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Where Can You Try the Ecosa Mattress?

February 20, 2024   By Jennifer Cook

1994 isn’t only the birth year of Stranger Thing’s resident bad boy Dacre Montgomery. That’s also when Amazon, now the world’s largest retailer, started selling books.

We’re proud of our online presence, especially our website, where one can buy all sleep needs for the best price. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be discovered or seen by the shop-goers.

Ecosa’s on a mission to be seen, and if we meet incredible people along the way, all the better! Here are some advocacies and events where you can get your hands on Ecosa products!

What’s up, Yarra?

We always seek to strike a balance between being eco-friendly and giving our customers a good night’s sleep.

The Yarra River, located in Melbourne, zigs and zags between metro areas and wide, open spaces where one can enjoy open skies while playing in parks and gardens; it’s also the subject of Ecosa’s partnership with the Yarra River Keepers.

Known as dedicated stewards of this river, the Keepers are accepting of volunteer partners, and we’re more than happy to invest our time, resources, and energy in their outstanding advocacy.

Keeping the environment safe and clean while providing you with new mattresses that won’t harm Mother Earth is our duty. Being part of the Keepers’ efforts to give future Australians a beautiful and clean Yarra River is a pleasure.

More market exposure and introducing our eco-friendly products like the Zen Bed Base are just bonuses. Meeting people’s holistic sleep needs beyond the pressure points and comfort layers is imperative for us; if that means partnering with organisations that align with our green initiative, all the better!

Our desire to join grassroots efforts to help save and clean the planet doesn’t stop with Yarra. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to participate in these activities; whether in Sydney or elsewhere, we’ll do our best to be there, with foam mattresses and helping hands in tow.

Speaking of hands…

Lending a Hand to the Hand Bin Program

Have you heard about the Ecosa Pure Mattress? If you haven’t, it’s a highly breathable mattress that has adjustable firmness, zero partner disturbance, and micro coil technology for the ultimate contouring experience.

Package all those features in one box and you get the Pure Mattress experience. You won’t ever want to leave your room. If ever you feel an urge to go on a trip, like to the beach, this mattress fits nicely with your van!

Since we’re on the topic of beaches, Ecosa is a partner in the Hand Bin Program, an initiative aimed at inspiring people to make their own handy trash collector, pick some litter, and make these summer destinations beautiful and trash-free for everyone!

After a long day of doing your part for Mother Earth, it’s nice to know you have the ever-reliable Pure Mattress, with its washable removable OceanCycled cover made from recycled materials, to lie on top of. Go on; give the medium to medium-firm settings a try!

If you’re unable to experience the Ecosa Pure Mattress in person, don’t fret. You can always avail of our 100-night trial period.

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Riding with Sleepbus

If putting a mattress in a camper van is too claustrophobic for others, how about decking a bus for maximum comfort?

That’s the route Ecosa chose when we partnered with sleepbus, an Australian organisation that provides accessible accommodation and sleeping alternatives to the homeless and less fortunate.

We couldn’t call ourselves sleep experts if we didn’t join this endeavour. Ecosa outfitted some sleepbus’ rolling bunk beds with mattresses of varying firmness levels to accommodate everyone, regardless of their preferred sleeping position!

Sleepbus’ efforts shield these people from exposure and further health complications by giving them safe and comfortable places to rest and get some shuteye.

These moving bed frames may be temporary shelters for people who had it rough, but everyone should enjoy the gift of good sleep, them included. Salute to sleepbus for making all that possible.

You can easily hit them up on their social media accounts if you want to volunteer. This might be your first time to experience the beauty of, say, the Ecosa Vital Mattress in person.

The Align Mattress boasts seven pocket spring zones, perfect for back or side sleepers. Airflow wise, it’s no slouch either, giving you 24/7 comfort all year round.

When in Chadstone…

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to wait a few business days to get your purchases, the mall is the place to be.

A good shopping centre has all you need and more, even a G-7 memory foam mattress with a removable Tencel cover, except if you missed our pop-up showing at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

We brought out our big mattresses (figuratively and literally), but we also ensured that they have features to make you sleep crazy.

Leading our lineup is the Ecosa Mattress. Built with three different high-performing foams including the heavy-duty Eco-Tex Memory foam, this mattress can fit most bed frames. Any size, name it. From long single to super king, the Ecosa Mattress has your back.

Did we say back? This bad boy has ergonomic support foam, making the Ecosa Mattress a must-try for back sleepers. No more back pains!

People prefer doing their own shopping instead of going online because they want to feel what they’re buying, and we understand that. We hear you, and we’re doing our best to do more pop-up events, bringing the wonders of relaxing sleep closer.

Want to stay updated about our pop-up plans? Follow us on our social media accounts! You can also check our website for announcements and wallet-friendly discounts.

What’s In it for You?

While online shopping might not be your thing, we’re doing our best to make the experience as smooth and customer-oriented as possible.

Ecosa offers a 100-night trial period to help you decide whether our products are suitable for you. Don’t worry; returned items are given to charities like the Salvation Army, so nothing goes to waste, while those that are unfit for use are responsibly disposed of.

That trial period also comes with a full refund, no strings attached.

Are you dealing with trust issues when it comes to your sleep essentials? We got you covered. In fact, most of our products are covered with a 15-year warranty so you won’t have to worry any time soon.

If you feel the need for speed, we have something for that. Our free, almost-instant four-hour dispatch system means same-day delivery for most purchases. You won’t have to count the days before you’ll be counting sheep with your new bed or pillows.

We know online shopping can’t completely replicate the experience of buying things in real time. However, we designed our online store to be comprehensive, easy to use, and user-centric as much as possible.

Don’t fret, though. We still believe in making a real connection with our customers, and that means you’ll be seeing a lot more of Ecosa and this time, not only on your screens.

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