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How to Choose the Right Bed Frame for Your Sleep Style

May 29, 2023   By Clarisa Mcdonald

If only you could walk into a bed retailer and buy the first bed frame you laid your eyes on. But there are several things to consider, and that includes your sleeping style. When talking about different sleep styles, the way you position yourself in bed often plays a great role in the quality of your sleep and how you should select your pillows, type of mattress, and even your bed frame.

Though bed frames may easily be overlooked in articles and buying guides for different sleep styles and sleep positions, they still can have an impact on your sleep quality.

You might be curious by now how having the right bed frame matters, well, the short answer is that different kinds of bed bases can provide different levels of support and comfort for different kinds of sleepers.

In this article, let’s explore how each sleeping style can benefit from buying the right bed frame and how you could select one with the most functionality for your preferred sleep style.

Back Sleepers

If you find yourself waking up in the morning with your back against your mattress and your head facing the ceiling, then you most likely qualify as a back sleeper. Sleepers like yourself would need a sturdy frame and a slightly elevated headrest.

Upholstered bed frames are a great option for back sleepers, since the headboard can be a bit softer and more plush, it’s a great place for you to anchor your pillow on as the upholstery can help keep your pillows from moving. Upholstered headboards also come in great when lounging in the bed before sleep

Others would consider a box spring. But as long as your bed frame has high-quality slats under your mattress, are also important if you sleep on your back. Since it’s your whole back that is in contact with the bed, there’s more surface area for your bed frame to support.

Back sleepers also experience the full benefit of sleeping on an adjustable bed, especially when they want their head and feet slightly elevated, it is less awkward when you sleep on your back.

Side Sleepers

Finding the best bed frame for side sleepers can be trickier than it is for back sleepers since side sleepers often find themselves tossing and turning or switching sides during sleep. Apart from a good memory foam mattress with great edge support, side sleepers need excellent build quality that is less susceptible to squeaks and bed frame noise. Likewise, they can also take advantage of frames that do not have sharp edges or protruding corners.

High-quality wood bed frames are advisable for side sleepers as the corners can be more blunt compared to a metal bed frame. Good quality wooden bed frames also squeak less than other bed frame materials which makes it the perfect bed frame for those who move a lot in their sleep.

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Sleeping on a heavier platform bed can also have an advantage for side sleepers and those who toss and turn since motion is more isolated and kept at bay compared to moving around in a lighter bed frame. But platform beds are not needed if you already have a mattress with a no-motion transfer feature.

Side sleepers should avoid sleeping on bunk beds, trundle beds, or day beds as these beds often do not have enough space compared to a traditional bed frame for side sleepers to move around in. Instead, go for larger bed frame sizes like queen-size or even a California king-size to get more sleeping space.

Stomach Sleepers

There aren’t many stomach sleepers, but those who sleep on their stomachs can be quite particular with the kind of bed frame that they sleep on to ensure they have optimal comfort and great support. Apart from the right bed frame, stomach sleepers also need the right mattress, or else they’d be waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Platform bed frames are the best choice for stomach sleepers among the different types of bed frames, especially those with solid construction like solid wood. These frames would have enough support across its surface which would help avoid stomach sleepers from sinking into their mattress.

Some stomach sleepers find that adjustable beds are a great option for them as they can allow them to elevate their head during sleep which helps alleviate pains and soreness on the shoulders and the back of the neck upon waking up.

On the other hand, beds with widely spaced slats should be avoided since they can cause unevenness in support. Just like back sleepers, stomach sleepers have a wider body surface in contact with the bed, and sinking in between slats can lead to improper spinal alignment or difficulty in breathing properly during sleep.

Stomach sleepers should also avoid springy platform bed frames which can be seen in some upholstered bedframes as these can cause sinkage during sleep and may be uncomfortable for them.

Combination Sleepers

If you sleep in different positions at night, then you probably toss and turn around often and that has plenty of similarities with side sleepers. In this case, you would also need a well-constructed bed, preferably made with solid wood that matches the dimensions of your existing mattress, whether it’s a single bed, queen-size bed, or king-size. You would also need enough space for you to move in which can be seen in large mattress sizes.

Sleepers with Mobility Issues

When it comes to selecting the right bed frame for your home, it’s important to consider factors such as health issues or mobility issues. These factors can significantly impact your comfort and ease of use. For instance, if a bed frame is too high, it can be difficult to climb into, while a frame that is too low can pose challenges when it comes to getting in and out of bed, depending on your height and ability.

If you experience mobility issues or have sore joints, it is advisable to consult with your doctor or physiotherapist regarding suitable bed options. They may recommend looking into adjustable beds, which can offer customized positioning to meet your specific needs. An adjustable style of bed allows you to elevate your head or feet, providing relief and improved comfort. This feature can be particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues or those who require certain sleeping positions for therapeutic purposes.

It’s not as complicated as you think!

Picking a new bed frame or a style of bed shouldn’t be as complicated. The recommendations listed in this article are not exact rules that should be followed, but these are baselines that can serve as references for your new mattress and new bed selection.

We all know that the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, and it is the focal point of any bedroom interior design. Whether it’s a storage bed, canopy bed, four-poster bed, wooden bed or upholstered, remember, your sleep comfort should always be the priority; finding a style that suits your bedroom should only come next. That’s the secret to finding better sleep!

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