Ecosa vs. Koala

What Makes Us
Different from Koala?
Our mattresses both come in boxes. But that’s where the similarities end. From the flexibility of an extra firmness option to the durability of our signature memory foam, we go the extra mile to elevate your snooze. See how the Ecosa and Koala Mattresses compare.
Queen size
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The Koala Mattress
Queen size
(As of April 2024)
3 Firmness Levels
Adjust to your ideal firmness: Medium, Medium-Firm or Firm.
2 Firmness Levels
Flip your mattress to go between a Medium-Firm and Firm feel.
Ultimate Support
Memory foam contours to your body, providing cushioned comfort and support from head to toe. 85% of Ecosa customers saw a reduction in back pain.
Essential Support
Has three support zones that target specific areas.
High Durability
Made with durable memory foam and high-quality latex-like foam, your mattress is less likely to sag over time.
More Likely To Sag Over Time
While initially comfortable, the mattress lacks density in the top layer – potentially compromising long-term comfort and support.
Exceptional Breathability
Features a breathable Tencel™ cover and temperature-regulating gel-infused memory foam. With pincore holes, Eco-Tex memory foam allows air to flow freely throughout the mattress.
Breathable Cover
Includes a breathable cover offering breathability in the top layer of the mattress.
Washable, Eco-Friendly Cover
A removable and washable cover makes the Ecosa Mattress easy to clean, less likely to hold bacteria and dust mites and, therefore, more allergy-friendly.
Spot-Clean Only
Spot clean only, the Koala Mattress may not be as hygienic or suitable for allergy sufferers.
Disturbance-Free Sleep
Features inbuilt measures to prevent partner disturbance, so you can both rest easy.
Disturbance-Free Sleep
Like Ecosa, Koala uses inbuilt measures to prevent partner disturbance for restful sleep.
100 Night Trial + 15 Year Warranty
We know 100 nights is long enough for you to fall in love with our products. We believe in their durability, so we offer an extended warranty for your peace of mind.
120 Night Trial + 10 Year Warranty
Sure, you get a slightly longer trial period. But a shorter warranty means less trust in their products to last the distance.
Award-Winning Mattress Recycling Service*
You can opt to add on a mattress recycling service (for a fee) with your mattress order. Or book through our website any time.
*Available in selected locations
External Service Recommended
You would need to go through the process of booking through a mattress recycling company.

Adjust Between 3 Firmness Levels

Don’t get stuck with the wrong firmness level. With the Ecosa Mattress, it’s easy to switch between Medium, Medium-Firm and Firm.

Premium memory foam

80% of Ecosa Mattress owners saw an overall improvement in their sleep quality – and you can, too. Enjoy the support of three breathable, ultra-durable foam layers, including our signature high-quality memory foam.

Try it risk-free

With a generous 100-night trial, you can see (and feel) the Ecosa Mattress difference for yourself. Don’t just take our word for it – try it for up to 14 weeks with free shipping and worry-free returns.
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