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How Many Pillows Should I Use? | Sleeping with Pillows

January 21, 2019   By Jennifer Cook

How Many Pillows Do You Really Need?

Pillows are not just for decoration. They play a massive role in supporting your head, neck, spine, and hips while you sleep. Considering that you spend a third of your life sleeping, you want proper spine alignment and back and neck support throughout the night. Or else you’ll wake up with neck pain, back pain, or who knows what else!

Whether you sleep with only one pillow or one dozen, the most crucial factor is to choose the right pillow for you. This, along with a proper mattress and your sleeping position, will help you get that good night’s rest you need.

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Sleeping Position and Pillows

There’s a huge debate about the health benefits of sleeping with and without pillows. The truth is, no pillow police will show up in your bedroom in the dead of night, confiscate all your extra pillows, and give you a ticket for your sleeping habits.

Ultimately, you must decide how many pillows you need for your particular situation and personal preference. We’re sleep experts, and believe us when we say the perfect pillow is like beauty; it’s in the eye of the beholder.

That being said, there’s no harm in learning more about how to get better sleep, right? According to a poll by the National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit group that advocates healthy sleeping, the average person sleeps with about two pillows. Considering this number, let’s look at the best ways to help you sleep better based on your sleeping position.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is said to be the healthiest sleeping position of all. In fact, 74% of people sleep this way. The key to a restful sleep in this position is ensuring your head and hips are supported. You want to get a supportive head pillow that is as thick as the distance between your neck and shoulder. Moreover, you’ll want to get a firm pillow between your knees. This will help relieve strain and keep the spine straight all the way down to your hips.

Back Sleepers

Many people find it uncomfortable to sleep on their back. It’s probably why only 8% sleep in this position. With your neck and back flat on the mattress, it’s all the more important to use pillows for proper spinal alignment.

You’ll need a thin, contouring pillow to level your neck with your spine. It’s also a good idea to place a small pillow beneath the knees or a thin pillow beneath the lumbar spine to relieve strain on the lower back.

A high-quality good pillow can give you proper alignment for your spine’s natural curvature. It prevents you from being in an awkward position and can improve your sleep posture. You can sleep on the world’s best mattress, but without a good pillow, it can derail your bedtime.

One good start is looking at memory foam pillows. They can adapt to most body types and works well with back and front sleepers. You can start your journey to better sleep with the Ecosa Pillow!

What makes the Ecosa Pillow the best pick? It uses a blend of ergonomic design and functionality to provide next-level comfort. You might want to keep a sleep journal to log all the wonderful shut-eye you’ll get.

Stomach Sleepers

Regarded as the most unhealthy sleep position, stomach sleeping is actually the only position that can truly benefit from sleeping without a pillow. Think about it; sleeping on your stomach with a thick head pillow will only uncomfortably twist your neck. Best not use a head pillow (or, if you really want to, choose thinner pillows), so your head will stay level with the mattress surface. You can also place a thin pillow beneath the hips to help even out the spine.  

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Is There a Such Thing As Too Many Pillows?

Most definitely no. You can never have too much. Actually, it’s a good idea to add to the number of pillows you have; you never know when a guest might come, or a pillow fight might break out!

Pillows are incredible inventions that make sleeping so nice and comfortable. Here are some ideas to put your extra pillows to good use:

  1. 3 pillows: Use the 2 for support and the third for hugging. Or perhaps for your furry companion.
  2. 4 pillows: Use 2 for support while asleep and the extras to prop yourself up when you work or have breakfast in bed or binge-watch Netflix.
  3. 5+ pillows: Use 2 for yourself and the extras for your partner, kids, or to build your very own pillow fort.

Your Pillow Is More Important Than You Think

A single pillow makes all the difference for a good night’s sleep. So make sure you choose the right pillow for you! When you wake up fresh, relaxed, and ready to start your day, you’ll thank us for these tips.

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