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Latex vs Memory Foam: Which Mattress is Right for You?

May 6, 2024   By Jennifer Cook

Torn between memory or a latex foam mattress? Before we get to the nitty-gritty of that debate, let’s start with some essential considerations before you make a monumental decision in the bedroom.

First, what does your body need? Is your back or neck prone to pain and discomfort? If so, that’s a huge factor to consider when looking for a new mattress, whether you’re looking at memory foam or latex mattress types.

Second, your bedroom temperature should also be part of your checklist. Some mattress materials are not as breathable as others. If you’re a hot sleeper or live in a hotter clime, the type of mattress you pick.

Lastly, a new latex or memory foam mattress can take a chunk of your budget, so taking prior considerations in mind, price should also be part of your checklist.

All that said, you really can’t go wrong with either a latex or memory foam mattress. It essentially depends on your specific needs and how well they fit your body, lifestyle, and preference. Let’s get to it!

What is a Latex Mattress?

Before we delve into how you can choose the best latex mattress available, let’s first talk about some types of latex and how they’re made.

A common misconception about latex foams is that they’re made from plastic. Technically, they are, but they’re natural, unlike synthetic latex, which is infused with other ingredients.

Discovered in the early 1900s, natural latex became a mainstay in the sleep industry thanks to its durability and hypoallergenic properties. Combining this material with other ingredients creates Talalay latex, a natural latex mattress prized for its eco-friendly nature.

Essentially, the Talalay process, developed in the 1940s, creates latex foam layers by pouring the sap into a mould, vacuum-freeze, and then vulcanised and dried.

If you’re on the fancier side of life, Dunlop latex is a type of latex foam that is wholly natural. Forget about polyurethane foams; a Dunlop latex foam mattress covers your back and neck with excellent support and cushioning.

That said, a latex mattress is a good pick if you’re looking for a bed that gives you the feeling of sinking into a cloud without being too soft that there won’t be any back or neck support. Perfect for a relaxing sleep.

Pros and Cons of Latex Mattress

Before you check out any latex mattress on your online shopping cart, here are some reasons why you should or shouldn’t push through. We’ll cover benefits like pressure relief, airflow, and not-so-good factors to help you decide. Read on!


Latex Has Your Back Pain covered

One highlight of a latex mattress is its response time to your back muscles and pressure points. As a natural material made from rubber trees, latex can conform and contour to your body’s curvature.

As it is farmed from rubber tree saps, latex is a natural product that is both hypoallergenic (no dust mites and other allergens!) and provides excellent airflow, making it extremely breathable. Those are two ingredients for a relaxing sleep, especially for back sleepers who suffer from asthma or are hot sleepers!

Improves Spinal Alignment

Aside from excellent durability, latex mattresses can provide notable spinal support and alignment to sleepers. It does so through adequate firmness, allowing for sag and softness that doesn’t droop too much.

Provides Pain Relief

We discussed how a latex mattress curves to your back, is firm enough to provide spinal alignment and is breathable. Now, it’s time to tackle how your mattress can relieve pain.

Yes, you read that right. A good latex bed can give you painless sleep. Shocker, right?

Not really. As latex contours to your body, any movement is met with a not-too-firm support system that allows you to sleep in any position you want without feeling sore in the morning. Think of it as being hugged by a very soft cloud. A cloud that comes with a very long lifespan and warranties.


Problems with Sinkage

While a latex mattress can be comfy to lie on, it’s not for big-boned people. The very same comfort layer that makes it desirable sometimes fails to work for bigger people as the cushioning proves to be too much.

Don’t despair, though; some mattresses specifically provide that kind of support. However, most latex mattresses struggle in this regard.

Dents the Wallet

Latex mattresses can be cushy and comfy, but they aren’t cheap. Sure, you have those that use synthetic materials or latex mixed with SBR or styrene-butadiene rubber. While those may be cheaper, you stand the risk of sleeping on a mattress that suffers from off-gassing.

If you want a natural latex mattress that’s safe to sleep on and won’t keep you up at night due to guilt for harming the environment, you’d have to shell out a significant amount of your net worth.

