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Why Rugby League Star Kody House Loves Her Ecosa Mattress

October 3, 2019   By Kody House

We all need a good night’s sleep. Whether we’ve got an important meeting at work or a big day with the kids, waking refreshed and well-rested can transform your day and prepare you to be your best. For rugby league star Kody House, it’s a big game that’s on the other side of a great night’s sleep. Playing one of the world’s most physically demanding sports, Brisbane Broncos teammate Kody says her Ecosa mattress was one of the best things she’s ever bought for sleep and muscle recovery. We caught up with the woman herself to chat all things sleep and recovery.

Why Rugby League Star Kody House Loves Her Ecosa Mattress

Hi Kody! We’re So Glad You Love Your Ecosa Mattress. What Made You Choose Ecosa?

I’ve had my Ecosa mattress for about 2.5 years! After having an old mattress for a few years, I decided it was time to upgrade! I researched so many different mattresses and the reviews from Ecosa made it a clear winner! The quality of materials used, dust mite free (I’m allergic to dust mites), the speediness of delivery (same day!), pricing, and the fact it came delivered compact in a small box were so attractive! Although it was a huge risk buying a mattress online without testing it beforehand, I was confident in Ecosa’s 100day trial and return guarantee, if it wasn’t the right mattress for me. But here I am 2 and a half years later and still loving it! It has been the best mattress I’ve ever slept on, and my partner loves it too! From being so active with weightlifting and playing rugby league, I do suffer with some lower back pain, so choosing the right mattress was paramount! The firmness and materials of my Ecosa mattress has helped alleviate my lower back pain due to a better and more comfortable sleep. 

Rugby Is Pretty Intense! How Do You Prioritise Muscle Recovery and Appropriate Rest Periods When Training?

Very intense! There are some days where I wake up so sore from games and training that I can barely move! Muscle recovery is so important in any sport, and just in general daily life. I try to utilise stretching and mobility after my training sessions, napping during the day when I have spare time also helps, keeping hydrated, having adequate nutrition, massages and ensuring I get a very good night’s sleep. It can be very hard to prioritise recovery, but as I get older I have definitely noticed I don’t recover as quickly as I did years ago, so implementing time for a recovery plan is very important. 

What Does Sleep Mean to You as an Athlete?

Getting an adequate night’s sleep is THE most important mode for recovery. Something that is sometimes overlooked, but this is when all the muscle repair and growth happens. You can really notice when your sleep isn’t the best the night before, as I wake up feeling so tired, and usually will try to fit in a nap during the day to make up for the lost sleep the night before. I try to track my sleep patterns with a fitness watch, so I can see how long I’ve been in a deep sleep or how many times I’ve woken up. Although I may have had the right amount of sleep, if I have slept lightly or woken up throughout the night, it really can impact my mood, motivation and energy levels throughout the next day. This can have a huge impact if I am in camp for a representative team, or playing a big game the next day, as I need to be performing at my peak. 

Being a Part of It Yourself, What Does the Future Hold for Women in Sport in Australia? 

It’s very exciting, not just in female rugby league, but in all female sports across Australia, to see such a huge increase in participation. Female participation in rugby league alone is where the National Rugby League see the most growth annually. With the NRLW being underway for the second year in a row, there is hope to one day have full-time paid female athletes, a dream that once was never thought possible! Considering the pioneers of the female rugby league game (not even that long ago), had to quit their full-time jobs and sell personal items such as cars, to be able to fund themselves to travel overseas to participate in Rugby League World Cups. To be a part of the game today, I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to play the game I love with little sacrifice, and thankful for the recognition that we are athletes and are able to play a game that was once donned a male sport. The future is bright, and now little girls across the nation can aspire and dream to be the next Ali Brigginshaw, Tayla Harris or Sam Kerr of their chosen sport. 

How Did You Get Into Sports? Have You Always Been Athletic?

I grew up on a farm in Central Queensland so never had much of an opportunity to play sport during primary school, other than maybe Year 7. It was during my time at a boarding high school that I discovered my love for all things sport and physical activity. I had a very active childhood living and working on a farm (riding horses and fencing), but my competitiveness was in full bloom during high school and I played almost every sport possible! Once I finished school, I played a lot of team sports, including soccer; netball; rugby 7s; grid-iron; and, rugby league. I only started playing rugby league at the age of 23 and instantly was addicted. 

What Would Be Your Greatest Learning or Piece of Advice for Young Women Wanting to Break into the Sporting Arena? 

To not let failure determine your future. I have failed many times; maybe not made the representative teams I had wanted to or played a horrible game. But the best piece of advice I can give is to not let these setbacks force you to quit or give up! Hard work, determination and consistency will get you to where you want to be. 

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