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The Verdict on Magnetic Mattress Pads & Toppers

January 30, 2021   By Jennifer Cook

As a child, we’re fascinated with things we can’t see. These phenomena like heat and sound fascinate our tiny brains all the way to adulthood. The same can be said for magnetism. If you say you haven’t tried two different polarised magnets together, you know you’re lying.

Throughout history, humankind tried to put magnetism and related physics to good use. While writing myths about Olympus and wine-drunk gods, the Greeks also discovered lodestone, a mineral they observed exhibiting peculiar characteristics.

Thousands of years later, we are putting magnets everywhere, from trains to souvenirs on our refrigerators.

The use of magnets also saw significant interest in the medical field, with experts trying to make it part of their arsenal for the longest time. While care instructions for pacemakers require that they be distanced from magnets, these bad boys have done their part. MRIs anyone?

That’s all well and good, but being the sleep experts that we are, we tried to see if magnets have therapeutic benefits, mainly if you can get a good night’s sleep through these doodads. Here’s what we found out.

All About Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy and How It Works

Magnetic therapy has existed for thousands of years as an alternative medical practice. Books like The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine dating back to 2000 B.C. already mentions this as a form of therapy to heal the body.

The theory is that our bodies are made of energies and magnetic fields. When a part of our body is in pain, there must be an energy imbalance behind it.

Using magnets, positive ions are concentrated on specific pain points. It is scientifically proven that the movement of ions is indeed affected by the presence of a magnet. However, no research has been done to see the magnets’ effect on the ions of our body.

That doesn’t mean we should discredit magnetic therapy. Not every mainstream medical treatment was widespread when first discovered, after all.

Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Listed below are the claimed benefits of using stagnant magnets on the body.

  • Pain relief, especially from back pain, knee pain, headaches, and migraines
  • Alleviation of sleeping problems
  • Faster tissue and bone healing
  • Improved blood circulation and capillary circulation
  • Stronger infection resistance

Due to the lack of research on magnet therapy, the use of magnets cannot guarantee all or any of these effects. In the end, the results may still vary from person to person.

Magnetic Mattress Pads: Should You Buy Them?

What are Magnetic Mattress Pads?

The popularity of magnet therapy also brought forth magnetic products. From bracelets to slippers, all of these claims get the same benefits as magnetic therapy.

IMAGE: Magnet therapy bracelets are also believed to improve overall blood flow

The sleep industry also jumped on board with the creation of magnetic therapy mattresses, mattress toppers and pillow pads. Most are made of memory foam that comes in various bed sizes, such as queen size or king size beds. Continuous strip magnets are embedded in the foam and span the entire bed to cover the whole body.

When looking at magnetic mattress overlays, it is essential to check their gauss strength. Gauss is the unit of measurement referring to the power of the magnet. Only strong magnets will be able to penetrate our skin and have effects on our body.

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The Verdict

Since there is a lack of scientific research on magnetic therapy and its magnetic product derivatives, the decision is ultimately based on customer reviews and testimonials. Some who used the magnetic mattress topper can feel its listed benefits, while others may not. As mentioned, its effects vary from person to person.

While the benefits of magnetic therapy mattress pads are still up for debate, you can check out the Ecosa Mattress Protector, best paired with a memory foam mattress for maximum comfort and pain relief.

A topper like this one is also a good choice. Whether you’re rocking a single-size or queen bed, the Ecosa Topper can give your mattress an extended lifespan while making you feel magnetised to your bed with the comfort it provides!

NOTE: A higher gauss rating also comes with a heftier price tag. With the additional price and uncertain benefits, going for a magnetic mattress topper might not be the most cost-effective option.

If spinal pain relief and better sleep are why you’re looking for a magnetic mattress pad, purchasing a memory foam topper would work just as well.

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