Not Relationship-Friendly

Sleeping on a latex mattress can be relaxing, but sadly, not when you’re with someone. Most latex mattress struggle to provide motion transfer, meaning you’ll feel every toss and turn of your sleep partner. You’d want to avoid that if you want a restful bedtime session.

3 Best Latex Mattress Brands

Now that we’ve given you the good and the bad regarding latex mattresses, here are some picks you’d want to look at.

Ecosa Pure Mattress

Starting this round-up is the Ecosa Pure Mattress. Blending Dunlop and Talalay Latex into one eco-friendly package, the Pure Mattress provides notable pressure relief to the back, neck, and knees. This gives people of various sleeping positions a medium-firm comfort layer that conforms to their bodies.

That’s not all. With a cell structure designed to support all pressure points, whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, the Pure Mattress can adjust to the original shape of a sleeper’s body.

What about your bed partner? The Ecosa Pure Mattress is perfect for couples thanks to its motion isolation. Your partner can twist and turn all night, and you won’t feel a thing. In fact, the Pure Mattress’ motion transfer technology makes you feel like you’re in a NASA facility with the weightlessness you’ll feel. All that minus back and joint pains!

Worried about body heat? The Pure Mattress utilises an open-cell structure that, although denser than average, is still breathable. Works well even with side sleepers or those who run hot through the night.

All that for a price that won’t drain your bank account and a 15-year warranty, the Ecosa Pure Mattress is luxury and comfort in one nifty package. Check it out now!

Peace Lily Natural Latex Mattress

Joining the competition is the Peace Lily Natural Latex Mattress. This bed claims to be composed of all-natural materials instead of viscoelastic foams. Despite purportedly being 100% organic, this mattress cradles the sleeper well, preventing neck and back pain.

Supportive without being springy, the Natural Latex Mattress prevents joint pain with a medium-firm sleeping surface.

Being a latex mattress, this bed boasts breathability and airflow that will make hot summer nights bearable and sleepers dry and comfy.

Finally, this Peace Lily Mattress is not priced like a gold-plated castle, making it an investment easy to swallow.

Valmori Latex Mattress

Rounding up the list is the Valmori Latex Mattress. It’s an S-shaped bed that comes in King and Queen mattress sizes and is comparably cheaper than other options.

Being affordable doesn’t equate to lousy craftsmanship, and the Valmori Mattress certainly isn’t shoddy. Made with natural latex, this mattress is breathable and comfortable. Made from eco-friendly materials, this mattress is also hypoallergenic and resists mould like the best of them.

That said, the Valmori Mattress gives minimal motion transfer, so if your partner tends to be on the active side of things, this bed isn’t a good option.

Price-wise, it’s consumer-friendly and good for people starting to build a family or those with a tight budget.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Now that we’ve got Latex Mattresses covered, it’s time to shine the spotlight on memory foam, before you pick the type of mattress you want to splurge on.

First developed by NASA in the 70s, traditional memory foam was initially designed to provide cushioning and crash protection for pilots and scientists looking to leave the atmosphere. Nowadays, you can buy most types of memory foam mattresses online!

Memory foam beds boast remarkable comfort, body contouring, and airflow without lacking in the firmness department. Different body types require varying firmness, and as each sleeper differs from the next, memory foam beds are an excellent choice due to their adaptability.

As mentioned, memory foam is quite breathable, but if that isn’t enough for hot sleepers looking for a cooling mattress, you can splurge on a cooling gel memory foam.

Whatever your needs and tastes, the best memory foam mattress is likely to meet them. If you’re still not convinced, read on for a more in-depth review.

Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattress

Like latex, memory foam isn’t entirely perfect. While it provides back and spine support, some aspects might turn some buyers off.

To help you decide whether memory foam works for you, here are some points you can look at to help you conclude.

Pro: Excellent Contouring

As mentioned above, memory foam was initially designed to protect people from high-speed crashes. To do so, memory foam needs to be adaptive, and that’s precisely what it does.

A memory foam bed matches the curvature of a sleeper’s body more than any other type of mattress, making you feel as if the bed you’re sleeping on is specially crafted only for you.

Give a memory foam mattress a try, and you’d understand what we’re talking about. Your back will feel like being massaged without being too soft to stand up from. Perfect for a quick nap time or a good eight hours of sleep.

