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This Contoured Memory Foam Pillow Makes The Perfect Gift!

December 9, 2020   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Picking a pillow for your bedroom might seem like an easy task if you think that all pillows are made equally, but in reality, they’re not.

Some pillows are made for the sake of having a pillow, and some pillows are made with user comfort and convenience in mind.

One pillow stands out from the rest, so much so that Wirecutter: NY Times has rated Ecosa as the best contoured memory foam pillow on the market! With the 100 night trial, it’s a risk-free purchase and a guaranteed great present this holiday season.

Why use a memory foam pillow?

It’s Great for Your Spine

If you use an ordinary pillow that’s either too soft or too stiff for your sleeping posture, chances are you’re likely to wake up with a stiff neck or some back pain.

Typical sleeping pillows don’t have ergonomics and support in mind, rather they’re just designed to be soft and fluffy as these are misconceived to equal a comfortable sleep.

True comfort is waking up without your body aching, so you get out of bed feeling fresh and thoroughly relaxed.

Using a contoured memory foam pillow designed with sleep in mind offers support for your neck, head, and shoulders.

Having your upper body well supported while lying down ensures that your spine is in a natural and comfortable position.

In short – sleeping with a contoured memory foam pillow eases tension on your neck and your spine.

Memory Foam Relieves Pressure Points

Memory foam pillows designed for sleeping are contoured in a way to conform to the shape of your head and neck.

The material itself is very pliable and bounces back into shape to provide support to areas where support is needed. It also evenly distributes the weight across the surface of the head and the neck.

Standard pillows only support the body in the areas where the skin comes in contact with the pillow – this leads to hot spots or pressure points that may cause some strain on the areas.

Using a contoured memory foam pillow ensures that there is equal pressure on all areas of your head and your neck as you sleep.

They’re Made to Last

What separates memory foam pillows from standard pillows that are made of cotton, down, or other synthetic materials is that they are very durable.

Memory foam moulds to your head where pressure is applied, but it reverts back to its original shape once the pressure is relieved.

Memory foam pillows retain their original shape even after continued use, whereas other pillows tend to flatten or lose firmness over time.

Likewise, memory foam pillows also are very resistant to developing lumps and wearing out – ensuring that you experience the same level of comfort from day one to years after your purchase.

Normal pillows tend to last a year, but memory foam can last for up to three years if looked after properly. 

Is the Ecosa Memory Foam Pillow right for you?

Not all memory foam pillows are made the same; some memory foam pillows are designed to be flat, some are shredded to emulate normal pillows, and some are more rigid and contoured.

The Ecosa Memory Foam Pillow is the best example of a contoured memory foam pillow. The pillow is made with a firm raised curve designed to increase support to the curvature of your neck and spine.

You also have pillow pads that can be inserted to increase the height of the pillow, making it fully adjustable and perfect for everyone.

If you’re looking for a pillow that gives support to the natural contours of your neck, then you’re looking at the right place.

But, if you prefer sleeping on a flatter less rigid pillow, then a contoured memory foam pillow may not be the best choice for you.

Why go for Ecosa’s Contoured Memory Foam Pillow?

Being announced as the best contour memory foam pillow by the team at Wirecutter confirms what our customers have been telling us for years, that Ecosa is the best of the best! 

Both Side-Sleepers and Back-Sleepers Enjoy It

The problem with a rigid contoured pillow is that it doesn’t always work for all the different sleeping postures that are unique to every person.

What separates the Ecosa Memory Foam Pillow from the rest is that it’s designed in a way that allows your head and neck to feel supported regardless of your sleeping position.

The arc in its contour is just high enough to accommodate the neck in any sleep position. So, whether you sleep on your back or you sleep on your side – the Ecosa Memory Foam Pillow will give your neck and spine the support it needs.

You Can Adjust Your Pillow’s Height

Some people prefer sleeping with pillows higher than usual, and others like sleeping with their heads closer to their mattress.

Whichever you prefer, the Ecosa Memory Foam Pillow can accommodate it since it’s a modular pillow. The Ecosa Pillow comes with two memory foam pads so you could adjust the height according to your preference.

This allows your pillow to be suited for anyone, regardless of how high they like their head pillows to be.

It’s Low Maintenance

What’s great about the Ecosa Pillow is that the memory foam is made with activated charcoal, this increases its antibacterial properties and also allows it to resist odours – which has lesser needs for washing.

In the event that you’d need to wash your pillow, you can simply remove the washable cover and pop it in the washing machine, and spot clean the pillow itself if need be.

Still Not Convinced? Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say!

Words can only do so much to describe why the Ecosa Memory Foam Pillow is the perfect addition to your bedroom.

Natalie B found that after a month of sleeping on her Ecosa pillow, she no longer had any neck or shoulder pain! After taking around a week to get used to the pillow, she loves how it is supportive but still soft, leaving no pressure or shoulder pain.

Lisa O is another satisfied customer, who used one insert to increase the height of her pillow to suit her needs. Being a skeptic, she didn’t have high hopes but has been blown away about how great the pillow has been for her neck pain, even her Acupuncturist commented on how much better her neck was!

With 100 nights to make sure the pillow is the one plus free delivery Australia wide, the Ecosa Pillow is the perfect thing to ask Santa for this Christmas, or even purchase them as gifts for your loved ones. 

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