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Do Sleep Machines Work?

November 10, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Another long day at work? Are you tired from running around doing errands but can’t fall asleep? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone.

According to the Sleep Foundation, more than half of Australians experience at least one symptom of chronic insomnia. If that doesn’t resonate with you, then you’re lucky. Otherwise, you’d want to keep reading.

Pinpointing the culprit for your bedtime dilemmas can be difficult. You have your insomnia, medical complications like increased blood pressure or plain severe exhaustion. 

Sleepers have their position of choice, and that’s also a factor in getting adequate and relaxing sleep. If you wake up with your muscles out of sorts, that position is a no-no. What you sleep with, particularly your pillows, mattress and sheets, also matter.

Losing sleep goes beyond yawns and an uncontrollable desire for naps. Studies show that inadequate sleep could lead to slowed reflexes and reduced brain function. 

Whether you’re a table jockey or hustling on your own, you need to get sufficient sleep that’ll get you through your day, which is a bummer when you suffer from complications such as obstructive sleep apnea.

We can list most sleep disorders here, but the most common problem that you’ve likely encountered is OSA or sleep apnea for short. What exactly is it though?

Sleep apnea is a condition characterised by loud snoring, waking up with a dry mouth, and in some cases, restricted breathing. Nightmare fuel, especially if you’re sleeping alone with no one to wake you.

OSA and other apnea-related conditions are usually curable, with most sleep specialists divided as to what treatment options work the best. What most of them agree on, however, is that sleep machines should be part of the equation. 

What Are Sleep Machines?

For educational purposes, let’s be liberal with our definition of sleep machines, or in other words, devices that help us sleep better. That means we can include outliers like humidifiers and sound machines!

Usually, sleep medicine experts suggest using a CPAP machine. But what the hell is that?

A CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine helps people suffering from OSA to sleep better. How?

A person suffering from OSA dons the CPAP mask where a steady flow of oxygen is coursed through the nose and mouth, maintaining air pressure and ensuring that you continue breathing throughout the night. 

While undergoing CPAP therapy will have you sounding like Darth Vader minus the badass cape and Sith powers, it’s the kind of sleep aid that’s supposed to keep you alive, which is a priority in our book.

Most CPAP devices have adjustable pressure settings depending on the severity of the user’s sleep apnea, and like cars, there are different models for different needs.

A bi-level positive airway pressure machine offers more relief for people suffering from muscle and nerve problems and more severe OSA cases. 

You also have the APAPs or automatic positive airway pressure type that, as the name implies, adapts to the user’s need.

Excessive and intrusive background noise also prevents you from getting the sleep you need. Fight fire with fire with the best white noise machines in the market.

One prime example is the Yogasleep Dohm Sound Machine, which incorporates fan noises: this little machine can block irritating noise without waking the sleeper.

Ambient noise might sound basic, but there’s actually a whole spectrum of sounds. Aside from the commonly known white noise, you also have your brown and pink noise. For most experts, however, the frequency and decibel of noise make it the best sleep aid. 

Apparently, what is considered soothing differs from one person to another. Pink is closely associated with gentler sounds like rainfall and rustling leaves, while brown noise equates to more energetic ones, like thunder or waterfalls. 

White noise refers to every day sounds like the whirring of electric fans or air conditioner noises. 

Whatever sound options you choose, there’s a machine out there to replicate them.

Humidifiers don’t only keep your bedroom smelling fresh, but they can also alleviate snoring!

The problem with using sleep machines is that they can be a tad bit expensive. If they work then, that’s a good investment, but if they don’t, you don’t want to add to the list of reasons why you can’t sleep at night. 

Sleep Quality, Machines and You

Here at Ecosa, we take pride in our knowledge of sleep desire to improve yours. That said, there are aspects of nocturnal life we want to know more about.

What’s keeping us up is the science behind these machines, particularly those CPAP machines. There’s something about those face masks that make you wonder how they work.

Studies show that while CPAP machines do help OSA sufferers, they’re not without their faults.

There are reports of adverse side effects of airway pressure treatment. Difficulty exhaling, bloating, and skin acne are some of the complaints from people using CPAPs.

On the flip side, CPAPs can’t be all that bad. Data shows that these machines can improve other complications like tinnitus, thanks to the added oxygen levels and reduced pressure in your ears.

Before you decide whether you need a CPAP to help you sleep, you should check in with your doctor as these gizmos aren’t cheap.

On the subject of white noise machines, most attest to dozing off faster in their presence. However, are they the right move for you? Testing them out’s the only way to know if you’ll vibe with them.

For now, try connecting your phone to your Bluetooth speakers, find the most viewed white sound playlist on YouTube and give it one night. 

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Like a good mattress, sleep machines might spell the difference between a solid eight hours of shut-eye and spending the night wide awake. As long as you aren’t breaking the bank, it won’t hurt to take one of these sleeping machines for a spin.

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