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Transitioning to a Big Kid Bed with Dannii from @lovedbydannii

July 4, 2019   By @lovedbydannii

Getting your child to sleep in their first ‘big kid bed’ can be a huge task for some parents. With developmental leaps happening every few weeks throughout the first couple of years, some parents find themselves unable to catch a break. What works one day is suddenly tantrum material the next. We caught up with Instagram Mum and Ecosa ambassador, Dannii from @lovedbydannii to chat all things big kid beds, including how to transition your little one to their own bed and establish a bedtime routine that works for your whole family.

Dannii enjoying his new Ecosa mattress

Ecosa: Hi Dannii! Thanks for chatting to us about moving to that all-important big kid bed! What age did you start thinking about transferring Oliver to his own bed?

Dannii: The transition started when Oliver had trouble sleeping by himself. He started to grow strong enough to climb over his cot rails by the time he was about a year old, so we knew it was time.

Ecosa: What was the one thing you found hardest?

Dannii: We found encouraging his own space and not physically falling out of bed to be one of the bigger struggles after being restricted to a cot for so long!

Ecosa: Of course – I bet that was nerve-racking! What’s best – going cold turkey or the phase-out method?

Dannii: We found the cold turkey method the easiest. We packed up his cot to make way for his new bed, and created bedroom play area to encourage a fun and special environment for play and sleep. Knowing that he had his own personal belongings in there made him just that little bit more excited to go to bed as well, and of course, knowing he was now a big boy in a big bed.

Ecosa: How did you begin the transition?

Dannii: We literally began the transition by packing the cot up and taking him in there in the afternoon after daycare to show him his exciting new space. We had some of his teddies in there for comfort and made the space really exciting and inviting all whilst telling him he was a big boy now and explaining that that meant needing a big bed! We also had a night light and a fun bed cover to get him even more thrilled about the idea of a new bed. It’s all about sweetening the deal!

Ecosa: What’s your number one tip for parents trying to transition their little one to their own bedroom or big kid bed?

Dannii: Bed rails were amazing for the peace of mind – it’s natural to worry they’ll fall out of bed! We also used sleep suits to reduce the risk of SIDS and continued with our video monitor to keep an eye on him when necessary. 

If you’re thinking of getting your toddler into their first big bed, Ecosa’s single memory foam mattress for kids is the perfect way to encourage healthy, supported sleep from a young age. With a 15 year warranty, your single Ecosa mattress will last you through all of life’s big moments.

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