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3 Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress for Back Pain

April 26, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Have you been feeling a twinge in your lower back or lumbar muscles? You aren’t alone. Almost 16% of Australians share your pain and with the rate things are going, chiropractors won’t have to worry about going out of business.

There are lots of reasons why we suffer from lower back pain, including our lifestyle, diet, and posture. It’s difficult to single out one culprit and it might require chiropractic intervention or a doctor’s appointment. 

Back pain can be debilitating and when left unchecked, and can lead to issues worse than loss of sleep. Pain affects how we perform at work, doing simple chores around the house and living our daily lives.

Better sleep can lessen chronic back pain, but is often tricky to achieve. Having a consistent sleep hygiene, proper diet, and even changing your room’s layout helps but are often temporary solutions at most. Addressing the root of your back pain is the key.

Have you considered that your old mattress could be the culprit? It might be time to retire your old mattress and replace it with a new one that suits your needs. Choosing a good mattress, especially for people with bad backs, is a must but what are the things you should consider? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Adjustable Firmness

The first thing you need to consider when shopping for a new mattress is firmness level. Different firmness has the potential to either aggravate or relieve your back problems. 

A softer mattress might initially feel amazing and comfy as it allows you to sink in and sleep. However, that’s not the best thing for back pain relief. Experts suggest trying a medium-firm mattress as it’s able to provide more support for your pressure points.

Pressure relief isn’t limited to firmer mattresses, true, but they also provide spinal alignment support that other types can’t. That means better sleep quality for back pain sufferers.

There’s no measurement when it comes to how firm or soft the right mattress should be. It all depends on a person’s needs while sleeping. However, for people who have back and shoulder pains, a firm and supportive mattress is a must.

A soft mattress prioritises comfort over back support. With Ecosa’s high-quality memory foam mattress, you can have adjustable firmness without skimping on comfort.  

What’s so great about adjustable firmness? It means you can customise your mattress to fit your needs. If you find that your pain levels can’t handle a firm mattress, swap the layers to medium for that balance of comfort and support. 

2. Breathability

A mattress with adequate firmness and cushioning foam layers is important, but breathability is a game-changer. You can’t forget airflow when mattress shopping, especially with a bad back.

One way to achieve a comfortable sleep with back problems is choosing a quality mattress that offers breathability. With a breathable mattress, you’re a step closer to experiencing a good night’s sleep. 

Look for memory foam mattresses that have temperature stabilisation. This will offer increased comfort and you can say goodbye to waking up drenched in sweat. 

The Ecosa Mattress is versatile due to the mix of durability and comfort. The cell-foam layer is designed for comfort and compares to the bounce-like feel of natural latex but without feeling airtight and plasticky.

3. Your Sleeping Position

While sleep positions aren’t the main culprit of pain, how we sleep often dictates how sore our backs are when waking up in the morning.

How we sleep, particularly our positions also dictate how our necks feel in the morning, not just our backs. Knowing what mattress works with your preferred position separates sleepless nights from relaxing sleep.

Knowing your sleeping position and whether you’re prone to twisting and turning helps in choosing what type of mattress best suits you.

A soft mattress might be comfortable but it won’t do if you’re one who twists and turns while sleeping. You’ll just keep sinking in and you move. Your mattress must keep up with you throughout the night and work with your movements.

Our body weight and how it’s spread while we sleep also matters. If your mattress isn’t fit with your body type, it might lead to more back problems instead of alleviating them. Whatever body type you have, you deserve to have a relaxing sleep. 

Back sleepers who also suffer pains in that area have it rough but there are ways to address that.

To reduce back pain for back sleepers, memory foam mattresses help as they have contouring capabilities that allow your back to relax while providing relief to all your pressure points.

No matter if you’re a side or back sleeper, the Ecosa Mattress has adjustable layers of firmness for every body. The foam moulds to fit your body’s natural curves, without skimping on firmness for your back problems. 

The Ecosa Mattresswill have people suffering from mild back pain sleeping like babies (without the screaming). Don’t just take our word for it, take advantage of the 100 night trial period and try it for yourself.

We’ve Got Your Back

Choosing a mattress to alleviate back pain can be intimidating. A bad choice would put a dent not only to your budget but on precious sleep you should be getting. That’s why the choice is so important.

If you can find a mattress that ticks all of the boxes, you’re well on your way to a better night’s sleep for your back. Thankfully you don’t even have to look that far. Ecosa has got your back.

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