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The Physiotherapist Who Recommends Ecosa to His Clients

December 4, 2019   By Andrew Fayad

The Ecosa memory foam mattress and ergonomic pillow are designed with you in mind – and even physiotherapists are raving about them to their pain-riddled clients. With adjustable firmness, no partner disturbance and three cooling comfort layers for breathability, it’s no wonder back experts love the Ecosa mattress. As for the pillow, its intelligent curved design, adjustable height and compressible foam for travel make it the perfect place to rest your head each night. Sydney-based physio Andrew Fayad is Ecosa’s first authorised physiotherapist partner, and recommends the Ecosa mattress and pillow to clients with spine problems. 

We caught up with Andrew to chat all things Ecosa and why he recommends us to his clients:

What Are the Common Problems Your Clients Are Experiencing at the Moment? 

My clinic is based inside a gym – so I have seen a huge influx in the amount of elbow injuries the last few weeks. I also frequently see patients for postural type issues; whether that be from poor sleep posture, or ergonomics in the workplace.

What Percentage of Back Pain Issues Could Be Caused or Exacerbated by a Poor-Supporting Mattress? 

Because of the complex nature of back pain, it is very difficult to ‘point the finger’ at one part of our day. The fact of the matter is we spend anywhere between 6-8 hours in our beds each night. Unlike during the day where we can get up and move and our muscles send feedback to our brain about what feels comfortable, while sleeping, movement is limited. Therefore, naturally, it is important that we have a supportive yet comfortable sleep surface.

There is a large percentage of lower back pain that we classify as ‘non-specific’… in fact, 95% of lower back pain cases are classed as non-specific. It would make sense to say that sleep position has at least some, if not a fair impact on this number.

What do you love about the Ecosa mattress and why do you recommend it to your clients? 

When talking about both the Ecosa pillow and mattress, I love the fact that the cushioning is soft and actually quite luxurious, yet at the same time, firm enough to be supportive. It is the perfect blend between hotel comfort, and the support I want for my patients.

How Important Is Mattress Choice When It Comes to Spine Health? 

We spend up to 1/3 of our day in one position on our mattresses. Just like an office chair, it’s important to get the support right.

How Important Is Pillow Choice When It Comes to Spine Health? 

As important as a toothbrush is for dental health or sunglasses for eye health. There are always some that will ‘get the job done’, and others that will make a positive impact to your life. I vouch for Ecosa pillows and say that they are the latter.

What Are Some Signs People Can Look Out for That Indicate Their Mattress or Pillow Is the Cause of Their Pain? 

If you are constantly waking up in the morning with stiffness and pain for a few hours…that is an issue, and that should not be shrugged aside as a matter of ‘I’m getting old’. Also – if the thing you look forward to most when going to a hotel is the bed or their pillows… you might need an upgrade yourself!

What Are the Consequences of Sleeping on a Sagging Mattress and Spending 8 Hours a Night in Poor Alignment? 

Having a non supportive mattress can contribute to soft tissue being stretched or compressed (depending on which side) for a prolonged period of time. For example, if someone was to sleep on their left side on a mattress that sags, it would likely lead to their left hip falling inwards, and thus, excess amounts of pressure on the tissues of the right side of the spine. This can lead to intense discomfort. Usually this will back away after a few hours of movement, however if this is happening on a daily basis, it can cascade towards a more prolonged issue.

If you’re looking for the right mattress to support your spine and prevent back problems, Ecosa could be for you. With free delivery in as little as four hours Australia wide, you could be sleeping on your perfect mattress by tonight. Shop now.

Andrew Fayad is a physiotherapist at A Fisio Physiotherapy in Chullora.

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