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How the Ecosa Pillow is Helping Aussies Sleep Better

May 27, 2022   By Ecosa Dream Writers

When was the last time you got a full eight hours of rest? We’re talkin’ a deep, comfortable sleep with zero disturbances. If you’re having trouble remembering the last time you enjoyed a good night’s sleep, then it might be time to consider why you’re not sleeping well.

Is it alarm anxiety? A newborn baby? Maybe it’s your pillow? If you experience neck pain, headaches, or frequent tossing and turning, it might be time to upgrade to an ergonomic pillow. For instance, a memory foam pillow that contours to your head and neck is designed to help you rest and relax. It also helps keep you perfect alignment all night long.

We sifted through over 2,700 verified reviews of our Ecosa pillow to learn how it’s helping customers sleep better. You’d be surprised at the difference a well-designed pillow can make for people! It’s essential to invest in better sleep because, after all, this is your well being we’re talking about!

Many of the reviews for the Ecosa pillow talk about how it’s helped alleviate or improve the customer’s neck pain. We recently spoke with a physiotherapist who recommends Ecosa to his clients because the cushioning is soft, luxurious, and supportive. (Supportive being the keyword.) Our ergonomic memory foam pillow has a distinct curve with two raised ends and a dip in between them. This design supports the natural shape of the head and neck for back sleepers and side sleepers. This comfortable support is what improves neck pain.

When it comes to travel, the Ecosa pillow is designed to go with you! It can be compressed into a vacuum-sealed bag (included in your purchase) and stowed into your carry-on luggage. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day in a different city, rather than sore from a lumpy, non-supportive hotel pillow.


Brace yourself for war after purchasing the Ecosa pillow — everyone will want a taste of this first-class comfort! Rather than fight about it, why not join forces and create one powerful well-rested family of Ecosa pillow lovers. You’ll be unstoppable!

How many pillows have you had in your lifetime? You’re supposed to change non-memory foam pillows every 1-2 years. So it’s a major compliment for Leanne to praise the Ecosa pillow as the best she’s ever purchased! We’ve created an ergonomic design with out-of-this-world comfort for you to sleep better. The best part? The removable, machine washable cover helps the pillow last longer.

Keely is right — the Ecosa pillow is made from the best materials! Under the removable cover is activated charcoal memory foam to promote odour control and antibacterial protection (because we sweat a lot when we sleep!). We designed it to have a 3D breathable structure so that you’re never resting in a pool of sweat. Oh yeah, we solved that problem.

That tends to happen for those who purchase our memory foam pillow. Sweet dreams, friends.

Ecosa upgrades a regular memory foam pillow by adding adjustable height pads to match your body type, sleeping position, and personal preference. For example, if you’re a side sleeper with broader shoulders, then you may need a more elevated pillow so your neck doesn’t slope at a downward angle when you sleep. This design keeps your neck and spine in alignment, helping to alleviate various pains and headaches.


You get a pillow! You get a pillow! We all get Ecosa pillows!

We’re with you on that! The Ecosa pillow makes you excited to go to bed, which is how it should be every night. Sifting through those reviews has us craving a nap. We’re signing off, for now, to rest our head on the cloud that is our memory foam pillow.

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