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Why We Love American Ash Bed Bases

May 22, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Why We Love American Ash Timber Bed Bases

Having a reliable bed base is just as important as having a reliable mattress. Your bed base should be sturdy, easy to assemble, a fit for your mattress, and look great with the rest of your bedroom furniture. Consider what your current bed frame is made out of. Is it wood or metal? Is it sturdy or squeaky? Does it match the aesthetic of your room? Does it take up too much space? 

All of these factors could be impacting on your sleep. 

We’ll let you in on a little secret: a timber bed base is strong and built to last. A wooden bed frame makes for a solid, silent, and sturdy bed. It won’t shake or squeak when you toss and turn, which we know is a common frustration when it comes to getting some shut-eye. 

Here’s why we love American ash timber beds. 

What is American ash?

American ash is a subspecies of ash (a type of wood that’s found in North America). Ash is known for being solid and strong. It’s literally made from the same material as a baseball bat. And what are baseball bats known for? Being durable enough to hit a ball zooming towards it at 150 kph. It’s quite literally the home run of all bed bases materials.

The difference between American oak and American ash is that they come from different trees. Ash is a bit more versatile in what you can create with it (for example, a bed base or a baseball bat), and it’s also shock resistant.

White American ash has a smooth finish to it that doesn’t require a lot of sanding. Oak, on the other hand, is rougher around the edges. 

While ash timber is found in the eastern parts of North America, it’s not exclusive to that area.

So why does that matter when creating a bed frame? 

It’s important to know which materials will make a bed base durable. An American ash timber bed base may look simple, but don’t let that fool you. The strength of the material is perfect for creating a sturdy bed. And a sturdy bed means no squeaking if you, your partner, or even your dog is having a restless night. 

A timber bed base is easy to assemble with no tools.

If you left your toolkit at work or, like us, you’ve never owned a set of tools — don’t fret. Ecosa’s bed base requires no tools to assemble it. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Well, except a handy allen key to tighten everything up, of course. 

Don’t believe us? Here’s a video to prove how easy it is. 

But what about your beautiful floors? Ecosa’s bed base comes with adjustable feet that are scratch resistant.  Phew, no calls from the landlord! 

Ecosa’s American ash timber bed base is also made with sprung slats. In case you missed the memo, sprung slats help keep your mattress in place, and provide premium comfort for all types of sleepers. 

American ash is easy to handle. Each part of Ecosa’s bed base neatly fits together for a quick, tool-free assembly. We promise no screwdriver is required — making your quest for a good night’s sleep that little bit easier. Whether you’re assembling a single bed, double bed, queen bed, king bed or super king bed, you can go from delivery to nap time in minutes.

A wooden bed frame adds a classic look to a cozy bedroom.  

There’s nothing like diving into bed after a long and tiring day. An inviting bed is one of those important home comforts.

American ash has a classic and modern look. It’s a lighter coloured wood that matches well with different styled rooms and quilt covers, too. After all, it’s all about the aesthetics.

Ecosa’s solid timber bed base comes with a hidden storage shelf behind the headboard. Ideal for storing pillows, or as a handy bookshelf. Ecosa’s wooden bed base is high enough off the ground so you can store things underneath it. 

Our timber bed base was created to match perfectly with the Ecosa mattress. It’s made from American ash timber and is available in single, double, queen, king, and super king size bed frames. Now go get a good night’s sleep!

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