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Unique Australian Travel Destinations For After Lockdown

October 20, 2021   By Jennifer Cook

Ever felt like you need a break? Well, you aren’t alone.

Mandatory paid leaves exist for a reason. Whether for nursing a hangover from the previous night or for a much-needed getaway, they’re there for a reason.

Time spent in the bush is more than just the beautiful views and a reprieve from your workstation. Taking a break improves productivity and recharges brain cells. It also prevents burnout and prepares you for action once you return.

Sadly, the past months haven’t been kind to travellers and tourists. Despite worldwide vaccination efforts to combat coronavirus, international travel remains in the air.

Vaccine requirements and hotel quarantine regulations aside, going abroad for leisure is more of a hassle, defeating the purpose of a vacation. Is it worth risking your health? 

Luckily, that’s one rhetorical question you won’t have to answer at all, thanks to all the beautiful Aussie tourist destinations at your doorstep!

Now that pandemic travel restrictions are slowly being rolled back; you can look forward to flocking to beautiful cafes, wineries, and even exotic dining experiences. That is if you’re into traditional spots for your vacay. If you’re looking for something else, we got you covered!

While the world sees the land Down Under as a paradise for kangaroos and dangerous wildlife (thanks to all the memes), Australia has a lot more to offer, from awe-inspiring mountain ranges to jaw-dropping beaches. While the Great Barrier Reef is a must-visit, other locations are waiting for your post-lockdown trip!

Before you dash off to your romantic getaway or a wild weekend with your best mates, remember to be vigilant, be mindful of public health precautions and pack enough face masks!

Australia has plenty of views and experiences up for grabs. So you can find the best destinations in your state, pack your car and hit the road.

Glamping, Your Newest Escape

Camping can be a chore if you’re not an outdoor person. Sure, it’s fun watching Bear Grylls brave the dangers of nature on the telly, but it can be intimidating for us city-slickers. 

What if we tell you there’s a way you can take in the beauty of Australia without letting go of luxuries like Wi-Fi and a roof above your head?

Glamping (glamorous camping) gets the best of both worlds, mixing sleeping outdoors with style and comfort — no need to pitch tents or dig holes for your toilet. 

Since you’ll be staying in accommodation designed for a perfect balance of adventure and comfort, there’s no need to worry about mud, sleeping on a blow-up mattress or pesky dingos. Enjoy nature in a way our ancestors could only dream of.

Are you from Brisbane? Head to Nightfall Camp in Lamington National Park. It’s within Queensland’s Scenic Rim, and with private toilets, handmade canvas tents and complimentary drinks, you’re sure to exude stress and inhale fresh air.

For something a bit ritzier, give Longitude 131 a squiz. Located in the Central Desert, their upscale tents offer luxury that no tent can match. It doesn’t hurt that it comes with a majestic view of Ayers Rock and the Olgas.

NSW peeps, we’ve got a treat for you! The Cove in Jervis Bay is a beautiful spot within the Booderee National Park. Enjoy the sound of the waves and fresh salty air from your waterproof tent. Did we mention they have pizza ovens? 

Leave the all-time favourites like the Sydney Opera House to tourists. Take time to explore new spots in style with a glamping getaway.

Bit of a Beach Bum?

A day at your local water park or pool is an excellent way to cool off — so is a quick splash in a nearby lake or river. However, there’s no substitute for the sun and sand on a beautiful beach.

Lounging while serenaded by the waves and the salty sea breeze, beach trips are a lifesaver!

Everyone knows about the beauty of the Gold Coast and the Coral Sea. You need new destinations you can brag to all your friends about!

Currawong Beach in Jervis Bay is a little-known gem where you can enjoy the sand and water without crowds. The downside? It’s hard finding players for an impromptu beach volleyball game. Bummer.

New South Wales sure does names differently. Shark Beach, despite what its name implies, is entirely shark-free. That’s good if you love your limbs but a downer if you’re a Jaws fan.

