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How to Nicely Keep Your Partner on his/her Side of the Bed

June 30, 2022   By Clarisa Mcdonald

Budding relationships are all rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns. But there are also some discoveries about our partners that paint these new relationships grey. 

Little did we know that contending with our partner’s poor sleep habits can be frustrating. Bed-hogging and blanket-stealing are a few couples’ sleep issues, which some consider a nightmare. 

A good night’s sleep is not something many grown-ups get enough of anyway, so you’d want to ensure a blissful night of rest without your partner’s snow angel movements in bed. 

Let’s admit it. At the end of the day, sleeping next to someone we love and are attracted to has a lot of benefits. So it’s about sucking up these inconveniences and finding ingenious ways to maintain sleep quality. 

In this article, you’ll find out how some couples deal with these inconveniences. In addition, tips and tricks on helpful sleeping arrangements and advice from your favourite sleep partner await.

When Sharing Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Caring 

It’s funny how spouses have comically expressed their sleep issues on social media

You may think it’s selfish in the first place, but aren’t there benefits in having your own? Who says you can’t have more? If blanket-stealing is such a big issue that can cause great distress in your relationship, why not go for separate doonas or duvets?

Trust the expert! According to Shelby Harris, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist specialising in behavioural sleep medicine, “It doesn’t always look pretty, but instead of using one big blanket over both sides of the bed, use two smaller blankets or comforters, so you each get your own.”

That’s why the Ecosa Luxe Quilt is impressive. It does not only have 3 different types of thickness depending on the season. It also allows you to choose the size that best suits you. It has 5 different sizes for all types of frames!

The Ecosa Luxe Quilt is perfect for couples who want to solve their blanket-stealing issue. In fact, the ideal size might just save you from invading your partner’s space.

Remember, not being able to share doesn’t necessarily mean you’re selfish – as is the case when you’re unconscious! 

Try it out and see how that will encourage you to own your side of the bed for better sleep! 

For Kelsey Miller, it was the feeling of fabric constantly shifting on top of her and the draft that came in whenever her boyfriend turned over.

“We had a blanket and a duvet on top, so you’d think there’d be enough covers to go around — but no. So then, one night, he decided to shove the blanket aside and just sleep under the quilt on his side. I don’t know where the idea came from, divine intervention, being too hot? But it was a miracle indeed. That night, there was peace and stillness in what had once been a tumultuous land.”

When your Mood Affects it All

Communication is essential in relationships, speaking up and being proactive about your troubles in bed is vital. 

You never know; your partner might be completely unaware that they are keeping you up. You might be expressing your frustrations with your mood but not really be transparent about it. 

Be honest and talk about what you need to get sufficient sleep. For example, is your partner a snorer? Or maybe you have a preference when it comes to your sleeping position?

Never go to bed angry. Avoid leaving potential problems unresolved because it can build resentment. Instead, just talk to them about it at a convenient time. 

When Sleep Schedules Must be Taken Seriously 

Though almost all couples enjoy bed-sharing with their significant other, not all partners enjoy sleeping or waking up at the same time. One could be a night owl, and the other could be someone who prefers to turn in early.

We hear stories of couples sleeping in different beds and, in some cases, separate rooms to avoid being a bother to their SO. It’s always best to communicate your sleep schedule with your partner and compromise on what time is best for you to lie down.

Fancy cuddling before dozing off? That shouldn’t be a problem. Cuddling doesn’t mean both of you have to sleep right after. All it takes is defining cuddle time and sleeping time.

When Your Mattress is as Old as Time 

Have you considered getting a new mattress? An old mattress that squeaks after every move you make in bed is really disturbing. And if it bothers you more than your partner’s snoring, you know it’s due for replacement.

One of the best things about investing in a good quality memory foam mattress is how quiet it is and how well it dampens movements in bed. On the other hand, sleeping on a mattress that has aged quite a bit can be saggy, which can easily cause partner disturbance.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress feels like you’re sleeping on separate beds; even when your partner often turns or moves during their sleep, you would hardly feel anything.

We guarantee that your first time will be a bliss. Investing in a larger mattress also grants you more personal space and freedom to move around in your sleep without waking your partner up in the middle of the nigh

Is It Recommendable to Get Separate Beds?

Getting your own bed is something we’ll recommend for siblings and even for your kids as they grow older. But it’s a totally different story when it comes to couples.

Call us opinionated and biased, but investing in separate beds might not be emotionally helpful for spouses.

Here at Ecosa, we care for the well-being of your relationship. We love seeing partnerships and hearing related stories at the pink of health.

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