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The 4 Most Important Features of a Bed Base, As Chosen By You

May 22, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Whatever is important to you, we’ve taken your thoughts on board and neatly bundled them all up into our brand new product. Yes, you guessed it. The Ecosa bed base is here! You’re welcome, Australia!

So, What Makes the Perfect Bed Base, According to YOU?

Supportive and Durable Bed Base

Ever fallen through a bed base? We have, and we reckon some of you have, too, because you voted supportive and durable top on your list of bed base must-haves. We’ve crafted the Ecosa bed base from top quality American ash timber, which is exactly what you guys told us was your dream bed base material. You know the stuff baseball bats are made of? Yeah, that. Name a stronger and more durable timber bed frame – we dare you. Coupled with sprung slats and supportive central frames, the Ecosa bed base delivers the most supported night’s sleep your body’s ever had.

Silent and Squeak-Free Bed Base

How do we put this? Nobody likes a squeaky bed when you’re er, getting down to business, so it’s no surprise that you guys voted silent and squeak-free as your second most important priority when choosing a bed base. Our easy-to-assemble timber bed frame requires zero tools – none, nada – so there’s no need to spend time tightening screws and hammering in nails for the perfect build. Our Ecosa bed base is strong and stable – we’ll leave the bumping and squeaking to you.

Easy to Assemble Bed Base

Repeat after us: easier is always better – especially when it comes to assembling furniture. Ranked your third-most important feature in a new bed base, easy assembly was a big focus in designing the Ecosa bed base. We know you don’t want screwdrivers and nuts and bolts cluttering up your aesthetic space, so we made our bed tool-free. Simply slot together and tweak with your allen key in 6 easy steps. BOOM. Is it nap time?

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Stylish Bed Base

Your fourth and final requirement for the best bed base ever was of course, style. Crafted from solid American ash timber, the Ecosa bed base is minimal in design and sturdy in support. Simple, clean and neutral, the light wood grain is unique to every bed base. All Ecosa timber is finished with environmentally friendly Osmo oil, protecting the wood from deep within and lengthening the life of your bed.

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Tell Me More, Tell Me More

Aside from meeting all your wildest bed base desires, there’s a lot more to love about the Ecosa wooden bed frame. It’s a sprung slat bed, meaning you get all the comfort of an ensemble bed without the bulkiness and compromised under-bed storage – the perfect companion to the Ecosa adjustable memory foam mattress.

Beneath your bed hides a multitude of sins, with plenty of storage space to maximise the rest of your bedroom. Whether you’re storing tax receipts, an extensive collection of TY Beanie Kids or those top secret Christmas presents, the storage space is yours with the new Ecosa bed base. The Ecosa bed base also comes with adjustable, scratch-free feet, making it perfect for all surfaces.

Find out more about the Ecosa bed base and shop here. Available in single bed, king single, double bed, queen bed and king bed, the your Ecosa sleep experience just got a whole lot more comfortable.

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