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What Happens to Returned Mattresses After The 100 Night Trial?

April 4, 2019   By Ecosa Dream Writers

So What Happens to Returned Mattresses After a 100 Night Trial?

Well, we can’t speak on behalf of all mattress companies, but at Ecosa, we’re proud to say any mattress that’s returned to us goes straight to our charity partners to give the gift of a better night’s sleep to those in need. If you’re wondering whether our returned mattresses are resold to other customers, don’t fret. Our returned mattresses-in-a-box are never resold. 

How Do I Return a Mattress After the 100 Night Trial Period?

“Yeah, yeah, but I bet it’s really hard to return a mattress.”

We hear you. You’re worried we’re going to slap you with a million excuses and a hefty pick up fee. Surely we’re going to make it as hard as possible for you to return your mattress-in-a-box.


We firmly believe (get it?!) that you deserve to have the right mattress for you, and that’s why we offer our 100-night mattress trial. If it’s not perfect, we wanna hear from you. When you contact our customer service team, we’ll begin processing your return quick smart. 

Are Ecosa Mattresses Easy to Return?

You betcha! We want to make our mattress-in-a-box free returns as easy as possible. And we’re not only offering you a 100-night trial on our memory foam mattress, we’re extending the trial to our Ecosa pillows, too. Yep, 100 nights to make sure you love our memory foam pillows. If something’s not right, let us know and we’ll issue a full refund. 

How Do I Return an Ecosa Mattress or Ecosa Pillow?

Once you’ve slept on your Ecosa mattress or pillow for a minimum of 14 nights, you’re eligible to return it for any reason. If it’s not comfy, tell us! If it’s too soft, tell us! If you’ve decided to move to outer space where mattresses are obsolete, tell us! When you contact our customer service team, we’ll ask you a few questions and see if we can offer any solutions to improve your experience. We’re pretty clued up on sleep, you see. 

If we’re still not ticking your boxes, we’ll arrange a free pick up from one of our partner charities. Our main charity is the Salvation Army, who donate our mattresses to people in need. No landfill, yay! Your collection is completely free, and no, you don’t have to put the mattress back in the box!

Find out more about the Ecosa memory foam mattress and pillow return policy.

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