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How Bamboo Bedding is Helping Aussies Sleep Better

March 25, 2020   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Bamboo sheets are the ultimate upgrade from cotton or polyester blends. Light, breathable and buttery-soft, it’s hotel luxury at home, every night. But hey, don’t take it from us. Ecosa customers are falling for the softness of our ultra-plush bamboo bedding, and their sleep is thanking them for it. 

Here’s what our customers had to say, and our commentary on why they’re loving our sheets so much.

Verified Reviews

“Don’t be conned by cheaper alternatives. It’s just heavenly, every time you drift off to sleep. Keeping you Warm in the winter and super cool in the summer.” – Mark A.

Nice one, Mark! Mark knows to swerve the cheaper alternatives to 100% organic bamboo bedding. Some lower cost outlets are producing bamboo blends, which on initial touch may have you believing they fit the bill. But, only true 100% bamboo sheets in a sateen weave will deliver the temperature regulating benefits and night-after-night durability that Ecosa’s sheets are known for. 

“Bamboo Bliss. I recently purchased a bamboo doona cover & pillowcases, the fabric is lovely, like sleeping on a cloud! Very soft and cool in this humid weather.” – Deb R.

Bliss indeed, Deb! Cloud-like comfort is always our aim, and as Deb mentions, the temperature regulating properties of bamboo make all the difference in humid weather. 

“The most gorgeous sheets I’ve ever had. Once you try these Bamboo sheets you won’t ever go back to anything else. Beautifully packaged, smooth and cool to the touch, generously sized which makes making the bed easier, and just plain gorgeous really. So much cooler and smoother to sleep in than anything I’ve owned previously, now I just can’t wait to get into bed ! – Sophie F.

Another convert! Many Ecosa customers tell us they’ll never return to cotton, and we don’t blame them. Just one night on bamboo bedding will have your other sheets weeping in sandpaper-like inadequacy. Sophie also loves our generous sizing. The depth of our fitted sheets means they’ll fit almost any mattress, and never run the risk of a runaway corner at night. 

“Luxury bedding. This is my 3rd order of bamboo sheets. They are so soft and luxury to sleep on. They dry very quickly and very cool in summer and warmish in winter.” – Lin B.

Lin loves our Ecosa bamboo bedding so much she’s stocked up on three sets! Appreciating their quick-dry nature, Lin’s clearly discovered that hanging bamboo sheets outside on a breezy day is all it takes for silky soft, dry and wrinkle-free sheets, ready to jump straight into that very same night.

Convinced? We’re not surprised. Shop Ecosa’s bamboo bedding range here.

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