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Best Way to Repack A Memory Foam Mattress When Moving Homes

January 29, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

When it comes to moving homes, one of the biggest pain points for anyone is transporting large furniture. Whether you hire movers or decide to do things yourself, this is especially true when it comes to something as important and frequently used as your mattress.

Mattresses are heavy and bulky – and they definitely shouldn’t be exposed to the elements. And if your mattress is a made of memory foam, it will need to be given twice as much attention as a regular foam mattress because of the material and the way it’s constructed.

But don’t be daunted! Just following these few simple tips can go a long way in repacking your trusty memory foam mattress for the long trip to your next home.

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Use The Right Packaging

Transporting traditional mattresses can be tricky enough, but if the material is memory foam, it’s especially recommended to find heavy duty packing equipment that will hold the mattress together well.

Memory foam mattresses are flexible and usually built with multiple layers of foam that add to the comfort and technology of the bed. That’s why it’s important to find a high-quality mattress box or plastic mattress bag that fits your bed just right.

Note: We do recommend getting a box over a plastic mattress bag. It’s sturdier and provides better protection for your mattress.

Make sure to double check your mattress dimensions – whether it’s queen size, king size, etc. The packaging should fit like a glove, keeping the mattress stable throughout the whole journey and preventing any possible damage.

Keep the Elements Away

This goes without saying, but you spend a considerable amount of time on your mattress. Humans spend about a third of their life sleeping!

When you find the right package for your mattress and when it fits inside snugly, make sure to keep it well-sealed and away from dirt, moisture, and pollution. You don’t want to unpack your bed in your new home only to find it coated in grime.

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This is easy enough to do. If the box or plastic bag doesn’t have its own seal, simply use duct tape to keep anything from getting in, keeping it as airtight as possible.

Note:Do NOT vacuum-seal your mattress. While it may have arrived vacuum-sealed when you first bought it, doing it again at home might cause your mattress to deform, effectively destroying your bed.

Transporting Tips and Techniques

Because memory foam mattresses are made of foam layers and are very flexible, it’s important to transport them lying flat. Putting the mattress on its side strains the foam, causing it to deform and the layers to possible fall out of alignment.

If you decide to hire movers (or if you’re a generally forgetful person), it might be a good idea to mark your packed mattress, indicating that it should be carried in a flat position. That way nobody will make the mistake of turning it on its side.

Another pro tip: strap it up. Whether it’s with ropes or ratchet straps, these come in handy when moving your mattress, especially since it must be kept in a horizontal position. Providing at least two handles makes it easier for the movers or you and your friends to haul your bed into place.

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Memory foam mattresses may require a special kind of attention but at the end of the day (literally), it will be worth it to alleviate back pain and have sweet dreams.

Thinking about getting one for yourself? Well, you don’t have to look far – check out the Ecosa memory foam mattress. It’s waterproof with adjustable layers and comes in a variety of sizes, so it’s perfect for just about anyone!

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