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What’s A Silent Bed Base?

July 28, 2022   By Clarisa Mcdonald

You’re lying in bed, eyes closed, starting to drift off into dreamland, about to have a good night’s sleep when you shift your weight ever so slightly to get into a comfier position…and you hear it –

Squeak squeak. Yep, that’s a squeaky bed frame you got there.

Whether you’re going to sleep or getting a little frisky with your partner, we’ve all heard our beds make annoying noises at some point. And unless you can lay as stiff as a board in bed every night, you must address the source of that pesky sound at some point.

The culprit? It’s either that bed base or your traditional spring mattress.

OK, fine, you may have picked out a great mattress – maybe a memory foam mattress that guarantees zero partner disturbance? But your bedtime experience may fall just short of perfect if all that squeaking gets in the way. You wouldn’t want to deal with that poor bed base that no screwdriver, steel slats, or wood slats can cure.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you out! Let’s look at what makes a silent and sturdy bed frame.

Spring for Something Solid

Box springs have been around for decades and are popular choices worldwide. The problem with these types of bed frames is that their wear and tear over time often leads to that squeaky metal spring sound that we’ve all come to hate.

One loose spring, and you’ll have a hard time finding the source of the problem and may need to get a whole new base altogether. So if you’re looking for a peaceful night, no box spring will help you solve your concerns, especially in the long run.

For a silent base, it’s best to go with something sturdy, usually a heavy-duty steel bed frame or a high-quality wooden bed frame. Bases from these quality materials can hold considerable movement over a long time without damaging joints, putting too much strain on the slats, or causing the bed to scrape on the floor. The perfect solid base elevates your mattress to the right height while keeping it quiet day and night – no “springs attached.”

The Cool Thing About Bed Frames

Why not put your mattress on the floor and avoid hunting for a base altogether? Well, there are important comfort benefits to having a bed base that we might overlook.

Good for Your Health

Sleeping close to the floor may be noise-free. Not having a bed frame may mean it’s the quietest sleep experience you can guarantee yourself. But this also means you are subject to breathing in more dust and dirt particles.

Maybe you don’t like headboards and footboards, or the look of platform bed frames closer to the ground. You may opt for a platform or floating frame, giving you a similar look without the side effects!

How about going for the Ecosa Zen Bed Base? No headboard and footboard. It’s modern and zen as ever. It’s not that high, and you can even opt to adjust it because it’s practically made to be flexible for uneven floors. It’s all you ever wanted!

More Storage Space

Who doesn’t love getting the most out of their bedroom space? Under-bed storage is brilliant when you don’t have much space to work with. Imagine a space underneath that full-size frame even your pets will love.

If you have a bed frame that sits off the ground, it’s perfect for storing larger items. Some bed frames even have inbuilt drawers to store smaller items. 

Want more storage? You’ll be surprised. The Ecosa Rise Bed Frame has hidden storage behind its headboard.

Good aesthetic

You may not hold aesthetics as valuable as function, but you can’t argue that a well-styled bedroom doesn’t uplift your mood.

The Ecosa Rise Bed Frame and Zen Bed Base are designed with forever in mind. This means it stands the test of time. It has a simple, minimalist design that won’t go out of style. You’ll love how it’s very unique with its sleek, natural wood grain.

Longer Mattress Lifespan

Mattress air circulation is a crucial part of sleep comfort, so it’s recommended for your bed’s foundation to allow mattress breathability. This is why you should look for bases with slats to hold up the mattress instead of one solid plank of wood that blocks airflow underneath your bed.

Moisture build-up can result in mould and mildew. A slatted bed frame improves ventilation and can increase your mattress’ lifespan.

How to Identify the Best Bed Frames

Easy Assembly

Before purchasing a new bed frame, check if it’s difficult to assemble and if you’re willing to go through the hassle. Let’s be real, don’t you just hate complicated instructions? It’s best to look for a base that has a simple assembly.

With Ecosa, you can put up your bed base in under five minutes, with zero tools required. It may not be foldable, but it’s easy to assemble and disassemble! Check this cool video out: How to Build the new Ecosa Bed Base – FAQ

Distance between Slats

It is important to note not just the material used for the slats, so they don’t start squeaking after wear, but also the distance between slats. This is an important detail in getting a quiet night’s sleep.

The further apart the metal or wooden slats are, the more strain there is on each plank, which can cause the base to make more noise than it should. So for a silent bed, look for a base with slats no more than 63.5 mm apart. This will ensure that the slats are far enough apart that air can circulate properly but close enough that the mattress is held up well without too much pressure on the slats. Trust the experts. It will serve as a good mattress foundation.

Well-Connected Joints

A well-constructed quiet bed frame also needs to have well-connected joints. Bed joints can be a major source of squeaking since these areas are where the nuts and bolts may tend to loosen over time. So make sure that all the parts of your bed base are built to fit together well by a good quality manufacturer with thick joints to withstand wear and tear.

Don’t forget to make sure that everything is screwed in tight so you are free from nighttime noise worries. Good wooden slats feature non-slip tapes to prevent your mattress from moving. But you know another great thing about Ecosa’s Bed Frames? Its lightweight, shock-resistant wooden slats are very reliable.

Mattress Size and Weight Capacity

Whether that’s a king-size or a queen-size bed, make sure your bed frame fits your mattress. The Ecosa Bed Frames can accommodate all sizes — from single, king single, double, queen, king, to super king!

Regarding weight capacity, the Ecosa Bed Bases are creak-free zones that can hold up to 600kg of weight. It’s not just any ordinary wood platform bed frame. It’s Solid American Ash Timber sourced from certified sustainable forests. Did you know? Ecosa’s wood is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council! This means only wood sourced responsibly, sustainably and ethically is used!

Now that you know all the basics: go out, find the silent bed base for you, and roll around in your sheets all night long, squeak-free! The Ecosa Bed Bases have covered all bases for you with its 5-year warranty.


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