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We Improved The Koala Bed Base TWICE for 2022

January 24, 2022

A decent bed base is key to a good night’s sleep. It should hold the mattress in place and provide sturdy support. Your bed frame should be practical, easy to assemble and for the style-conscious, have a sleek, minimal look.

At the end of the day, you want to hop into bed knowing a restful and restorative night’s sleep is coming your way.

When creating our two new timber bed foundations, we took into account what customers have said about the Koala bed base. We understand that the Koala bed base is creaky and doesn’t always hold the Koala mattress in place. Many say the colouring of the wood is different from the pictures advertised on its website, too. We took these reviews into consideration when designing the Rise bed frame and Zen bed base, and we must say, we’re pretty happy with the results!

How are the Rise bed frame and Zen bed base better than the Koala bed base?

They are silent.

A good night’s sleep is all about uninterrupted rest, but what’s the use in having a partner disturbance-free memory foam mattress, if your bed base is going to bump and squeak every time you move?

When we discovered that the Koala bed base is known for being creaky, we made sure that our bed frame was silent. We resent a squeaky bed just as much as you do.

Ecosa’s timber bed frame and bed base ensure that there are no loose parts, no creaks and no squeaks. The slats are shock-resistant, carrying up to 600kg of weight. We use some of the best quality material to make our bed base sturdy, durable and squeak-free, no matter what you get up to at bedtime!

They are made from solid natural timber.

And we know that a natural timber bed base is built to last. Our bed bases are made from American ash, which is super strong and durable. Ever held a baseball bat? It’s made from the same solid timber as our bed bases. Told you it was solid!

American ash timber is a subspecies of ash (which is wood, not smoke ash), grown in the eastern parts of North America. It’s only available in Australia thanks to very specialist suppliers.

Special mention to our Zen bed base that has select solid pine for its support rails and bedplates. Pine is special since it hardly scars, cracks, and deforms, making it a lifetime material for your bed! The pine bedplates are also evenly arranged across the frame, dispersing its load and securing your nightly rest.

American ash and pine timber have a sleek look.

A secret source (Google) tells us that Koala’s bed base has a reddish-pink colouring to it, and looks nothing like the website’s images. But what you see is what you get with our timber bed bases.

American ash and pine have a classic look. We polish the base with eco-friendly timber oil to protect the deepest layers of the wood, so while your wood grain might differ slightly from product to product (that’s how natural timber works), you can rest assured that a natural wood look is guaranteed. As a plus, you can choose between light ash and dark walnut for your wood colour. Stick with Ecosa for a bed base that’s made to last.

The flat slats provide ultimate comfort.

We hate to brag, but we’re experts when it comes to sleep. While we created our Ecosa memory foam mattress to work on all surfaces, we think flat slat bed bases score a few extra comfort points. Providing extra support and absorption of movement, our flat slat timber bed bases are the perfect companion to a great mattress.

Flat slats are extra durable with 9-12mm of thickness to support you and your mattress. Our Rise bed base, in particular, has thicker 15mm flat slats. These slats move with you when you get in and out of bed too. They support the mattress much better than a hard base. The whole no-mattress-slide thing was a big deal to us. You shouldn’t have to readjust your mattress every time you get in and out of bed! Our flat slat bed base will ensure your mattress stays put.

They give better air flow.

We have heard from some Koala bed base users that they found mould growing underneath their mattress. This is bad news; mould growth means no air is reaching the mattress. Moisture accumulates, which gives mould the perfect habitat to grow in.

The flat slats on our Rise and Zen bed bases provide ventilation during the night and throughout the day. It gives you that extra breathability to cool down when you’re sleeping and allows for maximum air circulation, extending the lifespan of your memory foam mattress and providing a cooler sleep. Also, you won’t have to worry about any mould growing under your mattress. Now you’ll enjoy your bed for years to come!

Our bed bases come with adjustable non-scratch feet.

Worried about scratching your floorboards when assembling or moving your bed base? Don’t worry, we thought of that. Our Rise bed frame and Zen bed base are built with scratch-resistant feet that absorb movement. Whether you’re rearranging your bedroom or your kids are having a sneaky jump on the bed, rest assured your bed foundation will stay put thanks to its non-scratch feet. What’s more, if you’ve got a pesky uneven floor, set each of the feet to your desired height. Our Rise bed frame and Zen bed base are wobble-free zones.

One has heaps of storage.

Beneath the comfy flat slats of the Rise bed frame, there is 20cm of depth to store anything you like. Whether you’re storing luggage, kids’ toys or last season’s winter gear, you can with the Rise bed frame. You may also have noticed our sneaky extra storage behind the headboard. Perfect for all that annoying bedside table clutter. Out of sight, out of mind, right?!

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The other is soft-edged.

Say goodbye to bruised shins and crying children. The Zen bed base has soft and curved edges all around to soften any impact of hitting solid wood. Children can then run around without having you worry about them hurting themselves. You won’t have to worry about getting hurt too. Bonus: The bed base still looks timelessly sleek. That’s an Ecosa-quality bed base for you!

Complete Your Sleep Gear this 2022

Ecosa’s Zen Bed Base and Rise bed frame are available in single, double, queen, king, and super king sizes. The timber bed foundations were created to match perfectly with the Ecosa memory foam mattress. Better yet, pair them with our radiation-reducing timber bedside table to really level up your bedroom game. Order yours now for free delivery to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane, and rest assured our bed bases are protected with a 5-year warranty.

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