer for Cooling
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Machine Washable Cover
Machine Washable Cover
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What makes the Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress unique?

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Adjustable Firmness

We know everybody likes different things in the bedroom, so we made a mattress suitable for all firmness preferences. The three layers are interchangable, so you can mix and match until you find what’s just right.


Extra Cooling Properties

No more sweaty betty in bed. The Ecosa mattress is designed to keep you cool all night long, through a built-in air circulation system and a gel cooling layer.


Waterproof and Dust Mite Free

The Ecosa mattress comes complete with a removable, washable waterproof cover, keeping your snooze free from bacteria, dust mites and spills.

Mattress Scenarios

It pays to be prepared.

What if I prefer a firmer mattress?

Worry not - that’s where Ecosa comes in. We’re one of the few memory foam mattresses that’s adjustable. Three layers, three levels of firmness. Simply pick what feels right.

What about spills?

The Ecosa mattress comes with a waterproof inner cover as standard - no nasty extras here. Made with German micro-filaments, the specialised fabric protects your mattress from oil and liquid absorption. So whether you’ve spilled your maple syrup or your pet’s had a pee pee incident, you’re covered.

The Best Value Mattress

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We’re sure you’ll love the Ecosa, but if you don’t, return it to us free of charge.
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We’re proud to offer an impressive 15-year warranty, giving you peace of mind.

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Our Dream Team is available to answer any queries.

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No added or hidden costs to your mattress. We'll ship and pick it up free-of-charge.

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We know you’re tired. We’ll get your mattress on its way to you in as little as 2 days.
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Ecosa Gives Back

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All mattress and pillow returns go to our partner charities. To date, we've donated a total of 3,000+ mattresses and 300+ pillows.

Better nights are coming

You can take their word for it.

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