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How To Make Any Hard Mattress Softer

May 16, 2022   By Jennifer Cook

Did you know that the word “mattress” traces its origins in the Arabic language? The Arabic word for throwing or placing something down is matrah. Coincidentally, that’s not what you should do to any mattress that feels too firm.

A mattress that’s too firm is absolutely no good. It’s a pain for your neck and back muscles and essentially defeats the purpose of sleeping which is to rejuvenate and relax.

If you’re having problems with unbearably stiff mattresses, you aren’t alone. Here are five simple ways to turn that not-so-comfortable bed into a bastion of sleep!

When is A Mattress too firm?

We talked about ways to make your mattress softer, but when is it actually too hard to sleep on? Keep in mind that these are mere suggestions and not an exclusive list.

One indication of a stiff mattress is when you wake up with a sore neck and back. Sure, it could also be a pillow problem, but that doesn’t eliminate a lumpy mattress’s effect on your pressure points.

Have you ever slept on the couch and woken up better than when tucked on your own bed? That might be a sign that you’re not getting the comfort you need from your current mattress.

If you have a preferred sleeping position and it’s not as comfortable on your bed as it once was, then it’s probably time to look into getting a topper or an entirely new mattress.

Finally, if you do everything you can to get a good night’s sleep, like drinking tea or shying away from electronics, but you still wake up sluggish and tired, your mattress might be to blame.

Try a Mattress Topper

The quickest and most surefire way to make a lumpy or stiff mattress absolutely comfier and relaxing is with an excellent mattress topper.

Toppers are designed to turn an old bed into a soft mattress you can relaxingly sleep on. It’s a must-have when your mattress starts showing signs of deterioration.

The Ecosa Topper easily tops the competition. Aside from making the bed you’re currently using feel like it’s a brand new mattress, the Ecosa Topper also helps regulate your body heat thanks to its G-7 gel memory foam and pincore holes.

Any sleeping position works with the Ecosa Topper. Find that out for yourself by getting your own now!

Let the Warranty Work for You

Let’s say you picked a good mattress, and it gave you years’ worth of relaxing sleep. Suddenly, the level of firmness is not what it used to and you can’t get a good night’s sleep anymore. Your mattress may have developed sagging or indentation after years of use.

Do you throw it away and get a new one?

If you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume you’re on the fence about getting a new bed or mattress. Good for you! This time, you should look into your current mattress’ warranty.

All reliable mattress stores offer a sleep trial period with warranties to ensure that their products are for the long run. Ecosa goes above and beyond expectations with a lengthy 15-year warranty for all our mattresses.

Does that mean Ecosa Mattresses have a 15-year lifespan? Definitely not!

That 15-year warranty is for your benefit, as it allows you to sleep soundly on whatever type of mattress you picked from our store. Hakuna Matata!

So how can you make those guarantees work for you? You should read the fine print and understand the coverage of your mattress’ warranty. For instance, Ecosa’s warranty covers deterioration or indentations greater than 20mm, provided customers comply with conditions involving the proper use of foundation and bases.

Give it a Flip!

Even the best mattress can feel bumpy if only one side bears the brunt of years’ worth of body weight. You don’t have to be a princess to notice that your bed feels different than when it was brand new.

Mattress wear and tear is inevitable. Other factors like body weight and sleeping position might prolong or lessen the pressure relief on your sleeping surface of choice, but eventually, your mattress will feel lumpy.

Are those effects reversible with a flip of a switch? No, but you can try flipping or rotating your mattress.

Rotating your mattress lessens the wear and tear on areas that experience the most pressure, which varies depending on your preferred sleeping position.

Quick disclaimer. Not all mattresses are flippable. Some are specifically designed to hit pressure points that turning them on their backs might lessen or cancel their benefits altogether.

If your mattress can survive turning on its back, it can be as if you got a new one. Flipping and rotating basically reset the firmness of your mattress while allowing the hardworking side some respite before it all breaks down.

Other Culprits?

This one might seem like a left-field suggestion but hear us out first. Maybe, juuuust maybe, the problem isn’t with your mattress.

Like cars, a bed comprises multiple parts, each with its own function and purpose. You have your mattress, of course, and the bed frame, pillows, sheets, etc. If you don’t want your mattress firmer than you’re used to, perhaps it’s time to check something else.

An obvious starting point could be your slats and bed base. Once your bed base deteriorates, it also affects the comfort of your mattress. That’s why investing in a good one is a must.

Good thing there’s the Ecosa Zen Bed Base! Made with solid A-grade American Ash, this bed base is the type of foundation that you won’t even hear, thanks to the lightweight and creak-free slats. The Ecosa Zen Bed Base is a breeze to assemble, as you can see in this video. Just a few, easy steps, and you’re all set to go to dreamland!

