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The 5 Best Summer Bedding Materials To Keep You Cool This Summer

January 25, 2023   By Danielle Herrera

The hot weather of summer is here in Australia. Chug a cool bevvie. Flip on the air conditioning. And switch out your beddings for cooling sheets? Air conditioning may be the easy solution. However, during hot summer nights, you can also stay cool by carefully picking the kind of beddings you sleep in.

The night sweats often interrupt people in their sleep, even more for hot sleepers during the long summer months. But a good night’s rest is just a choice away. Change your summer beddings with ones made from any of the following breathable materials.

Bamboo is the trending material that contains highly absorbent and breathable properties. Flax linen bedding is a standard choice that’s light and airy. Silk is surprisingly soft and smooth, preventing overheating. If you like weighted blankets, micro glass beads have a cool feel. Finally, cotton is the reliable option which makes even the snuggest of quilts perfect for the summer climate.

The Best Cooling Sheets for Summer

1. Bamboo sheets for eco-friendly sleep in bed

All the rage about bamboo talks about the eco-friendliness of the material, and rightfully so. Bamboo is one of the best renewable materials on the planet that it’s been used for so many different applications, one of which is in fabrics.

In turn, bamboo fabric has proven to be a formidable material for beddings. Sateen sheets like Ecosa’s bamboo sheet sets have a cool feel, so when you sleep, your body temperature stays regulated throughout the night. You also benefit from their hypoallergenic property, so say goodbye to allergies.

Ecosa’s Weighted Blanket also comes in 100% natural fibres from bamboo. This allows the blanket to stay cool during the summer, along with another cooling element you’ll know more about later.

2. A flax linen sheet set for the softest experiences during sleep

Flax linen is another option for maximum airflow during sleep. Although you’ll sometimes hear that flax linen feels quite rough, 100% European flax linen can be garment washed, blasted, and tousled by air to become an unbelievably smooth-feeling fabric. You’ll think you’re on a cloud with flax linen pillowcases, flat sheet, and fitted sheet.

It’s already been mentioned that flax linen keeps you cool. Cool enough to maintain good temperature regulation. Even better, flax linen beddings can be enjoyed year-round. They work great during winter too.

Ecosa’s flax linen sheet set gives you a high-quality flax linen experience. You won’t have to worry about any night sweats again.

3. Silk for smooth no-frizz nights

Hair get all frizzled up as you sleep, but you can maintain the health of your hair by switching to silk. With the smoothest surface of all, silk keeps your hair down, preventing funny hairdos in the morning. You don’t need to buy new pillows. Ecosa’s silk pillowcases will be enough for healthy, untangled hair.

Thankfully, silk also has temperature regulating properties, which is why it’s used as the filling for Ecosa’s Luxe Quilt. The quilt contains 100% pure silk long strand floss, not artificial microfibre, to prevent overheating, despite the thickness of the quilt. You’ll still feel cool enough on summer nights under a cosy quilt.

4. Micro glass beads for cold nights under a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets use different fillings to weigh you down, but micro glass beads may be the best choice for cooling. A weighted blanket is thick and heavy enough to trap all the heat inside, making you hot. However, micro glass beads feel cooler than other fillings, so you’ll have an airier night.

In addition, micro glass beads are hypoallergenic and machine washable. The individual beads are quite larger in size, so you’ll need fewer individual beads in the weighted blanket. All of this makes the Ecosa Weighted Blanket thinner and less bulky than other options.

Cotton sheets still one of the best bedding sets you can get

Cotton is the oldest material for bed sheets, and with good reason. Organic cotton is moisture-wicking and allows a lot of air to pass through its fibres. It’s great for bed sheets, pillowcases, duvets, quilts, or duvet covers.

In fact, Ecosa’s Luxe Quilt, aside from the silk filling, comes with a cotton cover. Even better, the cotton used is the long-staple pima cotton that ensures an incredibly durable but unbelievably soft fabric. Pima cotton is similar in quality to Egyptian cotton; both are used for some of the best sheets on the market. The only difference lies in where they’re grown.

Thread count is essential with cotton fabrics too. The higher the thread count, the higher quality the fabric is, but some high thread counts are too high as well. Ecosa’s Luxe Quilt comes with a 400 thread count cotton cover. A 400-thread count is high enough for a high quality product while not being too astronomical to appear unreal.

On a final note, grams per weight (GSM) particularly matters with quilts. Getting the right one with the right gsm will matter in terms of heating at night. So, with the summer’s hot climate, a 300 gsm Ecosa Luxe Quilt will be appropriate.

Get the Best Cooling Sheets for Summer Nights

Not all beddings are made for hot weather, but if you look out for the five materials above, you can guarantee yourself that you’ve got the right bedding. Bamboo, flax linen, silk, micro glass beads, and cotton are all breathable and cool materials that will surely keep you comfortable through warm summer nights. Maybe you won’t need air conditioning after all.

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