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IKEA Cot Mattress vs Ecosa Cot Mattress

April 12, 2022   By Jennifer Cook

For a brand that’s been around since the 1940s, IKEA continues to corner the market for all things furniture, from bed frames to Scandinavian chairs and everything in between.

Operating on almost all continents, IKEA offers a shopping experience covering all aspects of your house, with many aesthetic choices.

It’s no wonder why customers, even Australians, consider IKEA products top-shelf worthy. However, while the retail giant may have the advantage of experience, that doesn’t automatically equate to being the best choice.

Here at Ecosa, we believe our customers can make good choices, so here’s a comparative look at IKEA cot mattresses and how they stack against our own. Rest assured, we’ll do our utmost best to remain impartial.

After all, we’d love for you to make an informed purchase ten times out of ten.

IKEA and Ecosa Cot Mattress Comparison

Today, we’ll examine how four IKEA products measure against the Ecosa Cot Mattress, namely the PELLEPLUTT, JÄTTETRÖTT, DRÖMMANDE, and KRUMMELUR.

Ideally, a great mattress should possess good quality, eco-friendly features, and staying power. This article’s goal is to inform you, our dear readers, and future customers, which of these mattresses best embodies those qualities. We’ll do so by examining their cost, materials used, firmness, and bang for their buck. Ready?

IKEA vs Ecosa. – What’s the Cost?

The first category up for discussion is mattress cost. To make things simpler, here’s a breakdown of how these products compare.

Pelleplutt$49132 x 70 cmFirmFirm
Krummelur$79132 x 70 cmFirmMedium – Firm
Jättetrött$149132 x 70 cmPocket springFirm
Drömmande$249132 x 70 cmPocket springFirm
Ecosa cot mattress*$440 – $600100 X 60 – 132 X 77 cmNesttflow coreFirm
*Prices still subject to discounts

We can see that the PELLEPLUTT is the undisputed affordability champion. We know that shopping for a new mattress requires sticking to a budget, but that shouldn’t be your only consideration especially when you can score one with more features and better materials.

For instance, Ecosa products might be a bit pricier than IKEA bed mattresses, but other factors like materials used, certifications, and quality make them worthwhile investments.

Difference in Materials

Costs aside, when looking for a new mattress, you also need to consider the materials used.

Again, let’s begin with the IKEA choices.

Let’s start with the PELLEPLUTT. This reversible foam mattress is IKEA’s entry-level model. It has basic firmness and a machine washable cover for easier maintenance. The PELLEPLUTT is mainly cotton with polyurethane foam that boasts a mix of durability and comfort. For its price, it’s what you can expect.

Next is the medium-firm KRUMMELUR. This foam mattress has inner covers which prevent bubs from getting in contact with its core foam structure. That inner cover also provides added fire prevention. KRUMMELUR has two surfaces, a wavy one with medium-firmness and a smoother side that’s firmer, covering a polyurethane core.

The JÄTTETRÖTT, on the other hand, uses pocket springs to provide comfortable firmness while remaining breathable, ensuring that your baby has a well-ventilated sleep in their cot bed. It has 100% polypropylene inner fabric for durability and ventilation.

Rounding up the IKEA lineup is the DRÖMMANDE, a pocket spring mattress that provides good support for babies and breathability to keep them fresh and dry during summer nights. It has a comfort filling composed of coir and natural latex, giving babies a firm mattress that remains cozy while retaining spinal and muscle support.

How does the Ecosa Cot Mattress stack against their IKEA counterparts? All bias aside, it holds up very well.

The Ecosa Cot Mattress provides the right amount of firmness that babies need and a breathable core that helps the little ones sleep better. How does it do that?

It’s all thanks to the innovative Nestflow Core. Made of food-grade polypropylene with no harmful chemicals and substances, this patented core is designed for maximum airflow which makes it exceptionally breathable. It also allows the Ecosa Cot Mattress to be completely washable, from the removable cover to the mattress itself.

Speaking of covers, the cot mattress comes with a removable cover that’s certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, meaning it has been tested and found free of any harmful substance and chemicals.

The Ecosa Cot Mattress helps babies sleep faster and parents breathe easier since there’s no tradeoff when it comes to durability.

Which One Is More Wallet-Friendly?

We’ve discussed price, but for this to be a full review, we need to consider which brand has better discounts and offers.

At first glance, IKEA offers lower prices and a 90-day trial period, but when you factor in all the pros of an Ecosa Mattress, a lengthy warranty, and extensive customer service and support, it makes up for its price.

In fact, the Ecosa Cot Mattress price shown in the table earlier is still subject to a 20% discount plus pillow freebies the more you spend! This offer is until April 19 so make sure to check it out! That’s on top of free delivery and a 100-night trial period to ensure you’re buying a premium quality mattress for your precious baby.

Questions of Fit

Another aspect where the Ecosa Cot Mattress outshines its IKEA counterparts is size.

IKEA offers a uniform mattress size, while with the Ecosa Cot Mattress, the customer has numerous options. Seven to be exact! The Ecosa Cot Mattress comes in various sizes ranging from 100 X 60 CM to 132 X 77 CM.

Thanks to that variety of sizes, the Ecosa Cot Mattress pairs well with most bed frames and cribs, even those from IKEA!

Why You Should Look Out for Red Nose Certification

Earlier in this article, we mentioned that price shouldn’t be the end all be all when it comes to mattress picking.

Keep in mind that anything that your adorable babies touch should not only be comfortable, it should also be hygienic and entirely safe for them to use, things guaranteed by a Red Nose certification.

Red Nose is an organisation that aims to make the public aware of the dangers surrounding infants and sleep. They partner with brands like Ecosa to ensure that the cot mattresses being sold would reduce the risk of Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infants (SUDI)

When you buy an Ecosa Cot Mattress, you’re not just investing in comfort; you’re paying for certified safety and peace of mind.

When is it too Firm for Babies?

Wondering what firmness works best for babies? You might want to read this article about tips on choosing cot mattresses. You could also give this article a quick read for more information.

Babies need a firm mattress that won’t conform to their heads and suffocate them while sleeping. It also shouldn’t be too hard that your precious ones will have difficulty getting comfy.

The Australian Government introduced the AS/NZS standards initiative to help parents choose products that are safe, especially for babies. The Ecosa Cot Mattress is compliant with said standards so you can shop to your heart’s content!

Sleep Wonderfully Ecosa Style

There’s a reason why people stick with the familiar. The unknown can be scary, and when you’re making an important purchase like your baby’s bed, you need all the information you can get.

That’s why reading mattress reviews like this helps tremendously when making your pick, but sometimes, getting a feel or trying out a product before making a purchase is better.

IKEA is a well-known brand for a reason. It offers a wide variety of furniture and home decors that its stores can look like mazes. It’s a brand so ingrained in pop culture it even has its own cameos.

Going with IKEA is easy, thanks to affordable prices and brand recognition. But don’t be quick to dismiss other brands, though.

When it comes to sleeping essentials, particularly mattresses, we at Ecosa can proudly say that our products are top of the line. From eco-friendly manufacturing to state-of-the-art design, we aim to provide top-tier products for all your sleep needs.

That dedication to service extends to our store-wide discounts, which you can avail of today. Head over to our website and discover exciting deals!

When you buy Ecosa, you’re investing in good sleep, and there’s no price too high for that.

So, what’s stopping you from ordering your own Ecosa Cot Mattress?

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