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What Your Morning Coffee Says About You and Your Sleep

December 17, 2018   By Ecosa Dream Writers

Let’s face it, coffee culture is a big deal here in Australia and all around the world. Whether you’re making it at home or getting a large one to go at your local café before work, there’s no denying that coffee is a big part of most adults’ daily routines.

But each person has their own way of taking their coffee. Depending on the how much sleep you got, the amount of work you have to do, and the kind of person you are, your coffee order for the day gives us a small peek into a person’s soul.

So, what does your morning coffee order say about you?


One shot, straight up. No fuss.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a simple shot of espresso to kick off your day, then it’s likely that you’re a direct and straightforward individual. What you see is what you get.

You’re not one to shy away from challenges. Most people can see you as hardworking and not afraid to speak your mind. You also most likely live a relatively fast-paced lifestyle, ready to take your espresso shot and go about your day.

All that work may also be taking a toll on your sleep. Taking a simple shot of espresso to start the morning may indicate that you need something to really get your blood pumping at the top of the morning.


Espresso, milk, and a little bit of foam. This coffee shop staple is for the people who love a little bit of softness mixed in with the strong flavour of espresso.

If this is your morning coffee for the day, you’re probably more relaxed, ready to enjoy the milky coffee goodness. You’re not too fussed about details and tend not to overcomplicate things – just like this classic coffee order.

Looking at your day ahead, a latte is probably great if you’re looking for a lighter pick me up, and not coming from an all-nighter. You probably had a good amount of sleep and are simply looking to satisfy your daily coffee craving.

Flat White

Also a popular coffee shop order, your choice of flat white reveals something about your personality. Instead of ordering a latte, choosing a flat white as your regular coffee-milk combo shows that you have a very particular taste. You are detail-oriented and notice the subtle difference between it and its sister espresso-based drink, the latte.

And just like a latte, ordering a flat white means that you aren’t exactly coming from an all-nighter. You have just enough attention to detail that you take your espresso, milk, and microfoam ratio into account.


This basic coffee order is popular for a reason. Whether you’re relaxing in a coffee shop with friends or are getting ready to cover a simple to-do list, a cappuccino is the type of order for a nice and more relaxed day ahead.

You’re probably a vibrant person who’s easy to get along with. Just like the cappuccino with its espresso, milk, foam, and sprinkle of chocolate on top, you like to take the small challenges and mix it in with a little bit of fun.

Cappuccinos are perfect for perking up your morning after a restful night’s sleep and making your day even better.

Long Black

2 shots of espresso? It’s either you’re coming from a really long day or are getting ready to face one. Or both.

Ordering a long black can only mean you are in serious need of a caffeine kick and you’re trying to get as much of it in your system as fast as possible. You’re probably the type of person who lives a stressful lifestyle, whether that’s a high-ranking corporate position or working three part-time jobs.

You’re driven to get what you want, but if this is your regular coffee order, your lifestyle has probably cost you a lot of sleep. If this is your morning coffee order for the day, you probably barely got any rest – or none at all.

Coffee, Cream, Sugar

A classic. Taking black coffee and adding a little bit of cream and sugar shows that while you aren’t a fussy person, you do like to mix things up a little bit. You’re adaptable and don’t make too big of a deal when there are slight hiccups along way.

You’re the type who enjoys adding a little bit of fun wherever you can, even in the simplest ways. Even if you only did get a little bit of sleep last night, you never miss out of adding a little bit of sweetness to your morning cup.

Which coffee describes you and your sleep best?

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