Pro: Aligned Spine

Like latex, memory foam’s firmness supports your back and joints, mainly your spine. That means you’re free to doze away in any position you choose to sleep in. Memory foam does so by having medium-firm support without too much give.

So if you’re unfortunate to suffer from a bad back or muscle problems, you might want to give memory foam a go. Speaking of pains…

Pro: Say Goodbye to Aches

We touched on how memory foam offers both contouring and excellent firmness, so we’ll be remiss if we fail to spotlight its other notable features, such as being breathable and remarkable airflow. Why does it matter?

These qualities allow people to sleep peacefully without being drenched in sweat or suffering from motion transfer. What that does is sleepers wake up well-rested and free from pains

Con: Too Soft?

Memory foam can really be cushy, and to some, that’s the whole point but for some, that can be a deal-breaker. A bed that’s too soft for a sleeper can often feel like they’re drowning and makes waking up harder than usual.

A bed that’s too soft also means that your pressure points aren’t supported the way they’re supposed to, so instead of being well-rested, your back and joints ache.

A mattress topper can be a good supplement if you’re considering memory foam but it’s too soft.

Con: Too Hot?

The softness and contouring that memory foam is known for can be too much for some people, and that cradling quality can make sleeping too hot.

True, some memory foam mattresses can run hot, but the good ones contain other features to ensure that sleepers remain well-cooled and dry throughout the night.

Con: Pricetag Problems

Name-brand memory foam mattresses can set you back significantly, but good sleep shouldn’t be out of your reach. Luckily for you, some options won’t keep you up at night.

3 Best Memory Foam Mattress Brands

After that rundown of memory foam’s good and not-so-good qualities, here are some options to get you started on your search for a new bed and better sleep.

Ecosa Mattress

The Ecosa Mattress opens this comparison. With three adjustable firmness options, it is a good memory foam investment, but that’s not the only thing it has going for it.

One out of three people suffers from back pain, which is one of the driving forces in the design of the Ecosa Mattress, particularly its specifically engineered support system that caresses your back, neck, and joints without being too soft or too firm.

Worried about bed temperature? The Ecosa Mattress uses an ergonomic foam layer to keep sleepers cool and dry during the night. That means more rest each day.

How about sleeping with a partner? Ecosa Mattress boasts high-density foam that absorbs your partner’s and your motions throughout the night without any of you feeling anything.

Rest assured, when you pay for the Ecosa Mattress, you pay for countless nights of restful and relaxing sleep. If that’s not enough to sweeten the deal, there’s a 15-year warranty to set your mind at ease.

Giselle Bedding Cool Gel Memory Foam

If you’re a fan of eggs, then you’ll love this memory foam mattress from Giselle Bedding. Wait, eggs and beds?

Giselle’s cool gel memory foam employs egg-shaped foam for maximum motion control, making it one of the best picks for couples. Its cooling, high-density foam interior is also its moneymaker, ensuring that sleepers are kept relaxed and free from night sweats.

All that plus an anti-slip and hypoallergenic cover, and this mattress from Giselle Bedding earns its worth. Speaking of money-making, the Giselle Bedding Cool Gel Memory Foam is reasonably priced, considering all it has to offer.

Newentor Hesperis Mattress

Rounding out this list is Newentor’s Hesperis Mattress, which has four varying firmness levels and targeted comfort zones meant to support a sleeper’s body throughout.

Aside from those, sleepers using the Hesperis Mattress enjoy adjustable firmness and a symmetrical design allowing this bed to be flipped for optimum practicality.

All that plus a cooling gel memory foam layer to counter hot summer nights, and you get a bed that’s earned its price.

And the Winner Is?

Both latex and memory foam boast qualities that make them worthy additions to your bedroom. It all depends on your specific needs.

Does your back need more support? Is your bed partner prone to twisting and turning during the night? Maybe you’re a hot sleeper? What about your budget? Those are only some considerations that can help you decide what mattress to get.

At the end of the day, it’s advisable to go with the best mattress that gets you asleep faster, for longer and gets you well-rested in the morning. Luckily for you, those options are one click away!

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