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How To Get Your Bedroom Ready For Winter

June 16, 2021   By Jennifer Cook

With the winter months well and truly here in Australia, it’s time to update your bedroom to give it the ultimate cosy feeling. You might be surprised at how simple it is to bring out that snug and warm feel with your decor. 

The cold season is a good time to rekindle relationships with the family, spend time sipping hot cocoa with friends or snuggle in your favourite blanket with a good book. You’ll be spending more time at home, so it’s the perfect time to do some redecorating.

Chillier weather also means that you and your sleep sanctuary should be prepared for the long and cold nights ahead. 

The Thing with Heating

With temperatures dropping thanks to the oncoming cold weather, think about your current bedding situation. Summer called for flowy sheets, but winter nights require some changes.

The first thing to do is to ensure that your bedroom feels toasty. Nobody wants to sleep in freezing conditions, and we don’t want you to catch a cold.

Finding the perfect quilt for your winter bed is the priority. A good quilt will keep your body temperature stable without getting too hot. It should have the perfect balance of comfort without overdoing it with the tog or thread count.

If you’ve still got your Ecosa Quilt in its summer or mid-season setting, it’s probably time to take it up a notch, depending on where you live. If you live in the northern areas of Australia, you’ll feel cosy enough with the mid-season quilt. If you live in New Zealand or the lowers parts of Australia, clip the summer and mid-season quilt together to create your winter quilt for the ultimate snuggle companion. Hooray for extra layers!

Made from all-natural products, the Ecosa Quilt provides luxurious comfort and warmth without trapping body heat, unlike synthetic duvet covers. If you ever wondered what being hugged by a cloud is like, try this one out. Prepare to say hello to a good night’s sleep!

Another way to crank up the heat is by investing in a reliable heater. Keep it on for a couple of hours before you head to sleep for the cosiest atmosphere. You can also try placing hot water bottles on your bedside table as hand warmers.

If nothing else, a good scented candle can turn the cold winter setting into a more zen ambience. Also, they make for a good Insta background besides the extra warmth!

Warm Colours Are a Must

Colours aren’t for the eyes alone. Some colours can evoke feelings within us, like when you see something in your favourite colour and immediately want it.

When deciding what to change in the bedroom, you should consider what colour you’re aiming for. If you haven’t decided already, we have some tips that can help you.

Choosing warmer colours for your bed linen and new sheets for the winter adds flavour to your room’s styling—that includes your coverlets and other accessories in the bedroom.

Warm or earthy colours work best when preparing for the winter as they oppose the cooler tones from outside. There’s something about these that somehow makes your room cosier.

Some great bedding colours for colder months are mustard or olive-green, which are warm-toned and represent nature tones. Pair those with decorations of similar design, and you’ll have quite the homey setting.

Prepare to Get Comfy

Now that you’re warm and coordinated your room’s colour, it’s time for you to get comfy.

Having the perfect quilt is a start, but you might need more. One way of ensuring your bed is warm and snuggly is through layering your bedding. Mixing and matching your sheets and adding some throw pillows makes for a very cosy and picturesque bed.

Having multiple layers ensures that you feel warm throughout the night. Don’t skimp on cushions and beddings, either. Instead, take advantage of the cooler weather and bury yourself in extra blankets. Always keep a spare close by for those extra freezing nights.

If you don’t want to overdo the layers, try the Ecosa Weighted Blanket for size. Not only does it add a layer of warmth, but it also soothes and calms the user, thanks to its evenly distributed glass beads stuffing. The bamboo outer will also prevent overheating. Sleeping with a partner? Get one each, so you don’t have to snatch it off each other through the night.

Comfort isn’t limited to your bed alone. Make your room cozier during winter by incorporating other elements like adding tea lights or a lamp with a warm bulb to give your room a warm glow. You can also get a fluffy rug to insulate if your room isn’t carpeted.

Whatever your go-to method to keep comfy this winter season, what matters most is that you are snug, cosy, and protected both from the cold and long sleepless nights.

Breezing through Winter

We’ve talked about how you can make your bedroom winter-ready, but what about other areas of the house? You should also think about yourself when enjoying the festivities outside.

Warm drinks such as tea, hot chocolate or even mulled wine are great for regulating your body temperature and warming you up from the inside. Drink from an insulated tumbler if enjoying outside.

You can’t bring your favourite blanket with you wherever you go, so dress for the outdoors. Puffer jackets, coats and thermals will be your best friends for staying warm outside.

Take a page from nature’s playbook and use this time to slow down. Try spending more time for self-care, like binging that new series you heard about or establishing a proper nighttime routine. Remember, it doesn’t matter how comfy your room is if you’re too stressed to sleep.

If winter teaches us one thing, it’s adapting to our environment. An example of that is adjusting your bedroom to match the season. With these small changes and tricks, you can create the cosy winter haven you’ve been dreaming of.

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