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Secrets to Making your Bed Feel Like A Hotel Bed

February 8, 2019   By Jennifer Cook

Beds can make or break any hotel experience. It’s the centrepiece – the part everyone looks forward to, aside from crisp sheets and room service!

According to a survey we rolled out in June 2017, hotel visitors are more likely to return if they are happy with their hotel bed.

But sometimes we just want the staycation experience without having to spend so much. Tell you what? It’s not impossible to create this little luxury within the comfort of your home!

In a visit to one of our partners, Notel, Melbourne’s trendiest boutique hotel on a rooftop, we’ve discovered the secrets to making your bed look and feel like your dream staycation. (This doesn’t include the vintage Airstream vans, sorry!)

Stick to a Theme

Before you begin looking for the bits and pieces to create your dream bed, already plan how you want it to look like. We find it helpful to choose a theme and stick to it – something that Notel exceptionally does as well!

For instance, if you want your bed to look like a 5-star hotel bed, you can stick to all-white bedding. It’ll look sharper, crisper, and cleaner. That means white sheets, pillowcases, and even high-quality duvet covers!

But you can also play around with colours! It’s your bedroom – make sure it reflects your personality and evokes a home feel. We’ve found neutrals and pastels the best bedding colours as they’re not harsh on the eye. They won’t take away the comforting, relaxing and inviting vibe beds are supposed to have! 

You can get that trending five-star hotel room look with neutral and pastel colours by incorporating them into various elements in your bedroom. This can be from bed sheets to how you design and choose the colour scheme of your headboard. The possibilities are endless!

Your Sheets Should Be about the Feel

Steph Jurinovic, the General Manager at Notel, chooses their sheets based simply on feel. Never mind high thread counts and Egyptian cotton – all you need to do is feel the fabric.

Do you want them super soft, silky, smooth, crisp, clean?

Notel chose the Ecosa bamboo sheets because of the feel alone. “It’s the next-level Egyptian sheets,” Steph notes. They’re not just silky smooth and ultra soft but also a more sustainable option than cotton.

With the right choice of bed linens, you can transform your good ole memory foam mattress into one that feels like a luxury hotel bed in a snap! They guarantee a good night’s sleep and will help you feel relaxed no matter what side of the bed you wake up on!

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Bamboo is 100% organic, and the production of bamboo sheets uses less water than cotton ever will. If that isn’t enough to give your conscience a good sleep, you also leave less carbon footprint with Ecosa Bamboo Sheets!

Use Four Pillows at a Time

Most hotels will have two to four pillows. In fact, Notel follows a formula of four pillows and two throw pillows per bed. These may be for decorative purposes – but they can actually serve an essential purpose!

Some hotels would have two firm and two soft pillows just so you can have a play around with your kind of comfort and support. Some will offer different height settings in case you need extra neck support.

Since you know exactly how many pillows you want or need at home, you can keep more pillows to emulate the comfortable fluffy situations that hotel pillows often have.

Having more pillows can also help you get more shut-eye in, regardless of what kind of sleeper you are, whether a stomach or side one. Those extra fluffs go a long way! Just make sure to invest in your main pillow and get one that pairs well with a high-quality mattress like the Ecosa Pillow!

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No Fitted Sheets, Please

Ever wonder why the sheet surface always feels so smooth in hotels? It’s because they don’t use fitted sheets!

Instead, hotels get an oversized flat sheet tucked perfectly underneath the mattress – guaranteed to give you a neat and smooth finish.

Think about the upkeep, too – flat sheets are easier to fold, to store, and don’t have the elastics that just wear out.

Don’t Forget the Tiny Details!

The finishing touches make all the difference. It can be on the bed – like a textured or colourful throw.

It can be the thoughtful details on your bedside table or windowsill, too. You can’t go wrong with plants!

Is It Time to Plan Your Dream Bed Yet?

Now you know the secrets – planning, bedding, pillows, and details – you don’t need to wait for a holiday to be on a staycation.

Sometimes the perfect staycation is just where your heart is – home!

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