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A Guide To Pillow Sizes: Styling Your Bed With Pillows

November 12, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Ever wonder how you can make your bedroom look as inviting as the ones you see in stores or on home design shows? Plump pillows are a great place to start, but how do you know what size pillows to use? This blog showcases different pillows and how you can use them to up your home decor game.

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Pillow Size Guide Australia

Standard Pillow

A standard pillow size in Australia is 38cm x 56cm – this is the best type of pillow for sleeping. Ecosa’s standard pillow is ergonomically designed to fit your natural head and neck alignment, no matter your build. Opting for a standard pillow for sleeping allows you to make the most of your bed space in all bed sizes, and give you the neck support you need.

European Pillow

A European pillow is a square pillow at 65cm x 65cm. It’s generally used as a decorative pillow, and can be propped behind your standard pillow to create an ascending size structure. 

Other Pillows

There are other pillows you can use, including king pillows (51cm x 92cm), queen pillows (51cm x 76cm), and body pillows or bolsters, though these are less common sizes. Some home decor pros use sham pillows, which have a wider front than back due to the way they’re designed.

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Using Pillows to Style Your Bedroom

Ecosa linen pillows in Basil, Storm and Rose

Home decor experts say to stick to a maximum of six to seven pillows on a queen, king or super king bed, five on a double, and three on a single or long single bed. 

Put your neck and spine alignment first and begin your pillow collection with the Ecosa ergonomic pillow as your standard sleeping pillow. Then, build out your pillow haven with smaller pillows and different shaped decor pillows. Changing the pillow covers or pillowcases can also give you a new look without having to buy new pillows.

Starting with a larger European pillow at the back, followed by your standard pillow and then two smaller pillows can create a stacked aesthetic, while opting for an odd number of pillows ‘scattered’ in a carefree style can make for an easy everyday pillow styling setup. 

Play with textures too. Smaller, decorative pillows in heavier textures create a gentle contrast against softer cottons and silkier bamboos. Smaller pillows may be denser and more structured, while your European pillows can be softer. Try creating a subtly squish in the top of the pillow for a ‘lived in’ look. 

For an on trend, earthy vibe, go for linen sheets and pillowcases in different colours for a mismatch statement. Our Flax linen collection offers Instagrammable hues, from Rose to Basil.

Ecosa’s buttery soft bamboo pillowcases also come in a range of seasonal colours to change up your bedroom style. Cooler tones create a lighter aesthetic for winter while darker tones make for a cosier winter environment. 

For the ultimate hotel bed feel, pair your pillow setup with a set of luxurious sheets in a complementary colour. A plump, natural quilt or duvet will also complete the look – like Ecosa’s all-seasons silk quilt. Fold back the top of the duvet cover about 30cm for an at-home turn down service style.

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