If your bed base isn’t to blame, then you can start looking at your pillows. Not all pillows are created equal, and sometimes, inferior ones stiffen and lose their fluffiness faster than others.

Beddings are known for keeping you snugly and warm, but they can also influence your mattress’ comfort level. If they’re not as soft as before, your beddings might be part of the problem.

New Mattress, New Life

If all else fails, one way of making a firm mattress softer is by actually replacing it with a new one. Not exactly rocket science, but what else can you do when faced with a firmer surface than what you initially wanted, right?

Before thinking of switching mattresses, you need to be entirely sure that it’s genuinely beyond saving and bound for disposal.

With that out of the way, it’s time to consider your options. Do you remain loyal to a trusted brand or take the risk with a new one?

Like other purchases, shopping for a new mattress requires knowing the pros and cons. If your previous one failed to be worth the price tag, maybe it’s time to switch brands.

Why not give Ecosa mattresses a look? These are all scientifically designed to provide the ultimate ergonomic support and unparalleled spinal alignment for back sleepers. Stomach sleepers are not left out, though, as Ecosa also has products that appeal to those who prefer a softer sleep surface.

Check it out: King Size MattressesQueen Size Mattresses

Reading mattress reviews like this one can help you make a more informed decision, so glance at it when you can!

What About Innerspring and Spring Mattresses?

We talked about the effects of a good mattress topper. Now let’s discuss how it works with either an innerspring mattress or a spring one.

One supposed perk of going innerspring is better airflow. If you’re temperature-sensitive, pairing such a mattress with a topper might be a deal-breaker unless you pick one that’s highly breathable.

On the other hand, people choose spring mattresses because of their pressure point support for any body type. How does a mattress topper affect that?

A topper can be a game-changer. It adds additional pressure relief with substantial comfort without invalidating the benefits of your preferred mattress.

Can You Actually Warm Your Mattress?

A quick Internet search on just about any topic returns interesting results. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you! One return that piqued our attention when searching for ways to fix a stiff mattress is by heating it.

In a vacuum, there’s nothing wrong with warming your mattress. While you won’t exactly expect a bed to be fire-proof, it won’t combust when heated. When you practice that theory, the idiom into the frying pan and into the fire becomes true.

The problem with this so-called “hack” is its impracticality. Why bother warming your mattress to make it softer when room temperature can quickly soften a mattress for sleep. This can also lead to your warranty being voided, so be warned.

Mattresswalking, Does it Work?

This doesn’t mean putting a leash around your mattress, but if that’s how you play in the bedroom, no judgment here.

We’re talking about the idea that walking on top of your lumpy mattress can somehow make it softer. Newsflash, it doesn’t.

Putting unnecessary stress on your already struggling mattress is counterproductive and a waste. It can also lead to your warranty being declared invalid.

You’d be better off sleeping it off.

Should You Give the Floor A Try?

If you’re thinking of just winging it and throwing sheets down on your floor and calling it a night, don’t.

Sleeping on the floor does more harm than good. You’d think that such a solid foundation would be good for the back when in fact, doing so would be like taking part in a pro-wrestling match.

Simply put, it’s completely inadvisable.

How Long Should You Break In Mattresses?

Like beauty, the period to break in a mattress is subjective. Others suggest a month, while some argue that a day or three is enough to get a feel of your new mattress.

While there isn’t an exact length of time to break in a mattress, you can speed up the process by spending more time lying on it besides sleeping. Try reading a book or browsing social media while lounging on your new mattress.

What’s Better for Your Back, Soft or Firm Beds?

One misconception about mattresses and backs is that the firmer, the better. That isn’t always true. A medium-firm mattress can actually be a good buy as it hits the sweet spot between being comfy and firm.

Before investing in a mattress, it’s best to experience how it feels. That’s why you should take advantage of trial periods. That way, you can choose which mattress works best for your back.

If going firm isn’t the answer, are soft mattresses the answer to bad backs? Not entirely. As with stiffer options, beds that don’t resist enough can do more harm than good.

Quick Roundup

Considering all those, we can safely say that making hard mattresses softer isn’t entirely impossible.

One possible solution that stands out is using an excellent mattress topper like Ecosa’s. It’s not only good for your back, but it gives your mattress a new lease on life without splurging too much.

If shelling out isn’t an option, rotating or flipping your mattress over is a good idea. Remember, not all mattresses are flippable, so make sure to check before doing so; otherwise, your back will pay the consequences.

Like most things in life, mattresses break down with time. That’s normal. Some get stiffer, and some get softer, while others fall out from their seams. However, even if a mattress is getting up there in years, it doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. They’re worth another chance, especially with a good topper.

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