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Best Furniture Pieces To Bundle & Save At Ecosa

December 18, 2023   By JM Carpiso

Upgrade your bedroom and give yourself that relaxed feel at home with our furniture bundles. Style your space and set the mood with chic bed frames and extra comfortable mattresses. 

Save as much as $990 as you spruce up your bedroom.

You can also opt for a matching bed frame and side table combo to create a cohesive feel in your room. Our carefully curated furniture bundles uplift the look and feel of your room making it a great space to relax in. 

Nothing beats a fresh looking space with well-appointed furniture that looks put together.

Early Riser Bundle

Queen $3,150 $2,295

1 x Ecosa Mattress
1 x Rise Bed Frame

A mellow yet truly comfortable combination that creates a calming feel in your bedroom. The Rise Bed Frame is a stylish yet simple piece that can complement any interior. Its classic wood grain finish that comes in ash or walnut can go with different room colours and styles.

Paired with Rise is our very own Ecosa Mattress that provides sleepers with adjustable sleeping comfort. You can go from Medium, Medium-Firm or even Firm to suit your needs. 

Enjoy this bundle and have that well deserved ambient room that you need. 

 A couple dancing on their bed.

Zen Nights Bundle

Queen $2,250 $1,640

1 x Ecosa Mattress
1 x Zen Bed Base

Lie down and find solace in a super relaxed bedroom with the Zen Nights Bundle. This simple yet classic set combines the Zen Bed Base and the Ecosa Mattress. 

The Zen Bed Base is a serene piece that provides an easy going and classic feel to your bedroom. This bed frame is designed for those who want a minimalist vibe in their space. And the best part is that it goes very well with all bedroom colours and textures too.

Get the Zen Nights Bundle for a tranquil vibe. 

 A woman smiles as she sits on her bed.

Sierra Sleep Bundle

Queen $2,375 $1,760

1 x Ecosa Mattress
1 x Sierra Bed Frame

You deserve to unplug and just relax in a bedroom that’s styled for ease with the Sierra Sleep Bundle. Our Sierra Bed Frame and Our Ecosa Mattress bring an easy-going energy into your bedroom, allowing you to laze and just chill out. 

You can also dress this set up with stylish sheets and linens for a classier feel with an elevated flare.

Sink in and rest with the Sierra Sleep Bundle

A woman stretches on her bed.

Pure & Simple Bundle

Queen $3,700 $2,710

1 x Pure Mattress
1 x Rise Bed Frame

Make your bedroom easy going but ultra relaxing with the Pure and Simple Bundle from Ecosa. Create a chill yet indulgent vibe in your room with this set. Our Pure Mattress gives you a super plush sleeping solution for a peaceful sleep. 

A relaxed and simple space can be the most rewarding thing you can give yourself when you step into your bedroom. 

Choose the Pure and Simple Bundle today. 

A woman smiling as she holds a pillow close to herself as she sits on her bed.

Deluxe Sierra Sleep

Queen $2,925 $2,140

1 x Pure Mattress
1 x Sierra Bed Frame

A plush bed and a chic bed frame go well together. 

The Deluxe Sierra Sleep Bundle combines our Pure Mattress and our Sierra Bed Frame. We’ve bundled our indulgent bed with our most deluxe bed frame. Together, these pieces create a well appointed room that is invigorating and appealing.

Upgrade your room into a deluxe space that you’d love to go home to with the Deluxe Sierra Sleep

A wooden bedside table and a wooden bedframe with a memory foam mattress.

Rise & Shine Bundle

Queen $3,120 $2,296

1 x Rise Bed Frame
2 x Bedside Tables

An all wood set that creates a mellow yet classic feel to your room comes with the Rise and Shine Set. This set provides your room with an earthy yet simple vibe that can work well with different interior design tastes and textures. 

Combine the Rise and Shine bed with a plain and white bedroom and have a clean and crisp room. Add this to your modern bedroom for a simple boost. Or combine it with your cabin styled space for a cohesive fee.

Get the Rise & Shine Bundle today. 

Enjoy a cohesive design with our furniture bundles today. Save on our discounted rates. 

A great looking bedroom can be your pleasant retreat after a long day’s work. Reward yourself now with our signature Furniture bundle by Ecosa.

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