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Do You Really Need Custom-Cut Mattresses?

March 29, 2022   By Jennifer Cook

Finding the right foam products to fit your needs can get tricky, fast. You’d want to consider tonnes of criteria like comfort level, firmness, and even spinal and muscle pressure relief.

Aside from those considerations, you also have to factor in price, availability, and even its aesthetic fit with your other bedroom furniture.

Are custom cut memory foam mattresses worth it? Maybe. That is if you want a mattress to fit a certain spot. But, do you really need it?

Here are some things you’d like to know before making that decision.

Mattress 101 to Go

Before we go further with why you should OR shouldn’t go the premium upholstery route for your next king single or queen bed, here are some things you need to know about mattresses.

First, you need to consider the type as there are mattresses that use pocket springs to balance firmness and comfort or memory foam that’s able to adjust to your every need and a latex hybrid that’s good for you and the environment.

Speaking of Mother Earth, being eco-friendly isn’t only for campers and vegans anymore. You can do your share by opting for products that are safe for you and the environment!

We won’t be telling you to minimise your carbon footprint if we aren’t doing our best to do the same.

One product that Ecosa’s proud of is the Pure Mattress, made from natural latex and no plastics or fillers used. We try to do away with plastic and excess packaging as much as possible!

Taking things with a grain of salt is what savvy customers do. So we made sure that all our foam products are CertiPUR-US Certified.

When you buy products with CertiPUR certification, that means you are buying products that are 100% durable, healthy, and free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or ozone depleters.

Ecosa’s firm in keeping both you and the environment safe, so you’re assured we’ll do everything on that end. Speaking of firm…

When scouting showrooms for custom-cut mattresses, firmness is another thing worth remembering.

This depends on your sleeping position, the number of sleepers, and even your weight.

If you’re set on getting a custom cut, make sure that it’s able to adjust to your needs. It shouldn’t be too stiff, nor too soft that you sink into the bed as if stuck in quicksand.

Beyond all those considerations, you also need to stay within your budget. Customised furniture can set you back significantly. It doesn’t matter how personalised your bed is; if your bank account sees a significant dent because of that splurge, you’ll lose sleep over it.

These are merely preliminary considerations; you also need to worry about specifics such as your bedroom space, whether your new foam mattress is meant to be used only as a day bed or it’s for the long haul, and if it’s worth the hassle of making it fit a certain area.

Before you place your order, carefully weigh the pros and cons as these kinds of mattresses are substantial investments.

Guess who’s Back

We tend to put a premium on customised objects that often we forget why we want them in the first place. The same goes with buying custom-made foam mattresses if you don’t need them for medical or specific reasons besides fit.

Good sleep should always be the goal when going mattress shopping, but truth be told, finding the right one is merely the beginning of your journey to dreamland.

Ensuring that you get quality and regular sleep means investing in other sleep essentials like scientifically designed pillows or mattress toppers for additional comfort.

Before you start making down payments for foam cuts, try giving the Ecosa Mattress a look. This bad boy offers adjustable firmness, unbeatable breathability and works well on almost any surface and bed base you can imagine.

Are you worried about the price? You don’t have to! Take home your own Ecosa Mattress for as low as $800. We’re even throwing in a 100-night trial so you can try it out with a money-back guarantee!

One other perk of going with Ecosa for your mattress needs is that we believe in going beyond standard sizing with unbeatable versatility.

Since we’re on the topic of versatility, campers are making the most out of their hobbies by using Ecosa products as their outdoor foam mattress. Well, not really “outdoors” as they’re still inside camper vans.

Instagram users @charlyandemil demonstrated the versatility of the Ecosa mattresses by making their van an extension of their bedroom, and with no downgrades when it comes to comfort either!

Just look at these setups!

Expensive and specifically-made purchases aren’t always the best. Why splurge unnecessarily when you have other options left to explore, like pre-made mattresses that will last you a loooong time and are definitely worth their price tag.

If you’re still set on getting your custom cut foam and you’re from Perth in Western Australia, you can check these guys out. But do take note that if you take your mattress to professional foam cutters and have them cut to size, it will void the warranty.

It’s best to go with what your gut tells you. However, it won’t hurt to check out other options before you fully commit to a cut to size mattress that you’d be spending a significant amount of money on.

If the reason you’re scouting for a custom-cut mattress is to place it on a certain spot, you might want to pick another location, since the need to cut a mattress to size can be a sign that it may not be the right choice. Also, always remember that function should always prevail over form, especially when it comes to sleep.

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