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Comparing Bed Sizes – What’s Best For You?

May 6, 2024   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Whether you are upgrading your bedroom or buying a new mattress, it is important to know what bed frame and mattress fits your needs. This choice must consider several factors; every option has pros and cons.

Before we delve into the choices, let’s talk about your needs. Are you living alone and looking for comfort or do you have a partner and need the extra space while sleeping? Are young children part of the family? Do you have pets sleeping in your bed?

You also need to consider the size of your bedroom itself. Do you prefer spacious areas with enough space for more legroom or are you a minimalist who likes utilising all available space? 

The amount you are willing to spend on a new bed is also a factor. While some people get intimidated with the idea of spending big bucks on bedroom essentials, it’s worth it when you consider the health benefits of getting better sleep without the back pain from a cheap mattress. 

As you weigh up all the facts, you should get a rough idea of what size bed you’re after, whether that be a queen, king or even super king sized bed!

If not, let’s look further into what you’d come across when choosing the right mattress for your new bed.

Fit for a King… Sized Bed

If a bed with extra space and legroom is what you’re yearning for, you won’t go wrong with a king-sized bed. Able to fit most master bedrooms, this size allows you enough room to roll around without falling off.

While a full-size king bed might intimidate with the amount of floor space it takes up, the amount of space you get in bed might be worth it. This is a great spacious size for  couples if you have a small pet or child.

Typically, a king size is 183 X 203 X 25 CM, meaning two people can comfortably sleep in it without needing the extra width and length. A king size mattress and frame equates with spacious comfort, however your room should be big enough to fit one.

If you are a single sleeper, the king single offers sleeker dimensions without skimping on space.

Are Queen Size Beds Enough?

If you think that a king size bed and mattress is too much for you, perhaps you might try the next size down. A queen bed offers enough space for both a single sleeper and even couples with room to spare.

With a 153 X 203 X 25 CM size, a queen size bed and mattress is a versatile setup that allows for a generous sleeping area without taking up too much of your bedroom. 

This is a popular mattress size for newly-weds and couples who like a comfortable amount of space, or the single person who likes to stretch out. 

A l bed of this size may be smaller when compared to the king, but the difference is not substantial as to turn you off from trying one out. Whether for the master bedrooms or for a visitor in the guest room, this could be a good option for you.

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Thinking about a Super King?

Sometimes, a standard king won’t cut it, as you might be a really active sleeper or you and your partner might want to have your pets at the foot of the bed. Throw in young children who have nightmares and want to sleep with their parents and you need all the space.

If your room size has enough for one, a super king is a good addition as it boasts a wide frame and enough width with its 203 X 203 X 25 CM dimensions..

With that size it is the perfect mattress where you have all the space to do and sleep as you please. If you are sleeping with a partner or your kids, this mattress is a good choice as you won’t be fighting for a spot to sleep. You can even have your fur-babies beside you!

Your Bed, Your Choice

You may be a first time buyer or looking for an upgrade, so choosing the right mattress should be your priority.  A bigger size might seem more comfortable but if it overcrowds your bedroom then it isn’t worth it. 

Whether you go for a queen, king or super king sized bed and mattress, you should choose one that offers good quality without breaking the bank. Lucky for you we have just that. 

The Ecosa Mattress uses memory foam technology that allows for comfortable sleep while providing excellent back support with its adjustable firmness. Versatile, all Ecosa mattresses work well with any type of bed frame and surface, but we think they look great with the Ecosa Bed Base

Hopefully by now you have all the tools at your disposal to pick the correct bed size for you! Measure your bedroom, take all other furniture into consideration – even wardrobe doors if they open outward – and use the measurements to make the right choice, as well as checking in with your preferences!

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