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Best Guide to Ecosa’s Bed and Mattress Bundles

December 18, 2023   By JM Carpiso

Sleep is now the ultimate luxury. Getting the best sleep can totally make you feel relaxed and alive.

And we understand this at Ecosa.

Getting enough rest and sleep at night can provide you with energy that no amount of caffeine can ever give you. Also, getting your spine well supported and having your pressure points relaxed in bed can fuel you to become the best version of yourself for the whole day ahead.

You know that very feeling of waking up from a well-deserved shut eye. And that is what we aim to give you with our signature Mattress and Pillow Bundles from Ecosa.

Ecosa Mattress with Ecosa Pillows

Ecosa Essentials Bundle

Queen $1,450 $1,020

1 x Ecosa Mattress
2 x Ecosa Pillows

Our most beloved Ecosa Mattress provides you with three adjustable firmness levels and our ergonomic Ecosa Pillow all in one bundle to give you great sleep. Lie down and feel well supported on this set as it hugs your spine.

You can also adjust both the mattress and pillow to your liking. Our Ecosa Mattress can be adjusted to Medium, Medium Firm, or Firm. You can also change the height of our pillow by adding or removing the inserts that come with it.

Allow your body to relax with this mattress bundle. Get the Ecosa Essentials Bundle today. 

Pure Mattress with Ecosa Pillows.

Pure Essentials Bundle

Queen $2,000 $1,460

1 x Pure Mattress
2 x Ecosa Pillow

Sleep may be a luxury nowadays but you deserve every bit of it.

The Pure Essentials Bundle understands that you deserve simply the best sleep quality with our signature Pure Mattress and our beloved Ecosa Pillow.

The Pure Mattress is our plushest bed ever. It’s made with our Adaptive Latex Foam ™ to ensure that you feel very relaxed as you lie in bed. The Ecosa Pillow on the other hand is an adjustable pillow that provides you with ample support and comfort.

Indulge in the sleep of your dreams with our Pure Essentials Bundle today. 

Sleep Better With a Comfy Bed

The search for good sleep has always been difficult. Getting enough hours does not guarantee you will feel recharged the next day. You can get seven or even nine hours of rest and still feel horrible the day after. But why?

According to science, there are many factors why you can’t get relaxed as you sleep. Everything from the time you lie down to what you eat or even your genes can affect how well-rested you are. Heat, clothing, how you spend your day, and, of course, the type of bed that you sleep on can also affect your restfulness. 

Getting a bed that moulds well with your body and distributes pressure well around your back is important. A good posture while asleep is as important as a good posture when you’re awake. 

And this is what we aim for with every mattress that we make at Ecosa. We try to deliver your needs whether it be a plush bed or a firm one. We created the best mattress and pillow bundles right here to give your body the best haven as you snooze.

Enjoy sleep that makes you feel alive and happy with our best mattress bundles.

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