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How, When and Why Should You Flip Your Mattress?

January 10, 2020   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Have you ever began the challenging task of flipping a mattress and halfway through wonder why the heck you’re doing this? Is it so it won’t sag? Is it to shake out the bed bugs and dust mites? We’re not sure, but mum told us to do this back in the day. She never really explained why just simply said, “It’s that time of year again!” And the household participated in one big mattress flip party. No questions asked. 

That got us thinking, is flipping a mattress an age-old process? Is it really necessary nowadays? Before you awkwardly wrestle a giant bed again, here’s everything you need to know about mattress flipping. 

Why You Should Flip a Mattress

Old school mattresses with springs or stuffing are made double-sided, meaning it doesn’t have a thick pad or a pillow top on one side. You could sleep on either side of the big, bulky box spring. 

Back in the good ole days, mum might have asked you to flip or rotate your mattress so that it didn’t sag in one spot. The belief being that your weight wears into the springs and the stuffing. So you need to flip it so that it doesn’t produce a coffin out of the bed.

This process was also meant to increase the lifespan of the innerspring mattress and make it more comfortable for a good night’s sleep. Although, when you lay on the other side, it might actually feel foreign and uncomfortable, which often leads to a sore back and restless night. That’s why some people opt to rotate their mattress to create a consistent amount of support on one side. But recent innovations have made mattresses one-sided, so they do not need to be flipped. 

When You Should Flip a Mattress

With an ancient, double-sided spring mattress, you may want to flip it once every three months or twice a year to prevent sagging. Geez, that’s high maintenance! But that’s just general rule of thumb. It totally depends on the manufacturer and quality/type of mattress. 

If you’re having trouble finding the care instructions, type the name, manufacturer, and size of the mattress into an online search engine to find out how often you need to flip it. If you own a totally comfortable one-sided memory foam or pillow-top mattress (or the instructions clearly say “do not flip”), then don’t worry about it!

How to Flip a Mattress

If you must flip an old school mattress, do so with care. First, make sure that the area around the bed is clear of any glass or other breakable items like picture frames or lamps. Don’t forget to strip the foundation of any linens before undertaking the task or it will get tangled. 

Next, check the side of the mattress for handles to use for maneuvering it out of the bed frame. You can opt for end-over-end flipping or side-to-side flipping, depending on the instructions from the manufacturer. Either way, the goal is to get the mattress onto the other side to prevent sagging. 

Ask a friend for help if it’s too heavy to manage!

Who Doesn’t Need to Worry about Flipping a Mattress?

The first single-sided bed was introduced by the mattress manufacturer Simmons in 2000, according to David Perry, the Executive Editor of Furniture Today. So if you haven’t bought a new mattress since before the Millenium (mate… c’mon) then rejoice that there are non-flippable bed innovations to learn about!

Ecosa’s single-sided memory foam mattress is not required to be flipped or rotated. It’s designed with layers to cater to your dream comfort level. You can interchange the topper to suit your sleeping style, whether you prefer a medium, medium-firm, or firm mattress. 

NEW MATTRESS ALERT: Our extra firm Align Firm Mattress is our firmest mattress yet. Get the support you’ve always wanted for a sold night’s sleep with the Align Firm Mattress.

Your mattress should support your frame and add a soft cushion to your body, making it easy to fall asleep and challenging to get out of bed. Ecosa’s mattress is made with bouncy open-cell foam, G-7 memory foam, and ergonomic foam. It’s literally engineered to support your spine’s natural alignment. With a memory foam mattress, you don’t need to worry about sagging on one side — unless, of course, it’s laying on an uneven surface or it’s made with low-quality materials. 

When you buy a cheap mattress with no certifications, you might be at risk of toxic chemicals and a sagging bed. It’s 100 per cent worth it to invest in high-quality materials when it comes to your health and better sleep. Ecosa’s memory foam mattress is easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and adjustable in firmness. No sagging, no flipping, no stress.

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