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5 Ways a New Bed Frame Can Transform Your Bedroom

May 24, 2023   By Ecosa Dream Writers

You can ask any interior designer, “Where should I begin with my bedroom’s makeover?” Chances are that your bed would be one of their first answers. After all, your bed is the focal point of your bedroom design.

Getting your bed frame right makes your room feel significantly better, after all, it’s where you would spend most of your time. A good bed frame isn’t just a piece of bedroom furniture that supports your mattress. How your bedroom looks and feels should be the core of your decorating ideas. Every other piece of furniture would just serve as accents and finishing touches for how your room looks.

Style and Aesthetics

Style and Aesthetics ecosa bed frame

One of the main reasons to upgrade to a new bed frame is to refresh your bedroom’s look. Whether it’s for the master bedroom or for a small bedroom in the house, swapping out the bedframe is a great beginning to transform your bedroom.

The simplest way to transform your room is to keep it simple and cohesive, our favourite way is to splash on a neutral colour palette on the walls, think grey, beige, off-white, or even some soft pastels if you want a more playful colour scheme. You may also add a feature wall if you’re feeling bold, and less minimalist with your bedroom ideas.

Once a repaint is done, you can now focus on pairing bedroom furniture with your new bedframe. We recommend pairing the same materials and the same colour palettes to create a cohesive look and a better ambience in your bedroom.

We love pairing our Ecosa Timber Bed Frame with the Urban Bedside Table for a very minimalist look. You can have it in an ash finish for a brighter look or the walnut finish for a more contrasted colour scheme. Ecosa also offers a variety of bedframes with upholstery on the bedhead to add splashes of colour to your bedroom.

Adding some greenery can also elevate your bedroom’s style and aesthetics, and if you went for the timber furnishings, they complement the colour palette well. Plants in the bedroom aren’t just for home decor purposes in the living room and bedrooms, but they also have great benefits such as purifying the air or providing relaxing scents for a good night’s sleep.

Increased stability and durability

Swapping out your bedframe isn’t just about the looks, it’s also about the peace of mind that lets you sleep like a baby. A nice well-built bed frame adds greater support to your mattress, as it prevents sagging and it equally distributes the weight of your body and your mattress along its slats.

Increased stability and durability

New bedframes also are quieter and do not squeak, creak, or wobble when built properly, they may come off as minor annoyances but the idea that you have a quiet and sturdy bedframe may make you enjoy your bed more and probably make you want to press the alarm’s snooze button in the morning. Overall, it’s just a better feeling!

Storage and organization

Bed frames are not just pieces of furniture for sleeping, they also provide extra storage which can be beneficial for small spaces. The underside of a bed frame can be used to hide boxes or drawers which can serve as storage for unused clothes, bed linens, and other things.

Some headboards are also built with hidden storage to provide space for small items that can be accessibly kept away.

The extra storage is not only a convenient solution, but it also keeps the clutter in the bedroom to a minimum and can provide space for other bedroom furniture or soft furnishings like window drapes and curtains.

Elevated mood

As mentioned earlier, your bedframe is the focal point of your bedroom, and getting a new one that fits your personal taste can create a more calming atmosphere which is beneficial for relaxation and contributes to better sleep hygiene.

Sleeping in a bedroom that suits your personality and needs can help you sleep better and program your mind to just sleep instead of doing other things inside your bedroom.

Your sleep quality can also be improved by a new bedframe especially if you’re always bothered by creaking and squeaking noises.

Inspires you to be creative

With a new focal point in your bedroom, it provides you with a new canvas to work with. Whether you’re working with an interior designer or you opt for a DIY route, having a new bedframe can be a catalyst for your creativity.

Whether you want a modern bedroom, a minimalist-looking one, or one that’s splashed with colour and patterns everywhere, starting with a bedframe can spark your creativity to design and make your bedroom truly yours.

You can play around with different bedroom furnitures, add light fixtures like sconces, table lamps, or floor lamps. Hang some wall art or place some small sculptures and pieces of art, it really is up to you. Starting with a new bedframe gets those creative juices flowing, and we hope that you get to enjoy the process!

Upgrade your bedroom today!

Now that you know that you can transform your bedroom by simply starting with a new bedframe, everything becomes simpler. With a simple bedframe upgrade, you can level up your sleep quality and the looks of your bedroom.

Check out Ecosa’s lineup of bedframes to see which style works best for you and your bedroom, they’re all quick and easy to assemble (and disassemble), plus they’re sustainable and eco-friendly!

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