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Bamboo Sheets vs Cotton: Which One Is Better?

May 6, 2024   By Clarisa Mcdonald

When it comes to choosing the perfect set of sheets to snuggle into after a long day, the battle often narrows down to bamboo vs cotton sheets. In Australia, the debate has even become somewhat of a hot topic, with both types boasting their unique perks. But how do you know which sheet set is the one for you? Let’s delve deep and uncover which bed sheets are best!


  • Bamboo sheets are soft, cool, and hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Cotton sheets offer a classic, breathable comfort.
  • Bamboo sheets tend to be more durable than cotton with a longer lifespan
  • Both have a similar price tag – averaging $250-$300 for a sheet set

Bamboo vs Cotton: Thread Count and Comfort

Thread Count and Comfort

We often hear the phrase “high thread count” being tossed around when discussing bed sheets, but what does it mean? Traditionally, a higher thread count indicates a more luxurious feel. But don’t be fooled, sometimes a lower thread count can offer a soft and silky feel too, particularly when it comes to bamboo sheets. It’s all about the type of sheet and the quality of the fibres used.

Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets are revered for their classic comfort. Egyptian cotton sheets, for instance, are crafted from extra-long staple fibres, offering a smooth surface to lay on. Pima cotton is another type of cotton that offers a soft touch, often feeling like your favourite worn-in t-shirt. With cotton sheets, you can find variations like sateen and percale, which refer to the weave of the fabric. While sateen offers a glossy, smooth finish, percale provides a crisp and cool feel, perfect for hot sleepers.

Bamboo Sheets

On the other side, we have bamboo sheets, which are made from the bamboo fibers of bamboo plants. These sheets are renowned for their softness, often giving a silky feel that’s hard to beat. You’ll find different types of bamboo sheets including bamboo linen, bamboo rayon, and lyocell, which all have a slightly different feel due to their manufacturing process. The common trait? They all offer a luxurious feel that’s kind to sensitive skin.

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Bamboo vs Cotton: Environmental Considerations

In today’s world, being eco-friendly is more important than ever. The environmental impact of your sheet choice might play a significant role in your decision.

Cotton Production

Traditional cotton production can be quite resource-intensive, requiring a considerable amount of water and often involving the use of pesticides. However, it’s worth noting that organic cotton options are available, which use less water and forego the harsh chemicals, offering a more eco-friendly choice.

Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo, on the other hand, is a renewable resource that requires less water to grow. Bamboo fibres are converted to fabric through a process that can sometimes involve chemical processing, but overall, the process tends to have a lesser environmental footprint than regular cotton.

Bamboo vs Cotton: Breathability

Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets are breathable, making them a prime choice for hot Australian nights. They offer decent moisture-wicking properties, helping to keep you cool and dry. However, they might be prone to wrinkles and pilling over time, which could be a deal-breaker for some.

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are also known for their breathability and excellent temperature regulation properties, making them a fantastic option for hot sleepers. These sheets are also hypoallergenic, resisting dust mites and offering a healthier sleeping environment, particularly for those with sensitive skin.

Are Bamboo Bed Sheets Good for Australian Weather?

Are Bamboo Bed Sheets Good for Australian Weather?

The Australian weather can sometimes be a bit of a roller coaster, swinging from hot and humid days to cooler and crisp nights. In this scenario, bamboo sheets come to the rescue as a versatile choice, adept at handling various weather conditions that Australia throws at you.

During the hot and humid season, which we know can sometimes be a bit too much, bamboo sheets’ breathability and moisture-wicking properties stand out. They are excellent at wicking away sweat and moisture, helping you stay cool and dry throughout those warm nights. You won’t feel that stickiness that sometimes accompanies hotter weather, as the bamboo fabric is known for its ability to regulate temperature brilliantly, adapting to the body’s heat and offering a cool sanctuary to retreat to.

As we transition to the cooler months, these sheets continue to shine, offering a warm and cosy refuge. Despite being lightweight, bamboo sheets retain heat well, creating a snug and warm environment to snuggle into on a chilly night. Their thermal regulating properties ensure you stay warm without the risk of overheating, providing a comfortable sleep experience all year round.

Are Cotton Sheets Good for Australian Weather?

