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The Ultimate Guide To Bamboo Sheets

November 15, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Why Bamboo Sheets?

When discussing sleep essentials, the debate often revolves around pillows or mattresses. What’s lost in the scuffle is the importance of choosing the correct bed sheets.

Buying the perfect bed sheets spell the difference between sleeping comfortably and staying awake, irritable and sleep-deprived. Pairing excellent covers with choice pillows and amattress that won’t quit guarantees you’ll be dozing off in mere seconds!

That said, nailing that choice isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to factor in qualities like texture and feel, breathability and temperature control, durability, price point and odour resistance. 

Different strokes work for different people, sure, but should that apply to sheets? We won’t judge your taste or preference, but sometimes, you can’t compromise on standards.

Cotton, flax or silk sheets all have their selling points. However, there’s a well-kept secret that needs unveiling. Bamboo is the eco-friendly king of fabrics, and it rules!

We fancy ourselves as sleep aficionados here at Ecosa, and we love to think we know our way around sheets. That includes bamboo-based ones! If you aren’t already part of the bamboo sheets fan club, here’s your comprehensive guide.

What Do Bamboo Sheets Feel Like?

As a fabric, bamboo is quite versatile and robust. But how does it stand out? Here are some points that might just turn you into a bamboo connoisseur.

Bamboo is no pushover in the texture and comfort department. You won’t worry about skin abrasions or excess hair shedding when using bamboo sheets. 

These bad boys may not be as soft as Egyptian cotton or other expensive fabrics, but they’re no slouches either! Bamboo can be as smooth as silk and just as luxurious.

Like cotton, organic bamboo sheets will have you sleeping like a baby after a long day, thanks to an exquisite feel and relaxing texture.

Since bamboo’s soft, it must be fragile, right?

Nope. Bamboo’s natural fibres are flexible and sturdy, and their strength carries over to bamboo fabric. This durability ensures you’ll get your money’s worth and more as these sheets are ride or die. 

Another superpower that bamboo has that carries over to sheets is moisture-wicking. That’s a different kind of drip. 

Is water resistance that important for sleep?

Now, that’s a rhetorical question we have to answer.

Bamboo bed linens are excellent at regulating your temperature during the night while at the same time ensuring you aren’t drenched come morning.

For hot sleepers, bamboo sheets are simply must-haves. 

As mentioned, natural bamboo fibres are easily among the most eco-friendly threads in the market. Easily repelling insects and germs without chemicals and pesticides, bamboo is as clean as a whistle.

Speaking of clean, bamboo sheet sets are equipped with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties from the start, ensuring that they’re perfect for you whether they’re new arrivals or veterans of many nights.

Please don’t take our word for it, though. Check if that bamboo pillowcase and quilt cover set you’ve been eyeing are Oeko-Tex 100% certified safe for sensitive skin.

One other reason bamboo fitted sheets should be part of your Christmas Wishlist is their ability to look damn good regardless of thread count or colour. Ace that organic, boho aesthetic with ease!

Whether you’re buying for a king single or even a super king, bamboo quilts or flat sheets have got you covered.

TLC Tips and Tricks

While bamboo sheets aren’t cheap, they’re not exactly bank-breakers. But as an investment, you should know how to get your money’s worth out of them.

When you get your spanking-new bamboo sheets, make sure to read the care instructions included. You’ll be saving yourself from a lot of grief, trust us.

For starters, routinely change sheets every week or two at the most for health and hygiene reasons. The same is true for bamboo bed sheets.

Unlike other fabrics, bamboo needs strict maintenance, like knowing what kind of bleach to use or what setting you should machine wash them in. Better take notes!

How to Wash Bamboo Sheets

Speaking of machine washing, be careful to monitor the temperature of the liquid you’re using. Scalding hot water can cause tearing in the fibres, no matter how strong they are. Cool temperature is key.

Also, be careful not to wash your bamboo sheets or toppers with clothing that has oversized zippers, hooks or buttons that might fray your sheets.

As for bleach and fabric softeners, don’t use brands that rely heavily on chemicals. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, so you won’t need to go overboard when washing.

Instead of your usual name brand detergents, try and find greener alternatives such as these. Eco-friendly laundry detergents are kinder to your fabric, hands and Mother Earth!

After washing, make sure not to keep them in the dryer for too long to avoid wrinkling and putting unnecessary stress on your fabric. Better yet, line dry your sheets to lessen your carbon footprint. Sunlight’s free, after all!

If you won’t be using your bamboo bed sheets in the foreseeable future, drying and airing them out before storing them is critical. You wouldn’t want foul odour and other irritants to build up while tucked away.

Even super-strong fabrics like bamboo can’t beat the curse of time, but with responsible and informed use, you’re guaranteed to use your sheets for a long, long (and we repeat) longgg time.

These Sheets are Made for Sleeping

Bamboo more than holds its own against cotton and other fabrics for critical criteria like comfort, durability and breathability. That alone makes them deserving of the love and hype.

Factoring in the environmental benefits of bamboo sheets, it’s understandable that they’re slowly but steadily gaining popularity. Increased demand translates to accessibility and, eventually, more affordable prices.

Sceptics label bamboo sheets as niche products because of their price. With everyone discovering their beauty, it’s only a matter of time before bamboo is as widely used as cotton and silk.

Clueless as to what an excellent bamboo sheet set looks like? Check our catalogue for examples of what bamboo can do for your bedroom!

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