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What To Look For When Shopping For A Quilt Cover

June 3, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

When shopping for a new quilt cover, you’re probably just focusing on the colour or design. You might be looking for a bedroom refresh or simply in the market for a fresh set. You might not realise that there is so much more to a quilt cover than colours and patterns.

We know that shopping for high-quality quilt covers isn’t as easy as it sounds. That said, here’s a buying guide you should look at before you checkout one, including adaptability to varying climates year round, different materials, and more! Read on!

Button Closure vs Zips

First, you need to answer whether you want quilt covers with buttons or zippers. Is there a difference between the two?

A zip might sound great because it is quick and easy to zip the cover shut, but that’s where the advantages end. Here are some of the reasons we love buttons.

  • If your zipper gets stuck or breaks, that’s it. Zips can be costly to fix or replace, and it almost isn’t worth it for a quilt cover.
  • Buttons may take a minute longer to do up, but they will always work. A broken or missing button is an easy fix compared to zippers.

A sleeper option can be doona clips! These buggers keep your quilt covers in place while removing the hassle that buttons and zippers cause. Look out for special offers or sales to cheaply score them!


A good quality quilt and sheet set can be pricey, so protecting your investment is necessary. You need a reliable and durable quilt cover for that.

What makes a quilt cover strong?

Some people say an indicator of quality is a high thread count per square inch. The larger the thread count, the stronger and softer a cover is. However, that’s not always the case, especially when looking at bamboo sheet sets.

The Ecosa Bamboo Quilt Cover is super strong and durable due to the use of natural fibres. The result is soft, luxurious material that keeps you cosy all night long. 

Corner Ties

Have you noticed that your duvet or quilt has loops or clips in each corner? This is so your quilt cover can securely clip into place if the cover has corner ties.

Also known as duvet ties, these nifty little features keep your quilt inside the cover instead of moving around and bunching up at one end, leaving you constantly fiddling and fixing your quilt back in place.

The Ecosa Bamboo Quilt Cover has clips instead of ties, meaning your quilt is extra secure inside its cover, as ties can sometimes come undone.

Duvet Covers and Body Temperature

To some, the thickness of bed linens or pillowcases is a sign of the quality of the material, and to an extent, that’s true. With duvet cover sets, though, thickness isn’t precisely everything.

While a higher thread count means a thicker product, going overboard makes it too thick to be comfortable. It might have a soft feel, but it won’t be any good when you’re sweating buckets.

Should you sacrifice thread count for breathability? You don’t have to! The perfect quilt cover set is breathable and offers unbridled airflow and thermal regulation, making it a must for both Australian summers and winters!

The Ecosa Bamboo Quilt Covers balance thread count and airflow. How do we do that? The secret is using sateen weave to give you that silky-smooth feel without making it too brittle. That also allows for breezier sleep and you feeling refreshed on waking up.

People used to debate whether cotton sheets are better than microfibre ones, but when talking about breathability, bamboo-based fabric comes out on top. Like bed sheets, your duvet covers should be breathable. Experience that with the Ecosa Bamboo Quilt Cover.

Machine Washable

Whether you’re rocking a king-size duvet or the smallest size, your covers must be machine washable. Any quilt cover that isn’t machine washable will give you extra work and hassle on washing day.

Aside from saving time, machine washing your quilt covers also reduce expenses. Going to the cleaners regularly with a heavy load isn’t cheap, so machine washable covers are the practical choice.

This is also one aspect where you’d be thankful doona clips exist! You can easily take them off whenever it’s laundry day. You also eliminate the worry that zippers might ruin the fabric or other clothes or buttons going AWOL.


Although we’re often stationary while sleeping, our skin and hair shed follicles and secretes oils that give off a distinct scent when allowed to build up. The same goes for dried sweat, especially on hot summer nights. This can be particularly irritating for sensitive skin.

That’s why you should regularly change bed sheets and quilt covers to avoid stinking up your room. Or you could buy an odour-resistant one. 

The Ecosa Bamboo Quilt is an excellent example of how quilt covers shouldn’t retain certain smells. Aside from smooth textures, our use of bamboo-based fibres allows our covers to repel odours that plain cotton quilt covers can’t. This doesn’t permit you to stop washing your bedding, but you can stretch the time between washes.

Eco-Friendly Sleep

Another overlooked feature that quilt covers should have is sustainability. Was it made with eco-friendly materials and made through responsible manufacturing?

Unlike other markets, you don’t have much sustainable bedding and sleep essentials options.

With the Ecosa Bamboo Quilt Cover, you’re assured of a clean conscience when sleeping. From Super King to Single, all sizes of our covers, really, all our products, are made responsibly sourced raw materials. We care about your sleep and the environment in equal measure.

Time for a New Quilt Cover?

We thought of everything when creating the Ecosa Bamboo Quilt Cover. It’s the perfect companion to most quilts but works best when paired with the Ecosa Silk Quilt—thinking of upgrading your bedding? Look no further than Ecosa’s luxurious bedding range today.

Check outEcosa’s Bamboo Quilt Cover

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