Cotton sheets have been the staple choice for many, and their suitability for the Australian weather is unquestionable. Cotton sheets are renowned for their breathable nature, which means they allow for good air circulation, helping to wick away moisture from your body during those hot and humid nights that are all too familiar in many parts of Australia. This breathable quality makes them a fantastic option to keep you cool and comfortable during the summer months.

Now, we can’t overlook the versatility of cotton sheets when it comes to thread count. Whether you prefer a luxurious high thread count sheet set that provides a softer and more insulating feel for the cooler months or a lower thread count that offers a lighter and more airy feel for the warmer season, cotton sheets have you covered. You can find the right balance to suit any weather condition that comes your way.

And for those chilly nights, cotton can be the ideal choice, especially if you opt for varieties like flannel cotton, which is brushed to create a slightly fluffy surface, trapping heat and keeping you snug as a bug. Cotton sheets are also highly durable, standing up to years of washes without pilling, which means they can adapt and last through many a season, giving you comfort year after year.

Choosing Between Bamboo & Cotton Sheets

At the end of the day, your choice between bamboo and cotton sheets boils down to personal preference. Whether you’re swayed by the luxurious feel of bamboo fabric or the traditional comfort of high-quality cotton, both options have their merits.

Before making your purchase, consider factors like the price point and the specific features you’re looking for in a set of sheets. Are you swayed by the sustainability of bamboo bedding or the timeless comfort of cotton? Either way, your dreamy bed linen awaits.

Personally, we love bamboo sheets – and so do our customers!

Ecosa’s Bamboo Sheet Reviews

What people are saying about Ecosa’s Bamboo Sheets

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

  1. Luxurious Feel: Customers rave about the luxurious and silky feel of these sheets, which offer both comfort and elegance. The softness seems to be a standout feature that is much appreciated.
  2. Temperature Regulation: As the weather warms up in Australia, users find the temperature-regulating qualities of the bamboo sheets a major plus. They describe the sheets as cool to touch, making summer nights more comfortable and enjoyable.
  3. Eco-Friendliness: The environmental enthusiasts are particularly fond of the natural fibre and eco-friendly attributes of these sheets, appreciating that luxury doesn’t come at the cost of the planet.
  4. Fast Shipping: A few reviews also highlight the prompt shipping service, which means customers can enjoy their new, plush bedding without a long wait.
  5. Thoughtful Details: People appreciate the small yet significant details, like the elastic bands and clear labelling that make the sheet set up straightforward and hassle-free.
  6. Vibrant Colours & Quality: Customers have noted the great colour options and overall quality of the sheets, mentioning that the sheets maintain their quality even after washing.

In a nutshell, customers feel that Ecosa’s bamboo sheets bring a blend of luxury, comfort, and sustainability that’s hard to beat, promising serene and satisfying sleep experiences night after night. It seems to be a worthy investment for those looking to upgrade their bedding to something more premium and eco-friendly.

Bamboo Vs Cotton Sheets FAQs

Is bamboo or cotton sheets better?

Choosing between bamboo and cotton sheets boils down to personal preference. Bamboo is known for its softness and temperature-regulating properties, while cotton offers a classic, breathable feel. Your choice may depend on factors like your local climate and personal comfort preferences.

Do bamboo sheets sleep cooler than cotton?

Yes, bamboo sheets generally sleep cooler than cotton sheets due to their moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties, providing a comfortable sleeping environment, particularly in the hot Australian weather.

Which type of sheets is softest, bamboo or cotton?

Bamboo sheets are often hailed as the softest option between the two. They have a silky feel to them, which is reminiscent of a high thread count Egyptian cotton sheet. The softness of cotton sheets can vary greatly depending upon the type of cotton (like Egyptian, Pima, or regular cotton) and the thread count. High-quality cotton with a higher thread count would offer a luxurious feel, but bamboo sheets still take the lead in the softness department, providing a smooth and almost silky surface to sleep on.

Are bamboo sheets hypoallergenic compared to cotton sheets?

Yes, bamboo sheets are generally considered to be hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies. The bamboo fabric naturally resists dust mites and other allergens. Cotton sheets, especially when made from high-quality cotton, can also be hypoallergenic, but it varies more between products


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