If you fancy yourself a surfer, Friendly Beaches in Tasmania have some epic waves waiting just for you. Surf’s up!

Are you heading to South Australia? Give Point Sir Isaac a visit. Tricky to reach, the view after a long journey is worth it. Don’t forget to bring your favourite rod, as Point Sir Isaac has excellent fishing spots.

Whatever beach you’re heading to, don’t forget to stock up on sunscreen (and water). A tan might sound tempting; skin cancer isn’t.

Up for a Road Trip?

Not everyone has the cash to spare on luxe accommodation. A day trip is your best friend when you don’t want to spend big bucks but are eager to get out.

What counts as a day trip? Is it a two to four-hour drive? That’s entirely up to you and your GPS.

You can make the long drive fun by preparing playlists you and your friends can jam to or driving games (excluding the driver, of course).

Comfort is vital for road trips, particularly long ones. That’s why you shouldn’t leave your home without your trusty Ecosa Pillow. A blend of versatility and comfort, this pillow is perfect for all sleepers. Except for drivers. Eyes on the road!

Check your tires’ air pressure, brake fluids, and lights. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. That’s statistically where spooky stuff goes down.

Kidding aside, it never hurts to double-check your list, including maps and reservations, whenever you’re going on a holiday. 

Speaking of maps, here are some best-kept secrets for the outback explorer.

Adelaide is more than good food and excellent wine. If ever you’re within driving distance, be sure to check out Garden Island Ships’ Graveyard. Aside from the husk of sunken ships, it also offers clear and tranquil waters.

Are you a Victorian? The Big Culvert in the Yarra Ranges National Park might tickle your fancy. Get that camera ready! 

Fancy a quick dip but don’t like to travel far? Melbourne’s Lysterfield Park has relaxing waters that are suitable for all ages.

All roads lead to Rome, but you’ll find yourself at Shoalwater Islands if you go down one particular road in Perth. This marine park is only a 40-minute drive away and combines gorgeous views and fascinating marine life for kids and adults.

Wherever the road may take you, don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. That’s what holidays are for.

Check-in to Your Best Stay Yet

To some, preparing for a trip can be a turn-off. We can’t relate to the seasoned travellers because packing tonnes of stuff only to forget one or two items is a major downer. 

If you’re one of those people who hate the hassle of holiday and itinerary planning, staycations are the way to go!

Like when going to the beach or camping, there are many choices at your fingertips here. Literally. Charming AirBnBs aren’t difficult to come by, especially when you want something a bit off the beaten path.

For child-free travellers, the Worrowing Wilderness Hut is the place for you. Built with sustainable materials, you’ll give yourself and Mother Earth a break. These huts give off that exotic jungle vibe with the added bonus of unlimited Wi-Fi and streaming services. Neat!

Bubble Tent allows you to view and experience nature like never before. Why bother with Kathmandu tents when you can stargaze while inside one of these babies! 

Side note: Have you ever wondered what hamsters inside their transparent balls feel like? No … just us? Nevermind.

The Little Black Shack in Pittwater NSW manages to mix cosy and coastal with their seaside cottage. You can pick between two bedrooms, both of which have stunning beach views you’ll die to wake up to!

Located in the middle of Hobart’s CBDCaptain’s Cottage gives you a glimpse of what it was like to command vessels in the 1800s. According to reviews, the place is beautiful and charming. And no mention of Flying Dutchman sightings, so that’s a relief.

Give the Tourist in You a Break.

Stephen King once wrote that all work and no play make Johnny a dull boy. We aren’t implying you’ll go bonkers cooped inside the house, but it won’t hurt to go and smell the flowers every so often.

Life can be difficult, but the outdoors gives us clarity and a chance to disconnect. 

We must remember to take care of both our physical and mental well-being. That’s where spa days and beach activities come in. Remember, tans are optional. Having fun is mandatory.

Unless you have a wide-open calendar and a limitless bank account, there are probably places you’ve yet to explore in Australia.

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