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The Science Behind Each Ecosa Mattress – a Comparative Ecosa Mattress Review

February 4, 2022   By Jennifer Cook

Shopping for a new mattress can get overwhelming. Trust us, we know. 

As one of the leading providers of sleep essentials in Australia, we at Ecosa know our way around mattresses, having taken most of our foams for a spin. 

From offering bed in a box solutions to your sleep needs to expanding our catalogue, we believe only in providing the best mattresses in the market. 

To help you pick one that works for you, here’s a detailed look at how our mattresses measure up. Read on!

Adjustable Firmness Levels

Your mattress should be adaptable to your needs. That’s where our Ecosa Mattress shines.

With three firmness layers (firm, medium and medium-firm), the Ecosa mattress supports your back without sacrificing comfort thanks to its G-7 Memory Foam core. No more back pains, hello good night’s sleep!

The Pure Mattress offers two layers of firmness, assuring you comfort all through the night courtesy of its expertly designed core and luxurious feel.

For its part, the Vital Mattress offers adequate firmness that won’t quit on you. You’re assured of relaxing sleep ten nights out of ten.

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Let’s Talk Pressure Points

After firmness, we need to discuss pressure points.

All mattresses cater to different sleeping positions, and ours are no exception. However, some are better than others.

Which of our three mattresses offer the best points?

It depends on your needs! All our mattresses fit your ergonomic needs, but specific points need addressing. (No pun intended)

Your sleeping positions dictate what type of mattress works best for you. For instance, back sleepers need contouring foam while side sleepers need softer beds. 

How about partner disturbance?

Our CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex 100 certifications guarantee a relaxing, safe, and healthy sleep for you and your bed buddy. Don’t trust us? Perhaps our 100-night trial period might sway your mind. 

Go with the Airflow

Another deal-breaker or maker when it comes to mattresses is their breathability. Ideally, your mattress should be comfortable yet won’t leave your back drenched in sweat.

Which of our mattresses provide the airiest feel?

Our Pure Mattress takes the cake this round. 

Equipped with pinhole latex, micro-coils and pocket springs for ultimate airflow. Paired with a smooth, soft, and breathable TENCEL cover and you’re good to go!

While not as airy as a Pure Mattress, the Vital Mattress still has a lot to offer airflow wise, thanks to pocket springs and pin core holes allowing for increased breathability.

Rounding up the lineup is the Ecosa Mattress with its ECO-Tex Memory Foam and TENCEL Washable Cover combo. This model uses pin holes in our memory air foam with ergonomic cutting supportive base foam providing ultra-breathability!

With hotter nights on the horizon, you might want to look into our Pure Mattress, but really, all our mattresses make temperature control a breeze, so you can’t go wrong.

Water and Allergen Proof

Speaking of sweating, not all mattresses are created equal when repelling water. Which one is the best in the waterproofing department?

Surprisingly, it’s the Ecosa Mattress, with its waterproof cover, that takes the top spot. Of course, all our mattresses have removable covers for hygiene purposes. No need to shell out for mattress protectors!

Although both the Pure Mattress and Vital Mattress took a step back this round, all three mattresses repel dust mites and allergens to the rejoice of everyone, especially people with allergies!

While other brands require mattress toppers, ours don’t! You can sleep easy knowing you don’t have creepy-crawlies as bedmates! 

Water and dust problems are a thing of the past with our mattresses, particularly with our G-7 Memory Foam Ecosa Mattress equipped with an inner cover that is both water and dustproof! 

Something about Durability

All our mattresses cover all the points of the firmness scale, but how about durability?

Our bestseller, the Ecosa Mattress comes equipped with an ECO-Tex memory foam layer that ensures it’ll be a part of your bedtime repertoire for decades to come. Like the Bee Gees, this mattress has no problem Staying Alive.

As for the Pure Mattress, we held nothing back in terms of quality craftsmanship and state of the art design. Thanks to a natural latex core paired with micro-coil springs, you can sleep easy for the foreseeable future.

Our bestselling Vital Mattress is no slouch when it comes to durability, thanks to our memory foam and seven-zoned pocket that doesn’t know how to quit! 

If you want cost-effective mattresses that’ll be with you for a long time, Ecosa has your back.

The Cost of a Good Mattress

Why is our Pure Mattress pricier than both our Ecosa and Vital Mattress?

We used premium materials to ensure high-class quality with eco-friendly and responsible manufacturing. Namely, we incorporated Talalay and Dunlop latex in the Pure Mattress, producing sophisticated comfort.

Protecting the environment is a huge deal for us here at Ecosa and we designed the Pure Mattress with that in mind. That’s why we used recycled marine yarn, zippers and felt.

Investing in a Pure Mattress assures you multiple comfort layers and a clean conscience!

Meanwhile, the Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress is the perfect middle bet with its blend of relaxing feel and versatile firmness that helps it earn its price.

Finally, we have the Vital Mattress, the most wallet-friendly mattress we’re offering. It’s an all-around performer perfect for any sleeping position and for those that don’t need specific firmness and back support.

All our mattresses are guaranteed to give you the best sleep of your life so there’s really no wrong choice here, except not giving them a chance!

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