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How To Clean Your Ecosa Timber Products

March 17, 2021   By Ecosa Dream Writers

The Ecosa Bed Base and Bedside Table are timeless pieces of furniture that could be the perfect match for your bedroom needs. Say goodbye to creaky furniture and hello to silent nights and all your essentials within reach.  

Made from high quality timber, the Ecosa Bed Base and Bedside Table are designed to last you a lifetime, as long as they are properly looked after. Here’s what you need to do.

What Kind of Wood Is Used?

Before you grab any cleaning products, it’s best to learn a little more about your bed base and bedside table to know how you can take care of them. Both pieces are made from American ash trees, located in North America. 

This type of wood is most commonly used to make baseball bats. If you’ve held a bat or played baseball, or even watched a baseball movie, then you know how strong and robust ash timber is.

Given its strength, ash timber will last for years and years, no matter what it is made into. Ash timber has a smooth finish, needing less sanding than other types of wood.

All our wood is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council. This means Ecosa only uses wood sourced responsibly, sustainably and ethically.

What’s the Finish on the Wood Surface?

Being a timber product, the bed base and bedside table have been coated with  a wood finish. The finish protects the entire piece, including the grain of the wood. Osmo oil, an oil-finish, has been applied to the ash timber. This coating is made from plant oils such as sunflower, thistle, soybean, and linseed oil.

Woodworkers consider Osmo oil as the best kind to apply to solid wood. Oil coatings last the longest and offer the best protection, unlike other finishes such as laminate, polyurethane, lacquer, or shellac. You will not need any refinishing even after a decade!

The oil penetrates into the wood and protects it from deep within, leaving a strong and naturally beautiful wood finish.

How Do You Clean Wood Furniture?

Considering the solid ash wood and oil finishing of the bed base and bedside table, feel confident knowing your furniture is long lasting through daily use and general wear and tear. As with any other furniture, minimal care still needs to be done from time to time. Don’t worry, it’s super easy to clean and look after!

You will need a soft cloth, like a cotton cloth. A microfibre or lint-free cloth are also great options. Alternatively, you can use a feather duster, although that’s only handy for dusting.

You won’t need any cleaning solution. The finishing on the wood is enough to protect it. Besides, typical furniture polish from the hardware store contains ammonia, silicone, and other solvents. These chemicals will only damage the oil finish. Even DIY cleaners may still cause damage. You can trust the finish and the wood to last, without any need for cleaning solutions.

Wipe Down Dust or Spills

Now, with your clean cloth, quickly wipe away any spills that happen to fall on the bed base or bedside table. The liquid can damage or stain the finish and the wood if left on for a prolonged period of time. 

To remove dust, you can simply use a damp cloth. One wiped down, it’s best to give it another once-over with a dry cloth. As for grime, you simply have to wipe a little more vigorously to remove the build-up.

Watch Out for Food and Beverages

If you want to keep your wooden furniture in tip top condition, you can still bring beverages and food to bed if you want but use place mats and coasters. Place mats and coasters are especially important when you bring hot dishes or warm water. The heat may damage the finish and, eventually, the wood as well. Water or sauce may also form rings on the wood, which are difficult to come off. The mats and coasters will also protect the wood from any scratches.

Keep Them Away from the Heat

Natural timber has two main weaknesses. The first is direct heat. Ash wood, despite its strength, may expand or shrink when exposed. With this, position your bed base and bedside table away from heating ducts, radiators, and electric or gas heaters. 

Beware of Humidity Changes

The second weakness that affects timber is moisture. Moisture may warp the wood after drastic changes in humidity. In extreme cases, the wood may even break apart! To keep the wood intact, you may invest in a dehumidifier or humidifier. An inverter-type air-conditioning may also help to stabilise the temperature inside the bedroom. However, these are only necessary if your bed is in a dark and damp space.

Wood Will Darken and Take a Distinct Colour

In time, ash wood will darken, not from damage or wear, but age. All natural wood ages over time and may change slightly in colour. Ash wood will do the same. 

Should you notice the darkening of your bed base or bedside table, don’t be alarmed. Refrain from doing any sanding or application of varnish as well (doing so will void your 10 year warranty). The wood is still in excellent condition. The colour only means that it is ageing, and it will age well like fine wine.

Enjoy Your Furniture for Years to Come

As you can see, care and maintenance for your bed base and bedside table will only take a little time and effort, yet the payback will be the decades of use that you and your family will enjoy. 

The bed base and the bedside table are not only a perfect match for your bedroom but a perfect match for your family’s future too.

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